A Drive To Remember

Myself Rahul from Kerala. I am 29 Yrs now. This incident happened SMS years ago in my life with my school friend Tinu (name changed). This is a lengthy story with no added masala.

I and Tinu were schoolmates from the childhood and we were from the same locality. We were in the same grades, but different classes. we were always in contact with various school activities. Once we finished 12th std, we joined different colleges.

We were in touch via SMS and Facebook but didn’t meet in person. We were busy with our respective college life. In the last year at college, we started chatting a lot. slowly I came to know that I started having a crush on her. But due to various reasons, I didn’t open up and the thick friendship continued.

Soon after college, we both got a job. At 23 years she got married, after which she settled abroad with her husband. We were in constant touch using messengers. As she wasn’t working, she will always be active on chats and slowly she opened up about her unhappy married life.

I always took a stand of a best friend and supported her. Suddenly one day she shocked me by asking why I didn’t propose to her. She always got a good vibe talking to me and she had a crush on me. That was a big shock to me. She added, our families may not support, that may be the reason we didn’t propose.

But after confessing about our crush, we started caring for each other more. A few naughty smileys like hug and kiss started coming in chats, which we never used to do before. In between, she got pregnant and came back to the home town for delivery and gave birth to a baby girl.

I had an onsite assignment during that period. We couldn’t meet during her Kerala visit and she went back abroad again. We were longing to see in person for a long time since she went abroad. Post-pregnancy she became a gorgeous girl altogether. During school and college time she was more of a cute girl.

But now she is very gorgeous with all the curves. She is 5’5 ft tall, very fair. Being from a conservative family she always hides her curves well. Post-delivery, she started seeking my help to reduce weight and getting back in shape.

These discussions melted many barriers between us. She openly started discussing her figure and weight. She is now 34C-30-34. About my physique, I am 5’10 ft tall, well built, fair and keen on daily exercise and maintaining the body.

During those days for “Whassup, Tinu?” message from me. She will be saying, “Feeding baby, da,” most of the time. These started triggering my imagination more about her body. I started teasing her calling naughty nicknames ‘Jersy Cow’ etc which she liked.

I could sense her blushing. We never had sex chat or video call or pic exchange. But we were getting more close and shyness vanished. We continued with our once in a while hugs and kisses smileys and days passed by. Her next India visit was due. She informed me well in advance not to miss our meet up.

She told that only she and baby will be coming as her husband was busy with work. She will be staying with her parents in hometown during the entire vacation. As our families also knew each other, I thought to meet her at her home.

But while discussing with her, I got a hint that her parents may not like me going to her home and meeting her. So we decided to meet outside. Meeting outside was also risky as people may notice us. So I asked her if we can go for a drive in my car and she said she would love to.

During her hometown visit, she used to visit her female friends in coffee shops or restaurants. All during noon or evening while her baby is asleep. So one day, I applied for a half-day leave. She told her parents that she is meeting her college female friend at the coffee shop. She will visit her home and come back by evening.

So the day arrived. Both of us were excited to meet in person after a long time. Post my half-day at work, I changed to casuals at the office itself, groomed well. I went to collect the Pizza and a bar of chocolate for her. I waited in front of a coffee shop where we planned to meet.

She came in an auto from her home. as soon as auto left she got into my car.
We both were happy and blushing seeing each other after a long time. She was wearing black churidhar and myself in a white t-shirt and dark blue jeans. Her white complexion was standing out in that black outfit.

She was wearing a shawl also. We had a handshake and started our drive. As soon as we started, I gave her the Silk chocolate which I bought for her. I asked her where is my gift. She was confused and I told her we should exchange gifts during the first date.

I thought she will take it simply, but I could see her little sad for not buying any gift for me. I laughed and said I was simply cracking a joke and nothing like that. I opened the chocolate, took a piece and gave to her. She also gave a piece to me. We drove for around 10 minutes, found a place to park the car. We started having pizza as both of us were hungry.

We washed our hands, had chocolate as desert and started our drive again. We discussed family, friends, school and college friends, etc during lunch. Now we were enjoying the drive listening to music and a little conversation in between.

We were sitting this close for the 1st time and I could smell the sweet fragrance from her. Her beauty and fragrance were attracting me a lot. I told her that this drive with you is like a dream come true for me. She told her also.

I told her that if we talked openly during college days, then we could have gone for many drives together and we missed it. We slowly started singing also along with the songs and almost all were melodies. I told her that I missed her a lot and was feeling relieved once we met now.

I placed my hand on her and held her palms. She looked me with the sweetest smile and held my fingers more firmly. As we were on a highway, my one hand was on the steering wheel and the other was holding her close. I told her that I don’t know what I am saying is ethical or not, but I love her.

She told me she could sense well from me the love and care I have for her. She said she loves me too. As soon as I heard it, I took her palm near my lips and gave a kiss on her palm. She was blushing and smiling. I asked if she can sit a little more close to me.

She adjusted her seating position like sitting more close to me, little leaning to my side with our shoulders brushing each other. She again said, “I love you, da,” and kissed my palm. I could see that the weather was becoming cloudy and soon a small drizzle started.

Seeing the sky I could sense that we are driving towards heavy rainy. As drizzle started, I got more confident that there will be very little visibility from outside on what is happening inside the car. I didn’t want others to see us being intimate. I took my hands to her shoulders.

She leaned fully on to my shoulders. Both of us were silent and enjoying this newly found bond. I moved my hands down from her shoulders to her arms and started pressing and touching her biceps area. Because of the cool air from the car ac, her soft firm arms were cold.

