Sex With A Friend’s Wife At A Wedding

Hi, I am Davesh Mehra (Name Changed) married for 2+ years now. I am 30 years old with a good physique and extremely lasting stamina. This is a real story that happened about 4 months back. Even today I get a huge hard-on thinking about the sexual encounter.

Let’s get the story started – Sit tight with your hands inside your pants and enjoy!

I live in Mumbai and it was just a routine day. I get a call from my friend Rohit, inviting for his wedding in Delhi. I was not sure at first about attending the wedding. My wife was on a business trip at that time. And Rohit and I did not have many common friends.

Rohit told me about his other friend – Adi who will be coming along with his wife from Bangalore. I had met Adi on a few occasions earlier. So I thought to myself even if I am traveling alone from Mumbai, I will surely have Adi’s company at the wedding.

I met Adi at the hotel reception which Rohit had booked for all of his guests. And oh boy! I saw the most gorgeous lady walking towards me. My heart started pounding and my pupils began to dilate. I could not stop myself from staring at her. She stops in front of me and twirls her hand inside Adi’s arms.

Adi introduces, “She is my wife, Shreya!” We greeted each other and I started to think in my head how lucky Adi is to have found her. Her assets were 34-28-36, 5’6 height, bright hazel eyes, and luscious pink lips. She had a very welcoming aura which started to give me chills in my body.

We then decided to meet in the evening for Rohit’s wedding. I had already masturbated thinking about Shreya’s hot body. How badly I would fuck her if I get a chance. In the evening, Shreya looked extremely classy in her black saree which highlighted her ass and boobs so well.

Her lips were grabbing my attention while they shivered due to the cold in Delhi. I just felt like giving them warmth by placing my lips on them. But I knew this would end up in my fantasy book as she was here with her husband. Like any other Punjabi wedding, we danced and drank a lot that evening.

I was going crazy looking at Shreya now and then. I was starting to get a boner. I began to head out for a smoke to save myself from embarrassment in public. After a few minutes, Shreya also followed me, stood by me and asked for a smoke.

I realized she is a little tipsy and thought this is a good chance to make a move. Since I was on an elevated platform, I could see her deep cleavage which encouraged me even further. I began to flirt with her. She was getting flattered by my compliments and gave me a friendly hug.

Things got longer inside my pants. She realized as my dick brushed her thighs when we moved apart. She looked down and started to laugh. She tauntingly asked me, “Do hugs alone turn you on?” I told her its not the hug but it’s her lustful eyes that gave me a hard-on.

She did not respond well to that comment. I felt I lost my chance of ever getting to fuck her. In the meantime, Adi came rushing out and told Shreya that he will have to drive to Jodhpur right now. He had an urgent meeting tomorrow morning that just got scheduled.

Shreya was supposed to fly back to Bangalore the following day at noon. Adi requested me to take care of her and safely drop her to their hotel room. I got excited and started to get my hopes high thinking about the situation that just occurred.

After reaching the Hotel I invited Shreya to my room for a couple of drinks. She refused my offer by saying she was tired and would like to go to bed. I sadly accepted her choice and headed back to my room. After 30 minutes, I get a call from Shreya.

She said, “Davesh, can you come to my room for some time. I feel lonely and don’t feel like sleeping.” In no time I said yes and rushed into the bathroom to freshen up.

‘Knock, Knock.’ Shreya opens the door with a wide smile on her face. She had already changed her clothes and was wearing a very hot nightgown. She started to pour drinks in the glass. We started to have a good conversation and got quite comfortable.

After some time I told her I was in a mood to dance. She extended her hands and we began to dance on melancholic music. We were so close to each other that I could feel her breath on my neck. I was holding her by her waist and her hands were on my shoulders. I was slowly moving my hands over her back.

After some time she rested her head on my chest and whispered in my ears, “I am loving what you are doing with your hands.” This encouraged me to move my hands on her big round ass. She stopped dancing and went apart. She told me she has a long-awaited fantasy to have sex with another married man.

I got shocked hearing this and assured her she will always remember this evening. She gave me a wicked smile and jumped over me and crossed her legs around my waist. We were smooching and french kissing each other like there is no tomorrow. I was tongue-fucking her mouth.

She slurped all my saliva and was moaning with our mouths locked to each other. She started to bit my lips and was getting out of control. I pushed my hands inside her gown and reached her to her naked back. I unhooked the bra and threw it on the bed.

After 20 minutes of kissing, we got apart and she pushed me on the bed. She asked me if I like chocolates to which I said yes. She told me you would have never tasted this chocolate flavor before. She gets a bar of chocolate from her bag and puts it inside her mouth.

We start to kiss again while she is in a cowgirl position. She was such a good kisser. The chocolate would melt out of her mouth and I would lick every bit of it. It was simply amazing. I grabbed her boobs and began to fondle them. She got excited while I played with her boobs.

Eventually I put my hands under her undies from the back and began to finger her pussy with my middle finger. Her eyes rolled up with pleasure as soon as I did that, she was wet down in her pussy. She asked me to use 2 fingers instead of one. She started to moan louder as I moved my fingers in rhythm.

I quickly climbed up on her, removed her panties and turned her around and began to have dinner at her pussy. It was a nice shaved pussy that looked so erotic. I opened her pussy lips and went for the pink mines. I extended my tongue to the deepest possibility and began to tease her.

Shreya shouts in pleasure, “Lick it all, Lick it all.” I began to roll my tongue harder and soon she had an orgasm. I drank all her juices and kissed her all over the body. She went very weak in her knees. I knew knees and thighs were her pleasure points.

I kissed and licked her milky thighs while she asked me to turn around and pulled my pants down. My dick was waiting to break free and come out. She set him free and held him with her soft hands. She began to move my 6 inches long and fat dick in an upward and downward position.

She says in a slutty voice, “I want to know how this thick animal would tear me apart.” We got into a 69 position and she started to lick the head of my penis first. Then slowly moving her mouth to the length of my dick. She was a very good cock sucker. She alternately sucked my dick and my balls.

I was in ecstasy. After some time she began to lick my ass hole which no one has done before. It was such a wonderful treatment. We get into the missionary position where I tease her by rubbing my dick over her wet pussy. She cries,”‘Please don’t do this, please fuck me, I want you inside me.”

I began to thump her ass with my thighs while my dick being deep inside her pussy. She pulls me from my neck onto her and began to kiss all over my face. I fuck her even harder and faster and she goes out of control. At the same time, I began to suck her left boob while playing with the nipple of the right boob.

I press both her boobs very hard while tearing her pussy apart. She continues to scream in pleasure. We then get into the cowboy position, and wow what a view it was. She sat on my dick like a warrior and began to ride on my dick. She looked so gorgeous with her perfect sized breasts waiting for me to suck on them.

She began to ride harder while I keep pressing her ass. She used her hands to separate her ass chicks so that she could push my entire dick inside her pussy. I kept sucking her boobs and pressing them hard. I kissed her all over her neck and face.

We soon got into the doggy style where I got the best view of her ass as I was grinding her hard. I was about to cum to which she said he would like to take the cum all over her. She faced me and began to move my dick vigorously until I emptied my entire pipe on her face.

She drank all my cum and sucked my dick clean. We slept naked next to each other and had 2 more rounds before morning. She thanked me for fulfilling her fantasy with such great sex. I told her the feeling was mutual and gave a much tighter hug this time before she left.

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