Becoming A Sex Slave

I was alone in my room. No one was around curtains open and sunlight-filled room. When I tried to get up, I found out that I was tied to the bed. Both of my legs were tied to each end of the bed, and so were my hands. I didn’t understand what was going on.

Suddenly I saw Neharika coming into the room, walking seducingly looking at me. She was covered in a red robe and was holding a basket. Dry blown hair, a bit of makeup on the face. Dark eye-shadows, bright red lipstick, nails all freshly polished bright red.

As she was coming close towards me silently. The only sound in the room was the tapping sound of her high heels on the floor tiles. On my side table, there was a scissor and another basket filled with red rose petals. She came close and took a handful of them.

She slowly and seductively drops them on me and around me in bed. She did that until the whole bed was filled with red rose petals, and I was lying in the middle of it. My mouth was watering, looking at her. She noticed the hump in my crotch. She gets on the bed, looking straight into my eyes.

Without saying a word, she took the scissor and starts cutting my trouser from one leg to the elastic. I was enjoying this but at the same time was tensed too and excited about what will be next. Neharika cut both sides of my trouser, and with one pull, there goes my trouser.

My dick sprung out like it was waiting to lose free. It was pumped hard and throbbing. She wrapped my dick around with her soft hand and starts to shake it slowly, looking into my eyes seducingly. She shook my dick with one hand and played with my balls with the other hand.

I raise and fall in bed from the immense pleasure I was getting. She can see the pre-cum at the tip of my dick. All this time, she looked into my eyes, and we never uttered a word. By looking into my eyes, she bent down, and her red lips kiss on the tip of my stiff dick head wet with pre-cum.

She was still looking up into my eyes from down there and kisses again and again till my pre-cum wets her lips. And then she stood up on bed above me. She removed her robe, and I was seeing her in black net type bra and panty and high heels.

She came and stood above my head with legs on each side of my head. Then directly, he sat on my face with her pussy over my lips. She stopped just above my lips. I was trying to raise my head to kiss her pussy, but can’t reach. She taunted me like that few times.

Then she removed her panty a bit side and sat on my lips. Like a hungry dog, I started to lick her wildly and faster. She began to moan and move her pussy up and down around my face. Now, I can lick from the tip of her pussy till her asshole.

She did that for a few minutes and then suddenly stood up, making me wanting for more. She went down and saw my dick was oozing pre-cum. She holds it and straight away takes it in mouth and starts sucking my dick wildly. She sucked my dick wildly and also flicked the tip of my dick with her tongue.

She turned her body upside down and came over me in 69 position. She kept her pussy on my mouth and also sucked my dick wild. I again started to eat her pussy like a mad man. After some time, she stood out from the bed on the floor and removed her bra and panty.

She was wearing a pearl necklace around her neck, hip chain, belly piercing, and high heels. She brought the basket that she bought and took the honey bottle from it. Pour it slowly on her body, on my chest, and my dick. She began to lick all over me and clean up the honey.

Then she sucked off honey from my dick and balls. She again poured some honey on her pussy and again made me lick off all of it. She poured the honey on my dick and came over me. She held my crotch and positioned it at her pussy hole and sat on it.

She slowly began to ride me. Then gradually, she increased the pace of her riding. The sticky feel of honey makes the riding more pleasurable for both of us. She rode me for some time. Then sitting on my dick itself, she turned around and goes to a reverse cowgirl position and started riding me wildly.

And in that position, she rode me for some time. Then again gets off and started sucking my dick wildly. She removed her heels and put it down the bed, and again she came upon me. She sat on my cock, facing me and started riding. While riding, she kept both of her feet on my face and lips, making me lick her toes.

After some time, she began to squirt. It fell on my stomach and chest, and then she increased the riding speed faster. I shoot my cum deep in her, and at the same time, waves of orgasm strike her too. She bounced up and down on me till the last drop of my cum is done.

Without stopping, she gets off and straight away, puts my dick in her mouth and starts to suck again. It’s right after a climax. So I felt ticklish and wanted to stop her but can’t. My dick was now semi-erect, but still, she sucked wildly on it. I swirled like a snake in the bed.

I can’t do anything about her sucking my dick without stopping, just after a climax. A few moments later, my dick starts to stiffen again. It hardens and back to stiff and steady. When I look down, I can see her head bobbing up and down on my cock. I felt another climax building up in me.

While sucking it, she turned her lower body to my face and come above me in 69 position. We both gave each other the pleasure of tongue and mouth on each other heaven. And then when she felt I am almost there, she kept her mouth closed on my dick head.

She flicked her tongue on the tip hole, waiting for my cum. Again I lost control and starts shooting my cum into her mouth. I started jerking, and my body rose and fell due to cumming. She started sucking the tip head like she sucks juice using a straw. She kept doing it till that last drop is out.

And then she gets up and come and sat on my lips. I started to lick her pussy wildly and fast. She began to ride up and down on my face so that I can lick from the tip of her pussy till her asshole. She did that until she got her second orgasm.

She kept her pussy right on my mouth as she cummed, locking my face on her pussy with her thighs. As we both relaxed, exhausted, she got down from the bed. As I watched, she picked her robe, bra and panty and heels and seductively walked out of the room naked.

I laid there tied up, excited about what more was to come as her sex slave.

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