Seducing My Neighbor Teammate

Hello Readers, I hope you all are doing good. I am SexyNav from Bangalore, Karnataka. I am a software engineer by profession working in an MNC based out of Bangalore. I have an average body built with a height of 5.8 and a tool size of 7 inches.

Let me start with the story by narrating about the queen of my dreams and the heroine of this story ‘Geeta’ (name changed obviously). Geeta is a great looking girl with a size of 34-28-36. She has a milky fair complexion and a height of 5.3. The major turn-on of Geeta is her smile.

The moment she smiles I feel like the world around me is spinning. By the way, Geeta is my neighbor who lives with her husband. My dream to fuck Geeta came true very recently (a month before). And based on her suggestion itself I have posted the story here. We both are great followers of XIS!

Though my dream came true very recently it took quite some time for me to win her. But guys it was worth every second. Please bear with me as the story is going to be a bit long.

Geeta and her husband moved into our gated community a year back just after their marriage. Her husband got a transfer. He works as a bank manager in one of the Nationalised Banks. Geeta had completed her graduation (B.E) just before her marriage.

Everything was normal for the first few months. We all welcomed the new couple in our community and helped them to settle. I did not get much chance to interact with Geeta. But whenever I could I used to steal a glance of her smiling face.

In our community, we have a tradition of doing get together once in a month. We have a huge park where we all assemble and enjoy the time with each other. This is also a stage where we can speak about the issues that we are facing in our daily life.

We can ask others for help or discuss any concerns in the community. I am quite a famous guy in the community as a techie. I have helped people around with all tech stuff like helping B.E students with their project work. Helping elders to fix their systems and so on.

So when it was Geetas turn to discuss her concerns she said that she is feeling bore at home sitting all alone the whole day. If anyone could her get a job then it would be great as she has completed her B.E in computers. The moment she bought this concern on the table everyone looked at me.

They were asking if I can do something about this situation. I said that I will see what I can do and told Geeta we will discuss this over lunch. That was the moment guys when she said a thank you and gave a billion-dollar smile. I went weak in my knees and started shivering.

I didn’t know how to face her and maintain composure. So, at lunchtime, I took my plate and sat beside Geeta and conversation started like this.

Me: Hi.

Geeta: Hi Nav.

Me: (with a surprising look on face) How do you know my name? We were never introduced to each other.

Geeta: You are quite a famous guy around. Everyone talks about you when it came to tech stuff.

Me: Wow. I never knew I was so famous. I hope no one cursed me!

Geeta: Hey no. You seem to be a hero here. So where do you work?

Me: XXX company. I have been working for the last 8 years.

Geeta: That’s great.

Me: So you completed your B.E in computers? Tried applying anywhere for a job?

Geeta: I have been applying for the last 3 months but of no use. As I am a fresher, and no one wants to hire me.

Me: Yeah, it’s very difficult to get a job in the IT industry. Especially for freshers. But no worries I might have something for you.

Geeta: Really? That’s great. Please let me know which company and what’s the job profile.

Me: Hey cool down. First, it’s not a full-time job. It is freelance work and second, you got to work from your home. We don’t have an office.

Geeta: That is still better for me. I need some job to kill the time. It would be beneficial for me as I don’t have to adhere to any timings. Please give me more details.

Me: Great. So let’s meet tomorrow. I will give you the details.

Geeta: Please be our guest for tomorrow’s lunch. We can have lunch and also discuss the job. And even we didn’t meet personally so it would be good to know each other.

Me: Sure, thanks.

After saying goodbye bye to Geeta I was in a different world. I could not sleep that whole night thinking about her and thanking my good luck. The next day morning I got up and completed my daily chores. I was eagerly waiting for the afternoon so that I could go and be near my princess.

I wanted to be a gentleman. So before going to their home, I bought a bouquet. Sharp at 2 pm, I pressed the doorbell. As they were expecting me, both Geeta and her husband were already waiting for me. The moment the door opened and I saw her, it was like thunder.

Geeta was standing there in front of me wearing a dark blue salwar and a contrasting kameez. She was wearing a dupatta which was properly doing its duty of not exposing anything. I went dumb stuck for a few seconds. Geeta wished me and invited me in with her killing smile.

I was not in my senses for seconds. Like an idiot, I simply nodded and went in behind her. I came back to reality only when her husband came forward to shake my hand. I regained myself. We all went through our normal introduction and sat at the table for lunch. Below is how our conversation went on

Me: Nice house. You guys have done it up well.

Her husband: All credit goes to Geeta. She has been taking care of all of these things.

