Visit To Heaven On My Birthday – Part 2

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It’s been 4 years since we were in a relationship. In these years I fucked her hundreds of times. We tried all position on the bed, on the table, in the bathroom under the shower, in my car. I still liked her body and wanted to fuck her more and more.

But after trying all the stuff at some point it becomes monotonous.  I remember once she told me that her friend liked me. She would have got physical with me if Sona wasn’t her friend. To which I asked her, “Don’t you feel insecure?” She simply said, “No, I love to make you happy. You can fuck her if you want.”

To which I asked, “You mean threesome?” That conversation just ended in laughter.

I woke up after half an hour. We were tired after a good session. I went to the kitchen and grabbed a can of red bull. As I was going towards bed my semi-erect dick was hanging. I stood next to Sona and drank half the can and gave it to her. She kissed my dick and said thank you.

That was enough to make me horny again. I grabbed her and kissed her lips. As we were kissing my dick was touching her breast. She broke the kiss and came to the edge of the bed. I understood what she wants. I placed my dick between her boobs. She grabbed my waist and pulled me towards her.

I grabbed her sweet tits and started moving my dick up and down. At the early stage of our relationship, she didn’t let me fuck her. I used to get satisfied by sucking boobs and tit fucking. I felt good moving my dick between her tits in the nice valley. I was squeezing her boobs and pinching her nipples.

I could see the feel of pain and joy in her face. After a while, she split on my dick and made it wet. She grabbed her tits and pushed them against my dick. Now her tits were gripping my dick. I increased my speed. My dick used to come out of her tits and go back. It was like a hide and seek game.

Even she started moving her tits now. After 10-15 minutes I hugged her tightly and came on her boobs. She took my cum on her fingertip and put it on her tongue and pulled her tongue out inviting me to suck it. I grabbed her neck jumped on her and started kissing madly.

Our tongues were twisting. I was tasting my own cum. I was on top of her in missionary position and kissing her. My dick was rubbing against her wet pussy. She grabbed her legs around me and said, “Fuck me, baby.” It was soo good to hear that from my love.

But there was a problem after cumming twice in an hour it’s difficult to get hard enough quickly. She heard that and started laughing, kissed on my lips and cheeks. She said I have an idea. She took my laptop and opened a porn site. When you do sex practically porn doesn’t make sense anymore.

So it wasn’t helping. She was still laughing and biting my cheeks. I took the laptop and opened a sex stories site. After scrolling a bit we opened a couple of stories. It was about a couple who experiment with their sex life and enjoy it. In the story, a girl wears a short skirt without underwear.

She roams around the resort. Showing her assets to strangers. While reading it my dick started growing slowly. Sona was noticing it. There was a moment in the story when the couple exposes their fuck session to strangers. As we were reading it together I could feel Sona’s breathing was increasing.

And my dick was rock solid now. She closed the laptop and started smooching me. She pushed me on the bed and came on top of me. She started licking my neck cheeks and was biting my ears. I grabbed her boobs and started sucking them. She was moaning now.

We changed position and now I was on top of her in missionary style. She once again grabbed me with her legs around me and said, “Come on baby fuck me now.” No matter how many times I fucked her that words were magical. I said yes baby and inserted my dick in her pussy and gave a deep shot.

She screamed, “Baby it’s your own pussy don’t hurt it.” I kissed her lips said “I love you,” and started fucking her. The effect of that story was growing on me. Own girl exposing her body to other men was kinda felt good. I held her both hands and was pushing my dick deep in her.

The whole bed was shaking now. The bedroom was filled with the sound of shaking bed, sound of fucking and her loud moaning. I reduced my speed a bit kissed on her lips came close to ears and whispered, “Did you like the story?”

Sona: Yes baby.

Me: What did you like?

Sona: Everything, baby.

Me: You like the girl exposing herself to others in front of her man?

Sona: Yes, baby.

I increased my fucking speed a bit and asked her would you like to do it?

Sona: You want me to do it?

I said yes and started fucking her with a top speed. She was moaning out loud now. She was biting her lips and hugged me tight and released her juices around my dick. I hugged her tight and started smooching her. Her breasts were brushing against my chest. We were lost in the world of sex and love.

