Hot Next-Door Neighbor Tricks Me Into Affair

Hello to all readers. This is Kumar writing from Bangalore about a hot next-door neighbor. Feels good to be writing one more story after a long time. This one happened much before the lockdowns.

As in the case of previous stories, this is also a true experience. This story involves my neighbor Swati, and she lives in the opposite building of our apartment complex. She lives there with her husband and young kid. She had moved in with the family a few months back.

She got to know that I can fix computer issues, and she had asked my mother if I could check their laptop as it had some issues. Though I was reluctant, I still went to her place and rang the bell.

To my eye’s delight, a beautiful lady in her mid-30’s opened the door for me. Her body figure was getting revealed in the dress that she wore. My dick was getting erect looking at her curves, but I managed to be calm.

Swati’s husband was out for work, and her kid was busy playing with friends. So, it was just her and me in the apartment. She told me to sit on the sofa and went inside to get some coffee. She gave me water but seemed to have noticed the erection in my pants as she was trying to hide her smile.

Now we moved on to the laptop. I could fix the issue within a few minutes. I used the laptop as a cover for the bulge in my pant. Also, at the same time, she spoke up about passing university with distinction. But she was forced to get married without getting a chance to study further.

She really got sad remembering her dream of higher education and stuff. She had become so sad that tears slowly started rolling down her eyes. The more I tried to convince her, the sadder she was getting. I took a quick break to go to the washroom and came back.

She was not there in the living room, but rather I heard her crying from the bedroom. Swati was lying on the bed, and she had buried her face in the pillow. I started to guess if this was all a game plan as he knew that only we both were in the apartment.

But I wanted to hear things from the horse’s mouth. I went close to her and asked softly, “Are you okay?” There was no reply, and she continued to sob. I kept my hand on her shoulder and started to rub to convince her gently.

She stopped crying and started adjusting to the way I was caressing her shoulder. Then she turned back and hugged me tight, “I have been waiting for this day for a long time. I am all yours.”

We engaged in a deep lip lock that went on for a few minutes. I kept my hands over her boobs and started squeezing them nicely. She held my hands and asked me to be gentle. I slowed down and gently started squeezing her boobs and also started kissing her neck.

She pushed me away and threw away her dress and innerwear, as well as helping me to become fully naked. Now I started sucking her boobs while continuing to squeeze her other breast with my hand. She kept pushing my head towards her tits and trying to make me suck her entire boobs.

In the meantime, I started rolling my hand downwards and eventually went down, licking her navel from the breasts. She started to shiver with my continued licking over her navel. She kept trying to get me to her wet pussy.

I just licked near to her clean-shaven pussy to tease her by not touching her pussy. She started trembling in excitement and kept trying to push my head towards her pussy. It was time to finger her pussy and then proceeded to lick her pussy. She was shivering with every touch over her pussy.

After a while, she held my head tightly and let out her juices over me. She called me in between loudly, “Stop making me crazy and just fuck me.” Later she even confessed that she was looking forward to the moment I am going to enter my dick in her pussy.

Hearing that, I decided not to tease her anymore and put on a condom on my dick. I started to insert my tool into her tight pussy slowly. That was an indication that she has been badly craving sex for a long time. My dick went inside her finally with a big push.

I started pounding her gently in missionary style. She started moaning, and that gave me the high to screw her harder. The tears of pleasure started rolling down her eyes. I told her, “I will fuck you whenever I want.”

She replied, “Fuck me anytime. My pussy will be waiting for you.” We both kept fucking for 15 minutes and reached the climax together. After some time, it was time to pound her again, but this time I got her in the doggy style. I held her boobs while I kept banging her from behind.

She kept moaning, “Fuck me harder. I have not had such a good fuck in ages.” This time I reached the climax first and let out all my juices inside her. But Swati was not done yet, and she wanted to take control. She made me lie down and sat over me. She slowly adjusted herself to sit over my cock from above.

Once she got my dick entirely inside her pussy, she started to ride from above in cowgirl style. It felt like I am dreaming of being fucked by this beautiful and hot woman. She was riding me like a pro. It was such a pleasure to see her boobs bouncing up and down while also getting fucked by her from above.

I kept pinching her boobs in between, and she would bend down few times to kiss over my lips. She also used to pinch my nipples to tease me. She hit her climax and collapsed over me after few minutes.

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