Some Sexual Service For The Room Service Guy

Hello guys! It’s me, Akshata, back again with a new sexual experience to share with all of you. If you haven’t read about my sexcapades till now, you can always check them out here. I am pretty sure you’ll cum at least once from the lusty experiences I have gone through!

For now, let’s get on with this new story about my sexual service. Arguably, this is one of the lustiest experiences I have had, and that’s saying something! So, here’s how it went down (no pun intended).

Being a freelance digital marketing person, I frequently travel to different cities to pitch to new clients. And this time, I was traveling to Bangalore. I had already booked a good hotel for my stay. I would stay there for a week.  I had planned to mix business and pleasure in the city after my pitch and exploring it.

I reached the hotel on Monday morning. A cab had come to pick me up from the airport. I reached the hotel, and the staff were very hospitable in helping me with my luggage and guiding me to my room. I was led to my room by a guy called Pravin.

He was one of the room-service staff and was assigned with the task of helping me. As Pravin was taking me to my room, I could see that he was attracted to me. He kept trying to steal a glance at me, checking me out as much as he could. I don’t blame him.

By now, I am rather accustomed to people checking me out. I don’t mean to sound pompous, but yes, I am a sight for sore eyes. With my 34-36-36 figure, a caramel complexion, jet black hair, and my black doe eyes, it is hard for people to not double-take when they see me.

Plus, with my skin fitting jeans and a white t-shirt that highlights my figure perfectly. Pravin couldn’t help but enjoy the sight of me. I smiled to myself. We reached my room. Pravin opened the door with the card key and ushered me in.

He kept my luggage down and told me some basic information about the amenities and functions in the room. I looked him straight in the eye when he talked to me. I could see Pravin’s eyes lingering from time to time from my face to my body.

He quickly looked elsewhere when I caught him looking at my boobs. Such a cute chap, I thought. After settling me in, he left. Over the next 3-4 days, we passed by each other frequently in the hotel premises. I used to always smile and wave at him, and he would reciprocate.

His smile was always a little controlled. As if he was trying to hide something. I knew what he was trying to hide. It was his lust for me. Pravin wasn’t exceptionally handsome. He was around 5’9,” a little dark, short black hair combed neatly into a side parting, lean.

He had a very innocent and humble face. His innocence was his major sex appeal, at least for me. His sweet tone of talking matched his looks. He was the kind of guy you’d want to hug tight just because he was so sweet. Although after the frequent run-ins with him, I wanted to do much more than just hug him.

On Saturday, the 5th day of my stay, I decided to act upon my intentions. It was 10:00 at night. I was alone in my room. I had had a fun day, roaming about the city and exploring it. All I needed now was a fitting end to the day, and I knew that Pravin could help me with it.

All I could think of, lying alone on my bed, was how much I wanted him to enjoy me and fuck me hard! I wanted to seduce him into doing it. The thought of his lips and hands over my body made me super horny. I just had to do it. I called the room service number and asked them to send Pravin.

They said he’ll be there in 5 minutes. That was enough time for me to prepare myself. I stripped naked and started masturbating, fantasizing about Pravin. The thought of his lips sucking, kissing, and biting me and his hands lingering all over my body was amazing! I started to moan faintly as my fingering got faster.

Soon, the doorbell rang. It was Pravin! I was super excited by now. I quickly got up and just loosely put on my black silk robe. I opened the door and let him in. As soon as Pravin noticed me in the robe, his eyes rested on me for a little longer than usual. I had his attention.

He quickly turned away and started picking up the dishes. I kept leering at him as he did that. This time, it was he who was being checked out. Pravin knew I was checking him out. He felt shy and conscious. After he was done, he turned towards me and asked if there was anything else I could help him with.

“Actually Pravin, yes. You can help me with something. I really need your help with it,” I said, looking straight at him with a naughty look. “Sure ma’am, boliye na,” he replied, with his usual sweet voice and happy, smiling face.

I stepped two steps back. Looking him in the eye, I undid the loose knot of my black silk robe. It slid down smoothly and effortlessly, exposing my naked body to Pravin in all its glory.

“Kya tum mujhe chod sakte ho?! Is jism ka mazaa lekar, apne hotho se ise jhutha kar do, please!” I requested him as I opened my arms towards him and invited him.

Pravin’s jaw dropped. His eyes enlarged in surprise at the sight he was seeing. He froze. This was the stuff of his fantasy. He couldn’t believe the fact that his fantasy was coming true. After a few seconds of stunned silence, he mumbled.
“Ma’am…yeh…yeh kya kar rahe ho ma’am? Main…main yeh nahi kar sakta.”

“Kyun? Tum mujhe nahi chahte ho?” I asked him seductively.

“Nahi, nahi ma’am…aisi baat nahi hai. Main bilkul chahta hu aapko, par…mera job. Mujhe nikaal denge ma’am,” he said, nervously. I moved closer to him and said, “Kisiko pata chalega toh hi nikalenge na. Agar main kuch na kahu aur tum kuch na bolo, toh kise pata chalega?”

“Aap…aap kisiko nahi batayenge ma’am?” he asked me. “Bilkul nahi. Yeh humara secret hoga. Lekin main sirf ek shart par ise secret rakhungi,” I said, staring at him. Now, I was just inches away from him.

