Drunken Sex With My Wife’s Best Friend

Hey folks. I am Anuj, 29 years old, 6 feet tall guy. I have been married for the last two years, and my wife and I have frequent sex with each other. We stay in Vizag, and this is where this story takes place.

The first Lockdown was a boring and testing time for all of us as my wife, and I had nothing else to do but fuck all day long. The excitement and thrill were gone after a couple of months.

In July 2020, my wife asked me if her friend could come and stay with us for a couple of days.  Sharon was my wife’s best friend, and they knew each other since college. Sharon was slim, fair, and had an extremely seducing slender figure. She had baby pink lips and decent-sized titties.

I had met her a couple of times. Every time I saw or spoke to her, I used to be turned on just by her mere presence. She had a confident personality which was an added turn-on.

So Sharon arrived at our house the next morning and greeted both of us with a hug. I had just got up and was wearing my boxers. Her arrival, her lips, and her tight hug awakened my cock. She would have easily felt the bulge as we hugged. But she didn’t respond to it.

That evening we decided to sit on the terrace for drinks and dinner. Since it was a homely affair, we were all dressed in homely casual attire. Sharon was wearing a sleeveless loose top and shorts that barely covered her hips. Her top length was short.

Every time she twisted or turned, I could catch a glimpse of her belly. Not to forget, the shorts exposed her milky white and toned thighs. Sharon used to stay in Bangalore, and she kept on telling us about her numerous sexcapades in the city. Her boldness and confidence were what turned me on more than her looks.

This went on for hours till we were extremely drunk and could barely stand. My wife had passed out by then. We decided to call it a night. Sharon lifted my wife with her arms on our shoulders to escort her to the bed. My right arm was around my wife’s waist.

While getting down the stairs, it occasionally brushed on Sharon’s naked belly as she was on the other side. She didn’t react, but I was getting more and more excited. After making my wife comfortable on the bed, we both went upstairs to clear up the glasses.

It had been cloudy all day, and a drizzle started to pour as we reached up. I wanted to spend more time with Sharon. So I lit a cigarette and headed to one corner of the terrace. Sharon left the glasses and came and stood next to me.

She was standing such that the wall supported part of her, and part of her was leaning on me. She took the cigarette from my hands and took a long drag. Then stared at me and blew the smoke on my face. We both laughed. As she took the next drag, I faced Sharon so that She was cornered between the wall and me.

She again blew the smoke on my face, and I lost every bit of sense I had. I grabbed her exposed waist and pulled her towards me. As if she was waiting for this move, her arms immediately went around my neck. She placed her lips on mine.

What followed was about 2-3 minutes of wild tongue clash and sucking each other’s lips. I couldn’t control but bite and suck. Her juicy pink lips as much as I could. The drizzle added to the fun as her face sparkled when droplets fell. Her hair was getting wet and smelled of coffee.

I pulled away and attacked her neck. I would have licked off every bit of makeup she had in that region and began biting her. She moaned and laughed and then pushed me away. “No biting, bitch,” she said. With that, she again charged towards me, and we started kissing again.

I was so excited, and I might have explored every bit of her mouth. My hands went up to her waist, and in a swift motion, I took her top off. She was wearing a green netted bra and looked amazing in just her shorts and bra. I again charged on her neck and started licking her all over.

All this while, my hands were working to take her bra off. As I unhooked her bra, she let out a sigh of relief. I took it off and threw it away. There popped her tiny titties, exposing her pink nipples. I kept staring at them while simultaneously pinching both nipples with each hand.

She took advantage of my distraction and used it to take my t-shirt off. Both our topless bodies were completely wet with rain intensifying, which made this situation all the steamier. She then let go of me and dropped to her knees. Her hands caressed my thighs as they reached up to my shorts.

Before I realized it, my shorts were down. She then, very seductively, used her teeth to take off my briefs. My 7-inch tool immediately popped out and saluted her. Sharon took my briefs down all the way using her mouth. On her way up, she took all her time to smell my balls and underside of my dick.

