Me, A Divorcee Bhabhi And Sex

Hi everyone, I am back to share another of my sexual experiences with a divorce sex-starved lady. First of all, let me thank this platform for publishing my previous story, ‘Me My Neighbor Bhabhi and Sex’, and to all the wonderful readers who gave me such positive feedback.

Let me once again introduce myself. I am Mr. X (name changed), a 24-year-old lad working in an MNC in Kolkata. Height around 6 feet with a normal body but great sexual stamina. My dick size is about 6 inches. But if any Bhabhi showers her love onto it, it can grow even bigger.

The female lead of the story is Neena. She is a friend of Priyanka (the female lead of my previous story. She is a 31-year-old divorcee and a real sex-starved lady. Her body stats are 36-29-34 and her height is around 5.5 feet. She is fair and her dressing sense is a cherry on the cake.

Like Priyanka, she also wears almost backless and sleeveless blouses and a deep V cut from the cleavage area. The saree below the navel showing a major part of her heavenly stomach. She is a teacher by profession. She always ties her hair with a pen as a knot giving a great view of her seducing neck.

Coming to the story, Priyanka once told me that one of her friends is a divorcee. She has spent a couple of years without sex which is leading her life to depression. She just asked me to help her out from coming out of such stress. I accepted the matter with obligation and messaged Neena.

She narrated all her life challenges over the message. Then we decided to meet at her residence at the weekend. When I reached Neena’s residence, I greeted her with a bouquet of red roses. She very gently gave a smile and accepted the bouquet. We both sat on the sofa and she served me tea and sat beside me.

Neena sat very close to me which gave me a hint. That day she was wearing a deep throat sleeveless night suit was looking completely gorgeous. We started some casual talk and she placed her head on my shoulder. I also without missing any opportunity placed my hand around her shoulder.

I started making circles with my index finger at her shoulder. She was getting aroused. She softly told me that she was waiting for the moment like for years. I replied that now it’s time to live the moment. She directed me to go inside the bedroom. I followed her orders and she followed me.

As soon as we entered the bedroom she locked the door. She leaned towards the door with her back. She put her hands up and was biting her lower lips. She was seducingly called my name. I just lost my control seeing those clean-shaven armpits and her 36 sized boobs.

I just opened my t-shirt and slowly moved towards her. She was standing there leaning towards the gate from her back. I went towards her and caught her by her waist. She put one of her hands on my shoulder and the other on my naked chest. We were looking at each other’s eyes and feeling each other’s breath.

I bent towards her and slowing sucked her lower lip. It felt like a current has run towards her body. I stopped there as I thought that she is not ready for all this. But she said not to stop and continue and I continued kissing her and she also gave her full support.

After 5 minutes long liplock we get into our conscious and broke. Her lips were as juicy as a strawberry. I gently pushed her towards the bed and opened my pants. I was completely naked and she was in her night suit. I slowing opened her night suit and she was now in just her undies.

Placing my dick over her pussy I started rubbing it over her panty so that she gets aroused and started smooching her. I began to kiss her. From there I sucked her neck and ear lobes. While smooching her neck and earlobes I was continuously rubbing my dick on her pussy over the panty.

I could feel her pussy is getting wet. But I was in no hurry which is my style of doing sex. After smooching her neck and earlobes, I unhooked her bra and let those two innocent melons to come out. Neena was already aroused and was breathing heavily.

With her heavy breathing, those melons were also jumping which was a delight to watch. I started rubbing my chest over her naked boobs. My dick on her pussy over the panty and started licking her armpits. Those armpits were like butterscotch so smooth and delicious.

I still have a hard-on thinking over those armpits. Then I moved towards her monstrous boobs and started swaying my face between both her boobs. She started moaning softly. With one hand I was making circles on her nipple border and sucking the other one.

I softly bit the nipple which she couldn’t bear. She just pulled my hair out of pain. Now I was aroused too. I went towards her navel and started licking it. Her belly fat was just shivering out of arousal. Now it was the time for real fun. I opened her panty and was completely wet.

Just to arouse her more I licked her pussy twice. She just started begging me not to make her wait anymore. I asked her which position penetration she wanted to enjoy and she replied, “On top.” I just gave a naughty smile and laid down so that Neena can sit upon me.

As she sat, she placed my dick on her pussy. With a gentle push, I inserted my monster onto her heaven which she enjoyed. I applied my force for quite some time and thereafter Neena was completely charged. I was just laying down and she was jumping up and down and enjoying the penetration.

As she was having sex after a long break, she could not continue much. After having sex in the cowgirl position she just laid down flat tired. She kissed me on my lips as a gesture of thanksgiving. She promised me that next to me she’ll not disappoint me by getting tired so early.

So, friends, this was my sexual experience with Neena. Any unsatisfied bhabhi looking for some fun can reach me at [email protected] Please don’t forget to give your valuable feedback. Till then bye and love you all!

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