Massaging And Seducing An Unsatisfied Marwari Bhabhi

Somewhere I read that more than 65% of the ladies are unsatisfied with their sexual life post marriage. This is true based on my experience in seducing and massaging matured women and young ladies.

I am Rohit, a certified women masseur from Bangalore. I have been massaging and liberating stress for more than 11 years. I know different sensitive parts of women and make sure they are given enough attention during a massage.

I was traveling by metro last week. It was raining in Bangalore and the weather was very pleasant! I got an email and it read – Are you available tonight?

It was Nisha (name changed for privacy reason) who was looking for a massage the same night. From the last few days, I was completely busy serving customers and thankfully I was free. Nisha was referred by an old-time customer.

I spend time to understand my customer and also make them feel secure beforehand. Nisha and I chatted for close to 2 hours on various things – our interests, likes, dislikes, passion, work, personal stuff, etc. Nisha is a well-educated, conservative Marwari bhabhi.

She worked at a senior position in a bank and was aged 36. She has diverse interests including music, painting, and traveling. She got married at a very young age and hence she has two kids. Her husband is an entrepreneur and most of the days he is traveling. He was not only a workaholic but never gave time to Nisha.

Nisha started sharing some of the most intimate details with me. Including how her husband used to treat her like a self-centered, egoistic male. He never gave importance to her sexual desires. Nisha and I met over dinner at Shiro, a beautiful pan-Asian restaurant.

Nisha is 5’ 7’’ tall with long hairs and kumkum at her forehead. She was tan in color (not very fair) but was looking pleasant and simple. She was looking beautiful in her purple sleeveless kurta. She has fat in the right places and she knows how to present herself well. I think she had Calvin Klein perfume.

Interestingly, I was able to spot her bra line when I was walking past her. She was wearing a plunge bra. Nisha was initially anxious about massage as it was the first time. She had never met a man alone and discussed personal stuff.

I calmed her down. I explained in detail the massages I offer and how will it ease her stress. I also reassured that I am a certified masseur. We were in touch over email and phone. I give time to my customers to make up their minds. I was busy at a friend’s wedding when she messaged me that she wants to talk.

She was sounding stressed and was talking about how her husband treats her like an animal. He hasn’t spoken to her for close to 2 weeks. She was feeling lonely and broken. I wanted to break the ice and started admiring her beauty. She slowly came out of her trauma and started responding to my questions.

Nisha was a traditional bhabhi but deep down she had kinky desires. She confessed to watching her young colleagues who complimented her when she wore transparent dresses. I gave her a naughty idea of wearing a white transparent top with a red color bra to the office the next day.

We spoke in length where she was open to sharing that she likes to wear a matching color bra and panty. Red, purple, blue, green apart from white and black. She had made up her mind and told me if I can come to her place on Saturday. She had planned to send her kids to her neighbor’s place.

Finally, the D-Day came! I reached Nisha’s place in the evening. She was living in a nice bungalow in Sadashivnagar. Nisha was looking beautiful in lavender, deep cut sleeveless blouse, which had hooks in the back. Nisha had tied her saree just below her navel. She was looking like an angel.

I complimented her beauty and told her a small poem dedicated to her. She was blushing and thanked me for complimenting a mature woman. We both had snacks and I followed her till the kitchen. She had tied her hair in a bun and blouse was not only transparent but very deep.

I could spot that she was wearing a matching pink color bra. One of the bra straps was peeping out of the blouse. Nisha suddenly turned back and blushed. She invited me to her bedroom. I spent some time putting up the massage setup. She was already restless. I asked her to change her clothes for massage.

What she told the next thing was very naughty. She wanted me to undress her before the massage. I asked her a couple of times to get her consent. Nisha was constantly smiling and looking at me. I was slightly nervous. I went behind her and go a full view of her back.

I can see the 34 size books from the side. It was sitting tightly within the push-up bra. I tried to tingle her open back and made circles. Ran my finger over the entire stretch of her blouse and slowly touched her bra straps. As she had tied her hair like a bun, nothing was stopping me!

I started smelling her armpit, which was shaved. I slowly removed her saree pin and ensured she is comfortable before removing the pallu. She suddenly turned back. I got a full view of her boobs which were looking like a ripened mangoes. I can see her mangalsutra, which was hiding in her cleavage.

She was blushing and closed her eyes. I blew air in her ear and gave a surprise to her. I admired and praised her well-managed body. Her boobs were swaying as she was taking deep breaths. Her nipples were trying to pierce her bra and blouse. I requested Nisha to turn back.