I grabbed her ass and within a few minutes, even I came in her pussy. I hugged her kissed on her lips and rested on her. We were exhausted and slept in the same position. When I woke up, it was 12:40. I kissed on her cheeks and woke her up. She hugged me and said, I love you, baby.”

I said I love you too and told her I’ll take a bath and come. She said even she wants to. I helped her get up. We saw the bed was wet with our cum. She slapped me lightly and said you are too horny. I lifted her and took her to the bathroom. She was still in her sleep. She hugged me and closed her eyes.

I turned the shower and started washing her. As I said earlier she used to spend most of her early morning in my place so I had all her bathroom items. I washed her face body back ass pussy legs everything. She was laughing like a small kid. Even I got fresh. I lifted her back to bed and dried her body with a towel.

We grabbed a juice from the kitchen and drank it with the cake. It was time for lunch and we decided to go outside. She liked Chinese cuisine a lot so booked a table in a nice fine dine. She had a few of her clothes in my place. She was in front of the mirror and asked, “Which one should I wear?”

I came close to her hugged her from behind and said, “One that reveals a lot.” She looked at me in the mirror and asked, “Are you sure?” I said sure and gave her a dress that we bought online. I remember, that dress looked good online but when got delivered it was too short.

It was covering only half of her thighs and neckline was deeper than expected. She took it and wore it. The dress was covering less than half of her thighs. The neckline was deep and wide enough to reveal her boobs. It was covering hardly half-inch above her nipples.

She was wearing high heels with the dress and was looking bomb. Looking at her my dick was already active. I said its enough to give any man a solid erection. She looked in my eyes kissed on my lips and grabbed my dick and said wait till we come back.

As we reached the restaurant everyone was looking at her. All men were trying to capture her in their eyes. She sensed it and winked at me. We took a corner table as per booking. We were sitting together side by side. While sitting dress used to pull upwards revealing more of her thighs towards her ass.

Anyone standing next to her could easily see most of her breast and valley. When the waiter came I could see he was trying hard to not look at her. We placed our order and were waiting.

Me: Everyone wants a bite of this silky-smooth body. Did you like it?

Sona: It’s weird but kinda feels good.

Me: It’s really hard for me to control myself sitting next to this bomb.

Sona: It’s all yours you can have it as much as you want.

Her words were making me hornier.

Me: I want you now

She looked at me with surprise. I put my hand on her chest and started caressing. She closed her eyes and grabbed my head and started smooching. I inserted one hand inside her dress and grabbed her right breast and started pressing it. My other hand was on her thighs.

I quickly removed her bra and put it in her handbag. I bent over and started sucking her right breast over the dress. She was lightly moaning. We got separated as the waiter was approaching. Now her dress was hardly covering her panty and her right breast was exposed till nipple.

Dark areola on her white milky breast was visible. When the waiter came he was staring at her breasts and panty. She saw it too but didn’t adjust her dress. We could see a bulge in his pants. We finished our lunch and came home.

When we reached home I grabbed her and started kissing her. She too started smooching. I grabbed her dress and pulled it down. Now she was half-naked from the top. I grabbed her breasts and started sucking them. She was holding my head and pulling me into her breasts. I lifted her and thrown her on the bed.

She came forward and unbuttoned my shirt and removed my jeans. She could see my erect dick inside the underwear. She took my dick out gave me a smile and took it in her mouth. She was sucking it like a pro. She was taking it deep throat. I wasn’t unable to control I pushed her and came on top of her.

I kissed her lips. Licked her cheeks neck and ears. I sucked her chest and took her left breast in my mouth and started sucking it. I was squeezing them very hard. After 15-20 minutes I came down sucking her belly button. Now she was shaking like a fish outta water. I gave a nice bite in her pussy above her panty.

I pulled her panty and just started eating her juicy pussy. It was tasting soo good. I was licking and sucking them. I inserted two fingers and sucked them. She grabbed my head and pulled it in her pussy. I inserted my tongue and started fucking her pussy with my tongue with two fingers. She was moaning loud now. Within a few minutes, she grabbed me tightly and came.

I sucked her clean and whispered in her ear that tasted delicious. She hugged me and started biting my ears. I inserted fingers in her pussy again and started fingering her. She was in heaven now. I got up and stood next to the bed. Grabbed her by the waist and pulled her. I asked to turn around.

