Diksha’s submission as sex slave

This story is about all perverts like you and me, looking for sex slaves for submission.

A small intro about the heroine – age 23 final year MBA, got selected in 4 companies in campus interview, 59kgs, 5.6ft. She is fair, with long curly hairs with specs and tattoos on her wrist.

Intro about me: 5.11, 78kgs, Indian color and Indian physique, dominant by nature, friendly, love to be perfect in all aspects.

We used to live in the same apartment, which had 115 flats. I have seen her a couple of times, always been jealous which lucky bastard got to screw her pussy. I once was lucky to get her number. But I didn’t text her first because it would affect my reputation.

One day I got a notification saying Diksha joined Telegram. I had hidden my details, so I texted her.

Master: Hi Diksha!

After 20 minutes.

Diksha: Who’s this?

Master: An admirer and fan of you, Vicky. (fake name)

Diksha: Sorry, I don’t know anyone named Vicky.

Master: I know, we are strangers. I have seen you a couple of times in college. I was mesmerized by your beauty.

Diksha: Thanks for the compliment, but I don’t chat with strangers. Sorry, bye.

Master: Blocking me or saying bye isn’t a big deal for you. Trust me. This won’t be a waste of time. I will chat for a while, and still, if you find me a waste of time, I’ll walk away.

Diksha: But why should I chat with you?

Master: Give it a try and know yourself.

Diksha: Is Vicky your original name? Why have you kept your username as Master?

Master: I’m a jack of all trades…

Diksha: Master of none? Lol

Master: Master of one.

Diksha: Lamo! OK, tell me your intentions. Why do you want to chat with me?

Master: I love to know you. I want to see how crazy the girl is.

Diksha: You got the wrong person. I’m a too boring person.

Master: You say how shall we get to know each other?

Diksha: I guess you already have a plan in mind.

Master: OK, that’s smart. We will ask one question each.

Diksha: Sure, friendship or love?

Master: Friendship. You continue to ask. I’ll ask after a while.

Diksha: Dance?

Master: Yes, I love to dance, learned after watching you dance.

Diksha: Someone has been following me for a long, I guess.

Master: Yep, when she got good ass, nothing wrong in following. Shit! Sorry please ignore.

Diksha: Chill, I get a lot of comments on my ass.

Diksha: Love or lust?

Master: Love and lust are intertwined. If one, then I choose to lust.

Diksha: Working or student?

Master: Working.

Diksha: Girlfriend(s)?

Master: Two in the past, excluding flings.

Diksha: Last time you went on a date.

Master: One week after now.

Diksha: What!

Master: With you. Lol

Diksha: Overconfidence sucks.

Master: Before, two months with my boss’s daughter.

Diksha: I should be careful with playboy.

Master: Nothing much, she wanted some company, so I rendered her help.

Diksha: What kind of help?

Master: help that girls of your age need? Haha

Diksha: Oh!

Master: Can I get a pic?

Diksha: You have seen me, right?

Master: Yes, but those are in college dress, curious to know how you look now.

Diksha: I will send it later. First, send yours.

Master: Give me 20 minutes.

Diksha: Crazy thing you did?

Master: The 2nd crazy thing is, texting a girl and being questioned by her.

Diksha: Oh, so what’s the first one?

Master: Asking the same girl, “Are you dominant or submissive?”

Diksha: You are seriously some pervert, guy. Texting a girl such thing on the first chat is wrong

Master: You have a block button, you can use that, or you can answer my question.

Diksha: You are daring.

Master: I asked you to answer.

Diksha: I’m dominant with friends, but when it comes to bed. I’m submissive to the core. And Master and slave is my fantasy. That’s the reason I responded to you after seeing your username Master

Master: Ever been in a master and slave relationship?

Diksha: I haven’t met someone. I learned about it when I was 19. I always craved for the command of Master.

Master: Will you surrender to this faceless Master?

Diksha: How can I trust you?

Master: Just follow your instinct.

Diksha: Sure, Master, as you say.

Master: What are you doing?

Diksha: In the hall, just a min, Master. I am coming to the bedroom.

Master: Oh, my little slut! You read my mind correctly.

Diksha: Haha, any time, Master. With love, slave xoxo.

Master: What are you wearing? Tell me about your sexual adventures

Diksha: T-shirt, white with pink stripes, navy blue bra and panty, gray with brown shorts.

Master: Mannerless swine, is this how you respond?

Diksha: Sorry, Master. Two pics on the way of what I am wearing.

Master: Love you slut. Tell me about your sexual adventures.

I received the pics. Those were the hottest pics I ever saw.

Diksha: My first kiss was with my relative uncle who forced me. Though I didn’t like it but loved the way he forced it. The second kiss was with my first ex in the classroom. It was one of the best kisses I ever had.

