Sexting With School Crush

Hey everyone, This story is not just a sex story but a true incident. It happened with me at my college when I had sex chat with my school crush. This story is worth reading for all the sexting lovers.

The girl in this story is one of my school friends on which I had a massive crush since I can remember. After school, we separated and went to our respective colleges. We used to talk on chat and were pretty close. I used to flirt with her and she is used to play along. We used to discuss all kinds of stuff.

But one day, something happened and it changed everything. The chat goes like this. Let us call her P and me, Y. (for privacy reasons)

P: Hey Y, what’s up! I am getting bored.
Y: Hey! Same here. just lying in my bed doing absolutely nothing.
P: Ok, would you mind if I ask you something?

Y: Well, do you really think I would mind on anything?
P: Okay. Could you send me some porn videos? I really want to watch it. I don’t know why but I do want to.

I was shocked, my heartbeat rises and I knew this could change something between us.

Y: Actually, I don’t have any videos on my phone. But I can send you some links and you can watch it there.
P: Okay send them.

I searched for some good stuff and started sending her. She was watching them and asking for more.

Y: Are you not feeling something?
P: Feeling what exactly?
Y: I mean, are you not getting aroused by watching it? I am getting horny just by the thought of you watching it.

P: You are horny?
Y: Oh yeah, very much.
P: Show me.
Y: Show you what?

P: I don’t know just show me that you are horny.
Y: Do you want me to show you my hard dick?
P: I guess.

Y: What do I get?
P: Just show me now, we will see that later.
I sent her my dick pic in the hope that I will get to see something tonight.

P: Wow. It is really hard. It is weird I know, but I really want to hold it.
Y: I would really love that.
P: Y. Kiss me now. I want to feel your lips.
Y: What you wearing right now?

She sent me a picture of her wearing a top and shorts.
P: Do you like what you see? Do you want to do something?
Y: Yes, I want to grab your head and kiss you very hard. Then slowly I want to let my hands slide from your hair and slide down to grab your tight ass.

P: Oh yeah while you do that, I would try to grab your hard dick. and get in sync with your kiss.
Y: I will throw you and get over you to continue the kiss sucking your tongue. Inserting my hands inside your top yo grab your boobs.

P: Remove this top. I want to see what’s inside this top.

She sent me her pic in bra and I was stunned. It is like the dream come true when you watch your childhood crush half-naked. I was getting harder.

Y: Come over me and kiss me harder. I will slide my one hand into your shorts and panty to grab your ass cheek and squeezing it. And one hand on your boob.
P: Yes baby, yes. Squeeze it more. Remove the bra and suck them hard.

Y: I removed your bra threw it away. Took one boob in my mouth, started sucking it. My other hand slides in between your ass cheeks and rubbing you there.

P: Oh, yeah, do it harder, rub it more. suck it more. I inserted my hand in your shorts to hold your dick and started going up and down. I went down kissing you through. Looking into your eyes. Removed your shorts. still looking into your eyes. Grabbed your dick and licked it from the bottom to the top.

Y: P, I am going crazy. I have never been this hard. Take it in your mouth.
P: I sucked on your balls taking them and sucking them one by one. And then I took your dick inside my mouth and sucking the head.
Y: Yes, yes, yes. go faster baby go faster.

P: I love licking your dick and balls. I am going faster now. I want you to come in my mouth and on my boobs. Cum over me baby.
P: I took your dick between my tits. Rubbing them looking into your eyes.
Y: That’s the one tit-job I wanted my whole life. I made you lay on your stomach. I removed your shorts and your panties. Kissing on your back going down kissing all your ass.

P: Spread them, you bastard. Spread them and lick me there.
Y: I started rubbing your pussy from back licking between your asscheeks.
P: Suck me, eat me Y. I want you to lick my pussy from inside.

Y: I turned you over. Inserted my two fingers and at the same time licking your pussy.
P: I want your dick in my pussy rn. I can’t take it anymore.

Y: I came between your legs. I placed my dick on your pussy and inserted it and fucking you hard now. Change the position. Sit over me and ride me.

P: Yes yes baby yes. I am gonna cum and I am gonna cum so hard. Fuck me and make me your bitch. I want to feel your cum inside me, baby. Fuck me harder. I am your bitch. It feels so good. Harder.

And we both came together and that’s how we explored our kinky side. Then it was very often for us to indulge in sex chat, and video calls like this.

This is my first time, so do give your feedback and any girl interested in chatting, Mail me at [email protected]. Full privacy will be maintained.

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