She turned around and was in her fours quickly. I sucked her pussy from behind and inserted my dick in it. I was aroused by seeing her in the restaurant. I grabbed her boobs from behind while fucking her. She grabbed my neck with her left hand and started biting my ears.

I was fucking her in doggy style with full speed while squeezing her breasts. I came to her ears and asked her:

Me: You enjoyed it right?

Sona: Yes, baby.

Me: He was staring at your boobs.

Sona: Yes, baby.

Me: You enjoyed showing him your panty and half boobs.

Sona: Oh, yes baby.

Me: You want to show more?

Sona: Anything for you baby.

Her voice was intoxicating and I was fucking her like never before. She came after 10-15 minutes. Then I pushed her on the bed. I lied down behind her and lifted her leg and pushed my dick in her pussy. I was fucking her, holding her one leg in my right hand. And my left hand was below her pressing her boobs.

Our body was brushing against each other. After a while told her I want her ass. She asked me to bring a vaseline. I obeyed her and brought it. She told me to apply a bit on her ass hole. I did the same. And then she applied a bit on my dick. While applying vaseline on my dick she asked me.

Sona: You liked that story too much didn’t you?

Me: Yes, didn’t you like it?

Sona: I did.

Me: So you like to expose yourself again?

Sona: You want me to?

Me: Yes.

Sona: You like others staring at your baby’s body?

Me: I love to see the feeling on their faces, how much they want to touch you but they can’t.

She started laughing

Me:  I am sure that the waiter jerked off thinking of you.

Sona: He should or else what’s the use of all that.

Me: When is the next show?

Sona: Whenever you want.

Me: Can you show the full body?

Sona: Full tits?

Me: Full body.

Sona: Also pussy?

Me: Yes.

Sona: That’s too much isn’t it?

Me: No I want to see you naked in front of others.

Sona: Really?

Me: Yes baby.

Sona: What if someone tries to touch me?

Me: You want them to touch you?

Sona: Do you?

Me: I do.

Sona: You are too crazy.

She kissed me on my lips and said, “Now come on satisfy me.” I said yes my lady and grabbed her ass. She was once again in the doggy style. I placed my dick on her ass hole and rubbed it. She asked me to fuck gently. I pushed it a bit and moan came outta her. Then I pushed it full.

She closed her eyes and grabbed the blanket. I held her shoulders and started fucking her ass. I was fucking her as I was fucking her pussy. I made her lie down on her stomach and came on top of her ass and started deep fucking her. Her moans were loudest now. I hugged her from behind and fucked her.

I was grabbing her breasts with my hand and another hand was on her face. I did put two fingers in her mouth. She started sucking it like sucking my dick. Her butts were red now with all those shots. I wanted to feel her pussy now. I turned her and started fucking her in missionary position.

I was giving deep thrusts now. While fucking her I asked her.

Me: Will you enjoy naked in front of other men?

Sona: I don’t know.

Me: Will you enjoy other men touching you?

Sona: Do you?

Me: Come on baby tell me. Imagine other guys touch your face, lips. He’ll touch your breasts.

Sona: Stop.

Her pussy was full wet now. I was sure she was enjoying it.

Me: He’ll squeeze your breast. He’ll touch your pussy.

Sona: Aahh!

Me: Do you want to see another dick?

Sona: Aahh!

I was sure now she is fully into it now. She was sucking and biting all over my face neck. She was grabbing my back with her nails leaving marks. I broke the next wall and asked, “Sona, do you want to take another dick in your pussy?” She hugged me tight and said just fuck me hard.

I increased my speed and thrust. I was smooching her eating her mouth. My dick was deep in her pussy. I was fucking her like a machine now. Even she was moaning like never before. With every push moans were coming from her. She already came twice and her pussy was wet to its limit.

Her juice was dripping like a river. My dick was completely submerged in her juice. We were lost in this heaven. We were in the ocean of love and sex. We were kissing each other. Our tongues were wrestling with each other. We hugged tighter than ever before.

In that sweet moment, she broke the kiss and said baby I am cumming. She came the third time. I could feel her pussy wall gripping my dick. Even I was my nearing my climax now. I came with a deep shot in her. Our bodies were sweaty. Our juiced were flowing.

I hugged her kissed her lips and said, “I love you, baby.” She said I love you too baby. We hugged each other and slept.

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