Diksha: I got my virginity lost to a college senior. We met in a pub. I was a little high. I was depressed after my first breakup. Not sure if it was alcohol or my hormonal rush. One thing led to the other, and we had sex in the restroom.

Diksha: Later the same night, we had sex in his car, and he asked me if I was interested in trying his best friend. I thought for a second and told why not. So fucked his best friend too. It wasn’t a threesome. I wanted to try a threesome but never was bold enough to accept it.

Master: Looking like innocent.

Diksha: Master, did you have or had a slave before?

Master: You are my second. She moved abroad. We were in a relationship for a year. When she comes to India, we never miss a chance.

Master: What are you doing?

Diksha: On the bed, waiting for your command master.

Master: Undress and start playing, but don’t touch your pussy until I say.

Diksha: Yes, Master, it’s been a while since I masturbated. I need you, Master.

Master: Video-call me.

She did a video call. I turned off my camera and gave her instructions on what needed to be done.

Master: Suck your tits.

Diksha: Yes, Master.

She spat on her cleavage and sucked her tits.

Master: Start rubbing your clit over the panty. Until you cum do not stop.

Diksha: With pleasure, Master.

Master: Blindfold yourself and start it.

As a good slave, she blindfolded herself and played with her body. She was making the erotic moves, which was making my dick hard. I started rushing towards her flat. I knew her parents would be at work, and I got a couple of hours.

I could see her rubbing her pussy over the panty. Having sex is secondary. Building a relationship and good foreplay before sex is very important. She was moaning and pleading.

I kept my phone on mute and reached her flat. I pressed the calling bell twice, and there was no response. She was busy playing with herself. The third time, I pressed the calling bell continuously.

She panicked and kept the phone away, rushed to the door and saw me standing. She’s not aware of how I look. She questioned who I was. I showed the key and just signaled her to open it.

Diksha: Wait for 5 minutes.

Guess she went to wear a dress. She came back, opened the door. I can see her figure clearly, a t-shirt with no bra. I suddenly pushed her inside and locked the door. It all happened in a fraction of seconds.

I slapped her once and told her, “I told you just to have panty and remove everything, right.”

Diksha was in utter shock, and I’m sure too many thoughts would be running through her mind.

Diksha: Master, is it you!?

Master: Yes, bitch

Diksha jumped to me, and we kissed. Our lips were fighting. And she sucked my lips. I was kissing her neck and pressing her tits at the same time

Diksha: Master harder…

I pinched her tits over a t-shirt and pressed her ass cheeks tighter. She let out a loud moan. I made her kneel and lowered my pant. Diksha started kissing my dick and sucking my dick.

She sucked for 5 minutes. When I was about to cum, I withdrew from her mouth. My cum was all over her face, boobs, waist.

Master: Lick it, bitch.

Diksha: My sweet Master, you know my needs.

Master: Clean yourself and come to me. I need to eat. It’s my turn, and I’m hungry.

Diksha: I can’t wait to see your techniques, Master. Give me 5 minutes.

She came after 5 minutes

Master: Lie on the bed.

I started kissing her, biting her earlobes. We were kissing, I tickled her a little, and she was hitting me playfully.

Diksha: Master, I want to see your hard moves.

Master: You will be punished.

I started choking her and slapping her. I asked Diksha to kiss my dick. She kissed my dick. I came on top of her and started mouth fucking her with deep throat fuck. She was finding it too hard to suck my 6-inch dick.

I kissed her belly button and kissed her thighs. I removed her panty, which was full of cum. It was so sticky. The past two hours of phone sex and real sex made her crazy and wet.

I inserted my mid-finger. It went inside her pussy smoothly as she had already seen many dicks. I started finger fucking her with two fingers and inserted the other finger in her anus. I kissed her pussy. It tasted like mayonnaise.

I licked her pussy more and went up and kissed her, and transmitted all the cum in my mouth to her.

Diksha: Master, that was so naughty. I love the way you treat me. You own me like your whore. You know well how to make a girl wet.

Master: Not all can be good until the opponent or teamwork is extremely good. We can’t make it epic. So you deserve equal rights in my performance. Love you bitch. Get into doggy style.

Diksha: That’s my favorite position, too.

After seeing her in doggy, I cupped her boobs and pinched her tits and spanked her tits. I fucked her for 15 minutes without a condom, asked her to take a pill.

Diksha: I love to feel your hot cum inside me.

I released my cum inside her, and we lay on the bed for 5 minutes. Then we moved to the washroom. I made her kneel on the floor and made her suck my dick clean.

She offered me apple juice. We drank, had some small talks, and I left after an hour.

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