Geeta: Thanks, this was one reason I am still alive else would have committed suicide out of boredom.

Me: A nice sense of humor!

We all laughed at that point. Our general discussion went on over lunch and we came to the living room to continue further on the job.

Me: So shall we discuss on the project?

Geeta: Sure I am pretty excited. I have already kept my laptop ready!

Me: We will work on java (it is a computer programming language). And don’t worry I will teach you everything before you start working.

Geeta: Great! So when shall we get started?

Me: Maybe from tomorrow. We will meet for 1 hour every day when I go to the office. When I work from home we can extend it.

So my luck took off from there. I started working from home more and used to go to the office only when it was super needed. Her husband used to work from morning 9 till evening 7. He would reach home only after 8. So Geeta used to be free after 10 am till 6 in the evening.

This went on for a few days. I started teaching Geeta on the project. In between work we used to discuss personal stuff. We started sharing our childhood memories, our likes and dislikes. With each passing day, we were getting to know more about each other and we got real comfortable.

Till now everything was fine. I didn’t even think that I would stand a chance to have any sort of romance with Geeta. But as they say, when luck strikes, it strikes for good!

After working for a couple of months together, Geeta was very comfortable with me. So she started to be in her nightie even when I was around. I tell you guys nightie is the best thing anyone has created. Women wear it but it seems like it is made to satisfy men!

Reason? Every time Geeta used to bend, I would get a perfect view of her cleavage. Her milky boobs in her bra were so clearly visible. I would stare at them without blinking my eyes. Geeta caught me a couple of times staring at her boobs. But she ignored thinking that it’s common for men to stare.

One fine day when we were working, suddenly Geeta dropped her pen. I got super excited thinking I would get the view of my oranges again today. But instead of bending to pick the pen, she asked me to pick it. Our conversation went on like this.

Geeta: Can you pick the pen and give it to me?

Me: (surprised) Sure. But why are you not picking it by yourself?

Geeta: let’s be frank with each other. 2 reasons, one – if I bend to pick the pen you will get a view of cleavage and you will not work for the next couple of hours. Two, I have slight back pain.

Me: (ashamed) I am sorry Geeta. But what to do you are so super hot. I can’t take my eyes off you. Please don’t be angry I will try to behave. Please please, please.

Geeta: It’s ok I can understand and I know you are a gentleman (smirk)

Me: So what happened, why back pain?

Geeta: today morning I tried to lift the water vessel and got a strain. It’s hurting actually.

Me: If you don’t mind shall I apply balm and massage? Trust me you will like it. I know how to work on such back pains.

Geeta: (shy) Hey, no, it’s ok. I have already have applied the balm and it’s good actually.

After repeated requests, Geeta agreed. She said that she would change and call me in the room. I was on cloud nine. This was for the first time I was touching my princess and would be so close to her!

After 5 minutes Geeta changed to salwar kameez and called me to the room and handed a balm in my hand.

Geeta: So make sure you come true by your words. I want that pain to be gone

Me: Don’t worry. You lay down on your tummy and leave rest to me.

Geeta: Ok. So the pain is on the left side.

I slowly raised her dress until her bra strips. Now I could see her milky back. I immediately got a hard-on the moment I placed my hand on her back. She was wearing a red bra. I slowly started to first move my hands and pressed very gently asking where exactly was the pain.

I started to apply balm on her back and massage gently by pressing with both hands. Geeta was liking the way I massaged. She was saying, “You are right. I am feeling better. Please don’t stop and massage all my back, please.”

I was really happy to hear this. In a moment of the rush. I raised her dress till her neck and unhooked the bra without asking her permission.

Geeta: Easy tiger. I only asked you to massage my back. Don’t forget, you are still a gentleman (with a naughty smile)

Me: Hey sorry dear. I just got carried away by seeing your sexy back.

Geeta: So you find my back sexy? Then make sure you take good care of it.

Me: You will see that. You just relax and leave everything to me.

I started applying balm to her elbows and center-back. I was massaging her from neck till her torso. I kept on massaging for 10 minutes and she started to give slight moans. This turned me on. I asked her if she can loosen her salwar so that I can get little more access to her lower back.

By now she was completely lost because of the massage. Without hesitation, she said yes. I quickly loosened her salwar and lowered it until her nice and round ass was visible. She was wearing a red hot panty. I started applying balm to her lower back and was massaging her.

Now she was completely lost and was not able to control her moans. After 5 minutes, I asked her if I can remove her salwar so that I can massage her legs too. I told her it will get great. To my surprise, she agreed even before I could complete my statement!

