Me, My Neighbor Bhabhi And Sex

Hi everyone. This is the first time I am sharing my sexual intercourse experience in this reading platform. I am Mr. X (name changed) a 24-year-old bachelor lad. I work in an MNC in Kolkata. Height of almost 6 feet with a very normal body but with a very charming smile on the face.

The female lead of the story is Priyanka (name changed). She is a married Bengali beauty with a charismatic and seducing body stats of 37b-27-38. Her husband is a government employee. He is an average Indian man with a very low sexual stamina.

Coming to the story. Priyanka’s family and I are neighbors. Her husband is a government employee. He almost has a fixed time of leaving for work and returning. Priyanka has a very seducing dressing taste. She mostly wears almost backless and sleeveless blouses.

Showing a bit of cleavage and saree below the navel showing a major part of her heavenly stomach. I always used to have a hard-on looking at her. I also used to be busy with my office work. I would only get time on the weekends. So the scope of our interaction was very limited.

We only used to talk when we have eye contact and that also only formal greeting. One fine weekend, I was sitting in my balcony preparing a PPT presentation. She called me and ask whether I can help her out in just removing an almirah.

One of her gold earning had just rolled behind it and her husband is out of station for some official work. As a noble gesture, I agreed and went to her house. I saw that sex goddess so closely for the first time. She was just burning hot with open wet hair.

In a hurry, I went to her residence in my shorts. When she opened the door I noticed that she checked me out. But ignoring all those I went inside and held the almirah from the down to pull and Priyanka also bent to help. As I looked up, I just saw a major part of her cleavage.

It just blew my mind away. But controlling myself I pulled the almirah forward and picked up the earnings and handed over to her. She thanked me and asked me to wait for a cup of tea. I also not losing any opportunity, agreed to it. She brought two cups of tea and sat beside me.

Her pallu was covering only one of her boobs and the other one was completely visible with the cleavage. That was enough to give me a boner. While having tea we started chit-chatting. Priyanka interrogated me about my work and office and also complimented me about my physique with a naughty blink.

I just understood her signal. I also complimented her in return about her sexy figure and seductive appearance. She just took it very erotically and said that her sex life is not that good as her body deserves. I just can’t believe in my ears that a married woman is talking like this with a guy whom she hardly knows!

To my surprise, she confessed that she always tried to find ways to talk to me but failed. But today she finally succeeded. All of a sudden she held one of my hands. She put her another hand on my thighs, penetrating my shorts and brought her face closer to my face.

She said that she just noticed how I stared at her bare cleavage while pulling the almirah. My heartbeat became faster. I replied that they were worth staring. She just smiled and put her lips on my lips and started a liplock. With one hand holding my dick swaying to and fro.

She was sucking my lower lip like a hungry woman. I was also extending my full support by holding her from her waist. Within a matter of 5 minutes, we broke the liplock and she pointed me to go to the bedroom. I just obeyed her like a sex slave and went into the bedroom.

She entered the bedroom just in her bra and panty and with a seducing tone. She said that she doesn’t want to increase my work. I pulled her in the bed and started smooching her. I started licking her neck and ear lobes. From there I moved towards her armpits.

Her body smells were just so soothing and erotic which can’t be explained in words. I threw open my shorts and started rubbing my naked dick onto her pussy over her panty. She was just getting aroused. Then I moved downward. With one hand I started pressing one of her boobs and started sucking her navel.

She was just losing control and started pulling my hair. She spoke in an uncontrollable voice that not to tease her and started to stroke. But I was in no hurry. After half an hour of smooching, I removed her panty and started licking her pussy.

I purposely started licking her pussy so that she cum and her clitoris get greased. So that she doesn’t have pain during sexual penetration. But with my every lick she was just losing her control. For a moment she just pulled my hair and pressed my face with both her thighs.

I was now ready to penetrate inside her. After licking her clitoris, now my monster was ready to go to heaven. I put my dickhead into her clits. She had tears in her eyes. She said that her pussy was waiting for a big dick for such a long time and now this has ended.

I bent down towards her, drank the tears and planted a liplock so that she doesn’t shout. Holding both of her hands tight, I just gave a heavy push to my monster in her pussy. Her eyes got big as she was having intercourse after a long time.

I started slowing as it was after a long time for her. She will take time to adjust. After a few strokes, she broke the liplock and started telling faster-faster. One thing I need to confess that she was a sex craving woman. This sexual intercourse went for around 2 hours.

From foreplay to sleeping in each other’s arms and sharing some romantic moments. Later on, she also introduced me to her friends who were also stunning hot. I got the chance to have sex with them which I will share in my next story.

Till then any bhabhi or aunty who wants to have a sex chat can mail me at [email protected]. Do not forget to give your feedback. Till then your temporary companion is signing off. Love you!

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