I slowly started removing the hooks of her blouse. She was shivering and sweaty. I tingled her by lifting the bra hooks but didn’t remove it. She was wearing a pink color push up bra. Even after 2 kids, her boobs were not saggy.
To my surprise, the conservative Nisha bhabhi had shaved her armpits.

I slowly came down and was delighted to see her chubby tummy, beautiful navel. She purposefully tied her petticoat below her navel. I found the knot of her petticoat and removed it in one go. Nisha suddenly closed her pussy area even though she was wearing a panty.

It was a matching pink panty. It was partially showing the bushy hairs in the front and a fat ass in the back. I asked her to relax for some time. Now she was looking beautiful in her pink bra and panties. I asked her to relax and lie down on the massage table. She folded her arms and became comfortable.

She insisted to wear mangalsutra. Her plunge bra strap was getting pulled and I was getting more view of her back and melons. She wanted the ‘Nirvana Massage’, the signature massage style I offer where a woman feels like attaining a state of bliss and happiness.

I started with some dry massage. I massaged her forehead and head for 10 minutes and she started enjoying it. I went down and massaged her shoulders for some time. Her pink bra straps were not letting me massage her. She asked me to remove the bra hooks and I obeyed her order.

She voluntarily removed the bra and threw it on the bed. I did not get full access to her back. I poured aroma oil and tried multiple, gentle massage strokes on her back and shoulders. She was slowly started getting into a state of bliss. I was intentionally touching her boobs from the side and she was getting restless.

I switched my side to her lower back. She ordered me to remove the panty. She lifted her ass and helped me remove the pink panty in a jiffy. Interestingly she had a bushy pussy. As she was conservative, she had never shaved her pussy.

She asked me, “Rohit, can you shave my pussy?” I obeyed her order.

She was sitting on her bed. I kneeled in front of her to get full access to bushy pussy. I can see the pussy was leaking with precum and it was smelling awesome. I slowly used my trimmer and started removing the long hairs. Her love triangle emerged out of a bushy jungle.

I ensured Nisha didn’t get hurt while pussy shaving. I slowly lathered her pussy area and used a razor (used by women) to remove the small hairs around her love hole, which was oozing juices. I made her sleep on her back. Nisha has the most beautiful ass I have ever seen.

I gently applied oil on her ass and started massaging like slowly. She closed her eyes and started moving her ass up and down. I started tingling her by applying the oil for sidewalls of her pussy. She was getting very restless. After teasing her for some time, I moved to legs. She calmed down for a bit.

I massaged her legs for good 20-30 minutes. She suddenly turned around and signaled me to massage her beautiful melons. I spent some time doing a dry massage of her face, neck, and ears. With special attention to her ears, she blushed and said she got goosebumps.

I then slowly started massaging her beautiful melons. I made different massage movements to increase the blood flow of the breasts. Her boobies were tight and her nipples were one of the biggest I have ever seen. I made circular movements (clockwise and anti-clockwise) around nipples.

The nipple tip was erect like a needle. I slowly pinched her nipple tip, which was a surprise for her. I did circles around her nipple and slowly lifted her areolas and plunged my nails into the area around her areolas. I ensured Nisha was enjoying it.

I started massaging one boob and teasing the nipple of the other boob. I wanted to ensure Nisha gets the maximum enjoyment. I then came down and started focusing on her navel. I made circles around her navel and she started shivering. She was lifting her ass and signaling me to finger fuck her.

After a good massage of her stomach and navel, Nisha opened her legs wide apart. Her pussy was oozing love juices and it was untouched for many days. I slowly started massaging the area around pussy. I slowly inserted one finger inside her cunt. Nisha was moaning.

I ran my finger from top to bottom and was quickly able to find the G-Spot. I kept massaging her Gspot from one finger and slowly entered her love hole through another finger. Then I rhythmically moved my finger inside and out. Her pussy was oozing nectar and she was shouting.

Then I used three fingers, one of them activating her G-spot, another finger inside the clitoris and the third finger in making circles around pussy. I finger fucked her for more than 20 minutes. She started breathing heavily, murmuring with her pussy flooded with love juices.

She has the biggest orgasm of her life! I liked my finger which has love juices. Nisha slowly came back to normalcy. She looked very happy and content. She mentioned that she had the best time ever in her life. She had more than 8 orgasms including the biggest one so far.

If you are a mature woman or young lady looking for a secret massage service, write to me at [email protected]! I will ensure secrecy is managed.

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