A Different Kind Of A Game!

It was PT (Physical Training) period. I was 19 years old and in junior college. All my classmates and I filed out to the playground. Immediately the boys drifted to one part of the ground and the girls to the other end. The boys were ready to play cricket. I was one of the taller, athletic boys and was in high demand.

I inwardly cursed myself and declined to play. saying that I had a bad stomach. (Last week I had a headache and the week before I had hurt my foot.) The guys teased me about a bad stomach asking me to go to the toilet before I shit my pants. A few looked at me suspiciously seeing that I had an excuse every week.

I waited for a few minutes till the cricket match was in full swing before looking over to the girls’ side of the ground. For a minute, I could not spot her. Then I saw her – Keerthana, the class slut. She was leaning on a tree slightly away from the rest of the girls.

I caught her eye and she looked back at me with a slight smile. Her eyes were burning with lust and it sent blood rushing to my cock. I nodded towards the back of the college buildings and went there. At the back of the buildings were the toilets.

If anyone saw me or Keerthana go to the back of the building, they would assume we were going to the toilets. I, on the other hand, was least interested in the loo. The college had recently bought the small neighboring apartment to extend the college. But they never redid the interiors.

So, the hall on the first floor was used for the Hindi class and the bedroom with A/C was our computer lab. Other rooms were used as storerooms and some of them were so small they were not used as all. The path from the main college buildings to the back of the apartment curved and created a private spot.

I was waiting there impatiently for her. Keerthana walked slowly and casually towards me as if she was not interested. When she was near me, I reached out and grabbed her. I dragged her slim body towards me and kissed her really hard. Her body stiffened for a minute and then she relaxed against me and kissed me back.

After a couple of minutes, I released her and saw a dreamy look in her eyes. I knew the slut is in gear one. I took out the duplicate key that I had and opened the locked backdoor of the apartment. I latched it from inside and we moved to the small room at the top of the stairs.

This is pretty routine for both of us as we had done this twice before. The small room at the top of the stairs has a door that is locked on our side. The other side of it is a medium-sized room that is usually empty. Today, to our surprise, we could hear a class in progress.

Keerthana was in a panic. But the thought of fucking the slut while a class was happening on the other side of the door made me even harder. Our usual fucking style was quick and dirty. Me unzipping and she hikes up her skirt, her tiny panty pushed aside and then we fuck really hard and really fast.

It felt as if both of us want to just get rid of our horniness as fast as we can. Keerthana looked at me uncertainly. I winked at her and signaled her to keep quiet with my finger on my lips. Her lips curved into a horny smile and her breath deepened.

She realized that we are going to fuck even as the class went on the other side of the door. She raised her skirt for our usual fuck but I had other ideas. I turned her and undid the zip of her pinafore. I undid the button holding it and removed it over her head.

Then I undid her shirt buttons one by one slowly and then slid it off her shoulders. I stepped back and looked at Keerthana naked except for her panty and her shoes. Even though we had fucked twice before, this was the first time I was seeing her naked. I wondered what was so special about her.

She had a pleasant, even a pretty face. Her body was brown, slender with small conical breasts. It is just that her attitude towards sex was far ahead of her peers. She was a sexy siren. I undid my tie, which was knotted and put it on her. I undressed quickly and yanked down at the tie.

With a gasp, she fell to her knees. I thrust my cock into her mouth. She looked at me with her thin lips sealed tight around my cock. I pushed my cock more into her mouth with my hand at the back of her head. When I released, she gasped for breath.

I again pushed my cock into her mouth and started mouth fucking her. I established an easy rhythm and stopped only when I am close. Keerthana was busy catching her breath. I let her rest for a minute before I pulled her up. I removed her panty and stuffed her mouth with it.

I turned her towards the wall next to the door and caressed her small, tight ass. I touched her pussy and found that the slut was leaking. I eased into her slowly and steadily till my balls were touching her ass. I could feel her tight pussy milking me.

Then I withdrew till the tip and the moment a student screamed the answer, I rammed into her hard. I could hear Keerthana grunt loudly. But the noise was muffled because of the panty in her mouth. It could not be heard because of the student’s voices.

I established a rhythm of fucking her hard in sync with the student’s voices. With the mouth fucking earlier and the excitement of being naked at college, I was close to coming. I controlled it with a lot of effort and kept fucking her. I then heard the teacher say, “This is the last question and answer,” to the students.

I whispered into Keerthana’s ear, “Be ready, slut! I am going to come.” As the students started saying the last answer, I rammed deep and flooded the slut’s pussy. Keerthana’s body shuddered as her pussy milked me and she had her own orgasm.

I held her close against me till her body stopped shivering and she gained strength to stand on her own. I removed my cock from her pussy and the panty from her mouth. I put the wet panty on her and I could see the discomfort on her face.

The panty was wet with her saliva and I knew it would soon mix with my cum and hers. We dressed quickly as we had taken more time than usual in fucking. She kissed me passionately and said that this was the best she has ever had. We left quickly and rejoined our friends in the playground.

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