“Kya ma’am? Kya shart hai aapki?” he asked. “Yahi, ki tum abhi ke abhi mere maze lo,” saying this, I hugged him tightly, naked. I started kissing his neck and ear lobes, imploring him to reciprocate.

Pravin stood still. He was still trying to control himself. I was impressed with his self-control, but right now, I didn’t want it. I wanted him to lose control, give in to me. I wanted him to taste my flesh, just one kiss or lick. I knew he’d be hooked.

My naked body was rubbing against his, and I could feel his cock hardening up. I continued to feverishly kiss and lick him on his neck and ear lobe. My hug got tighter, pushing him into me even more. I knew he’d break any moment now.

“Please Pravin, bas ek bar, ek bar mujhe kiss karo! Ek bar is jism ka swaad lo! Please, please!” I begged him with passion. With these words, his self-control finally broke. As soon as he heard the words, Pravin hugged me back tight and started kissing and licking my shoulder and neck.

Fuck, that felt great! I closed my eyes and egged him on for more. “Aaah fuck! Haan Pravin, haan! Aise hi, ooh yeah!” I moaned in passion. We broke apart and smooched hard. I wrapped my arms around his neck tightly as he pulled me in and grabbed my ass. Our eyes closed as we felt each other’s lips and tongues.

All that pent-up passion, both his and mine, was finally coming out. I moaned as he sucked on my tongue and my lips. I let him do whatever he wanted. He squeezed my ass and tongue-fucked me for a few minutes. As we broke apart, he pounced on me, feverishly kissing my neck, shoulders, and boobs.

I grabbed his hair and caressed it, loving every touch of his. His hungry kissing and licking left saliva marks all over my body. He sucked my boobs like a baby, sticking his mouth to my hard nipples and sucking and kissing them passionately. I let him enjoy my boobies.

He dragged his tongue from my boobs to my neck as he came up, and we kissed again. He grabbed me and lifted me up as I wrapped my legs around his waist. He pinned me to a wall and lifted both my arms up. He looked at me with searing passion, like I was his best achievement. He then looked at my armpits.

Unable to control himself, he smelled them and started to lick them clean. I moaned and loved it. In seconds, he had licked both my armpits clean. He then tasted my boobies again and then took me to the bed and laid me down. With eyes full of lust, he started to strip, still looking at me.

He got naked and jumped on the bed. Looking at his lean, naked body turned me on even more. I started kissing his chest, neck, and shoulders as he enjoyed it. I started going down and reached his lower stomach. As I noticed his huge, monster cock, fully erect, I went on all 4s and kissed its tip.

I then started to service his cock, first by rubbing it all over my face and let his precum come on me. Then I started sucking it, going deeper and deeper as he moaned and grabbed my hair. I deepthroated myself twice, making his cock completely wet. I then went up to him and made him taste himself as we kissed.

He then laid me down and started sucking and squeezing my boobs. He slowly took his tongue down and then started teasing me by licking and sucking my navel. It sent me into shivers. He bit my waist, giving me a beautiful hickey. He then spread my feet apart and licked my inner thighs.

Slowly, he moved towards my pussy, which was dripping wet by now. He committed himself to my pussy, sticking to it and eating it out like he had been starving for it. His hand massaged my left boob as he ate me. I grabbed his hair and thrust my pussy in his face. He didn’t let go till I came on his face.

Then he quickly came up and kissed me. We smiled and looked at each other. He then lay next to me, facing me. He took his huge cock and went inside me as we stayed in that position. He started fucking me, making constant eye contact and kissing me intermittently.

The intensity of his fucking increased as we could hear loud thumping sounds. I hugged him as he devoured my shoulders and kept fucking me. After a while, I laid him down, and we went for a 69 position.

His tongue explored every bit of my pussy and asshole as I sucked and stroked his cock and sucked his balls. We both moaned passionately from the pleasuring we were giving each other. Soon, I came for a second time. Then he told me that he was about to cum too.

I lay down and asked him to bring his cock till my boobs. I fit his huge cock in between my boobies and started stroking it. Within minutes, he came and burst a huge load. Some of it flew on my face and in my mouth, and the rest of it flowed on my boobs and neck – thick, warm, and yummy.

I relished its taste and its feel. Exhausted and spent, Pravin lay down beside me, resting his face on my right boob as I caressed his hair lovingly, and we both relaxed for a while.

“Thank you, ma’am. Aap nahi jaante mai kabse aapke liye pyasa tha! Main bohut khush hu, ma’am! Thank you!” Pravin said as he lay beside me.

“Pagal! Tumhe kya lagta hai, mai yeh nahi chahti thi? Tumhara bholapan aur sweet attitude mujhe bohut accha lagta hai! Hamesha aise hi rehna. Aur jo bhi ladki tumhari girlfriend banegi, uski toh kismet hi khul jaaegi!” I praised him as I caressed his hair.

“Toh aap ban jaaiye na ma’am, meri girlfriend!” he smiled and looked at me. “Pravin, tum jaante ho yeh possible nahi hai. Main parso vapas ja rahi hu. But mujhe yeh hamesha yaad rahega, tum hamesha yaad rahoge!” I said as I kissed his forehead. “Aap bhi mujhe hamesha yaad rahoge ma’am!” he said.

Indeed, who can forget a memorable fuck like that?

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