The sniffing sound made me all the hornier, and I let out a moan. She then took her tongue out and slowly and seductively started licking my balls and then my dick. I got so excited that I oozed out a little precum. A seductive smile appeared on her face.

With one slow action of her tongue, she licked the entire precum. Then she took part of my dick in her mouth and started sucking it. I looked down at her. She looked like an angel with raindrops falling on her face, her black hair all wet, and my dick in her mouth.

I couldn’t control it and grabbed her head from behind. I started pulling her head towards me so she could deep throat me.  To my surprise, Sharon was an expert. She sucked me deep and held my dick in her mouth for a long. I gagged her a couple of times.

Every time she let go, her mouth used to ooze out loads of saliva and my precum. She licked the sides of my balls and between the legs that sent current all over my body. This blowjob would have continued for only about 3-4 minutes, and I was ready to cum.

I signaled her by tapping her head. But she refused to let go of my dick and kept on sucking it. She wrapped her hands around my ass so I cannot release her grip on my cock. I was helpless and couldn’t control myself. So I let go. I came for about 15 seconds shouting at the top of my voice, “Oh Sharon!”

She let go of my dick and opened her mouth so the cum could drip off. The sight of my cum oozing from her mouth and falling all over her head was heavenly. She spat it all out, wiped her face, and jumped over me. Now She was in the air on top of me as I supported her legs around me.

We kissed and exchanged saliva and my cum. She asked me to grab the clothes and head downstairs. I asked about the glasses, to which she replied, “Seriously! Fuck the bloody glasses.”

I lifted her and the clothes, and we went downstairs kissing. As I was passing my bedroom, I checked if my wife was still sleeping. On confirmation, we both went to the guests’ bedroom, where Sharon was to sleep. I latched the door from my side and threw her on the bed.

Then I dragged her legs towards me and dived in between her legs. I took her shorts and panties off. She had a clean and slightly hairy clit. As I dived in, I could smell her wetness and heel that the pussy hair smelled. That smell gave me goosebumps.

I licked all around to taste every bit of her vaginal juices. She shivered as I did this. Then it was time to return the favor. I very softly held the top of her clit in my mouth as I licked it with my tongue. She started shivering and shaking vigorously.

I could hear her moan, and the moans kept on getting louder. I got the confirmation that she was enjoying and so I dove deep inside her pussy. I had my nose and entire mouth inside her pussy walls. I was licking and tasting everything I could feel inside.

She was constantly shouting, “Oh God. Fuck,” as I went deeper and deeper with my tongue. Her wetness increased a little, and she started shaking very vigorously. I could feel her trembling as I felt a hand on top of my head pulling me closer. This is the most joyous moment for a man. Making women squirt.

I could feel I was near, and I was damn right. She immediately let go of my hair and dropped dead on the bed as fountains flew out of her pussy on my face. I was proud of my accomplishment and was giggling with joy as she splashed her juices on my face. I let her take her time.

After about a minute or so, I went on top of her and started kissing her. Then I felt her hand grabbing hold of my dick and guiding it towards her pussy. “My legs are dead,” she said. I let go of her and grabbed both her legs, and placed them on my shoulders. With my dick inside her, I started fucking her.

I could see her titties jiggling and her eyes closed as she let out moans. I was about to cum again. So I took my dick out, dragged her legs, and turned her around. Then I brought her to her knees and started licking her from behind. She let out sudden cries of joy which made me dive further in.

I continued for some time and then stood up and positioned myself behind her. I held her hair with one hand and pulled them back as I began fucking her doggy style. We continued fucking like dogs for a while until I felt her pussy walls contracting. I was overwhelmed as I knew she would cum again. And she did.

This got me very, very excited, and I was about to cum too. I stroked my dick inside for about ten more seconds, and then I took it out. I turned her around, and I came. Gallons of cum came out as I sprayed it all over her tummy and titties. A part of it fell on her face too.

With a loud and relieved moan, I collapsed on her. I got up early the next morning and went to my bedroom. Sharon, my wife’s best friend, extended her stay for a week, which meant we got a chance to screw each other a couple more times.

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