I was so excited now. My little monster was in a ready position wanting to come out of my pants. I somehow controlled myself and removed the pants completed. I started to massage her legs from the bottom till her thighs. Every time I come up I made sure that I touch her ass once and press those soft watermelons.

Her ass was nice round in shape and her panty was perfectly fitting them. After massaging her for a few minutes I turned her on to face me. She had closed her eyes and was totally out of control. She was smiling and moaning slowly. I took this as a positive signal and without asking I lifted her and remove her top.

It was the sight for which I was waiting for so long. The moment I removed her top. She hesitantly covered her boobs with her hands and asked what I was doing?

I said, “Please relax. Let me do my work. I will give a proper massage to you now.” By saying this I made her lie down facing me and asked her to close her eyes. She obeyed like a studious girl. I once again started to massage her from neck till legs.

I would stop at her boobs and press them gently as if I was massaging them. While passing through love hole I deliberately used to move my hands towards her panty linings and moved it aside. While I was working on her body, Geeta was enjoying it and now her pleasure moans had increased.

After massaging her for nearly half an hour from the side, I told her if I can come on the bed and sit on her legs to have the proper angle to continue the massage. She agreed. I quickly removed my shirt and pant. I was only in my inner-wear. I went and sat on her legs.

Now, whenever I used to massage her neck, deliberately used to bend so that my nose would be near her panty. Mind you guys the smell that her love hole had is uncontrollable. Whenever I bend I started going close to her panty and started giving a small kiss to her love hole on top of her panty.

As I was not getting any resistance I started pressing her boobs and kissing her love hole. With every kiss, Geeta was moaning and started breathing heavily. I slowly moved towards her naval and started kissing her naval. I would lick it clean and nice.

I moved towards her boobs. I started kissing her left boob and pressing the right one. Now I moved up and started to kiss her neck and all over her face. When I slowly planted a kiss on her juicy lips she took my face in her and started kissing me. Now I was completely lying on top of her.

My tool was pressing hard against her love hole. We started kissing aggressively and were exploring each other by exchanging saliva. We finally broke our kiss after 5 minutes. We both were heavily breathing with a lack of air. The pulpy oranges were ready to be sucked.

I quickly removed her bra and started sucking her left boob and pressing the right one. I continued kissing and biting her nipples until they were red.

I slowly moved towards her hole by kissing her body and removing the panty. She had a cleanly shaved her love hole. I was seeing pink lips inviting me to kiss them. When I was about to kiss her, she stopped me and said to come in 69 position. I got excited and removed my inner wear freeing the monster inside.

When she saw my tool she left a gasp as it is so big in girth. She might not be able to take it completely. I convinced her saying that we will do it slowly and told her not to worry. She slowly started kissing my tool at the tip and was playing with the fluid-filled balls.

She knew exactly what she was doing and was great at that. She slowly took my tool in her hand and started licking it. She was spitting on it and started to give a slow and nice blow job. At first, she was working slowly but gradually she increased her pace.

Now she was blowing my tool and was taking the entire 7-inch tool in her mouth. I was on cloud nine. I too started blowing her love hole with hot air and started kissing her clitoris. At first, I deliberately was kissing her slowly as I wanted to tease her.

With every kiss that I gave she started to drift in the mode of ecstasy. She was not able to control, she took my head and buried it in her love hole. Now I was kissing and inserting my tongue in her love hole. We continued this foreplay for another 5 minutes after which she was ready to take my monster in her.

We started with the missionary position. I kept my tool at the entrance and gave a slight push. It went in a little bit. I kept there for some time and started kissing her to distract. She was not sure if she could take my tool completely. After being in that position for some time and distracting her with my kiss I gave a sudden jerk.

With great force, I inserted my tool completely in her love in one shot. Geeta felt pain and started to scream but I lip-locked her so that she could not make much sound. I kept the tool inside her for some time and took it out. I did this slowly for few strokes so that could she could adjust.

After some time I started moving my tool very fast. By now Geeta was completely adjusted to it and was responding properly by moving her body along with me. We fucked each in other in missionary position for 10min and then switched to doggy style.

We continued our fuck for 10 more minutes in the doggy style. I could penetrate her completely and I was hitting her vagina every time. After a good fuck of 20 minutes, we both were about to cum. I asked her if I can cum in her love hole to which she agreed. We both released our juices together.

We were completely tired because of this steamy session. We slept naked by hugging each other for some time.

So guys please let me know what you feel about my story. Any ladies who wish to have some nice time can contact me at [email protected]

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