The rain was getting heavy, even full speed wipers couldn’t clear the windscreen. The climate outside and climate inside the car with ac made as move more closer. We tried being more close, which was not possible due to seat belts and driving.

I said to her that I feel like hugging. She leaned away from me and sat facing me asking, “How is it possible da inside the car?” On the highway, I knew one open ground near to the service lane where driving schools used to practice driving students.

I took that deviation to the service road and reached the ground. It was a big open ground with no houses nearby. As it was raining heavily, driving school cars or students were also not there. We parked the car in a corner where there were zero risks of getting caught.

I switched off the wiper and defogger and adjusted ac. Soon fog covered the windows and it was almost like no visibility from outside. I told her, let’s go to the backseat and hug. I locked the doors centrally, the engine was switched on itself for AC. If any emergency comes we can drive away in the car.

Both of us removed the footwear, reclined the seats and went to back seat. We sat on the back seat and we were looking into each other’s eyes. Our eyes were filled with love, care, and little lust. I asked her to come close and she came to the middle of the back seat.

I was sitting on the right end behind the driver’s seat. We started with a casual hug with our upper body clinging to each other and it was a great feeling. I said that I want a tight hug. She took hands from my body and told me that her shawl may get spoiled.

She removed her shawl, hung it on the passenger seat headrest. I started noticing her well-shaped boobs and the wetness on her armpit. She noticed me browsing her chest and smiled and came near me again. I sat half crossed leg with the body turned towards her side and we hugged tightly.

We were enjoying the hug. We could listen to each other’s heartbeat getting faster. we could listen to each other’s breath getting heavier. We remained in each other’s arms tightly without playing with fingers. I could soon sense her boobs crushing on my chest.

I slowly pushed her more firmly towards me. She was enjoying the feel of being safe inside my arms. My hands started roaming on her back and could feel the outlines of her bra above her dress and my fingers also played with her silky soft hair. After a few minutes, we broke the hug.

I caught her shoulders with both my arms and looked into her eyes. She was blushing and was shy. My hands moved from shoulders to her face, took her face in my palm and kissed her forehead. She closed her eyes and remained like that. Then I kissed both her eyes and moved a little back still her face in my palm.

She opened her eyes and our eyes got caught again in deep romance. There was only the gentle sound of air from ac and the rain outside. Then I slowly moved my lips near her and we have our first lip kiss. That kiss slowly started growing as a smooch as we were slowly and deeply enjoying the smooch.

Our tongues were playing, our saliva was mixing, teeth were chewing a total deep wet smooch. I could sense my erection getting harder and harder. My lips started exploring her cheeks, chin and slowly to her neck. I sat in the middle of the back seat and made her sit on my lap cross-legged, hugging each other.

We continued our kiss. This time my hands were roaming freely on her back and my fingers started pinching and gliding on her back. Slowly my fingers started to find ways near her arms. Slowly reached the side of her boobs and slowly pressed her boobs from the front.

She slowly moved my hands away without breaking the kiss and my hands again reached her boobs. It felt in shape but covered by a padded bra. When I was about to press again, she broke the kiss and told me that, “Da, don’t press, milk will come and dress will get spoiled.”

Hearing this I removed my hands from her boobs. But gently I asked her, “My Jersy cow, can I get some milk?” She asked, “Da, are you serious.” I said, “Yes.” She then sat on the seat and leaned back on the seat. She then pulled out a zip in the front middle on the dress.

I didn’t notice it because of the design which hides the zip and the opening. She slowly pulled down the zip and it was a breathtaking moment to me. She was wearing a pink bra that complimented her fair skin. I slowly moved close to her.

I started kissing her again from lips, neck, chest, moved her top sideways. I kissed her shoulders near strap, moved down and kissed on the cleavage and the boobs which were popping out of her bra. Then I move my hands backward, went under her top and unhooked her bra which loosed it.

I supported her back with my one arm inside her churidhar and leaned to her with my face on her chest. Then with the other hand, I slowly moved the cup of her left boobs. What a sight it was. Her boobs were in good shape and had pink areolas and nipples.

My fingertips slowly roamed around her tits and she was enjoying it. I slowly leaned towards her boobs and kissed on the nipples and slowly started sucking it. I took the whole areolas and tits and chewing her tits. It started my Tinu to lactate her warm booby milk to my mouth.

It was my first experience post my childhood. I slowly and deeply sucked by Tinu, My Jersy cow. She pressed my head more to her boobs and started caressing my hair. It was not only lust, but it was also love, care, lust romance. I could feel from this lactation.

Then I shifted to other boobs. I played the nipples with my fingers to see the milk coming out of the nipples. While sucking these boobs, my fingers started playing with her stomach and belly button and slowing moving inside her pants. She was in no mood to stop me.

I slowly loosened her pants and move my hands to her panty. She was wearing a pink panty and I could see wet patches on it due to the foreplay. She had very fair flawless skin everywhere with literally nil hair. I slowly moved her pants to her knees and pressed her thighs.

I moved her panty also till her knees and her pussy was clean shaved. I pressed and felt her thighs, ass and everywhere downstairs. I simultaneously sucked her nipples and fingered her pussy. She was altogether in a relaxed enjoying mood. She slowly started touching my cock above my jeans.

She could feel the tension inside my jeans. She loosened my belt, opened my jeans and moved the zip. She slid my jeans and jockey till my knees and set free my 5.5-inch rock hard cock. It was already dripping precum. She massaged it all over the cock and slowly giving a handjob.

My continuous boob suck and pussy fingering gave her multiple orgasms. I could feel the wet juices in my fingers and the overflowing juices from her pussy. Once she had a big orgasm shiver, she told it’s her turn now. She started giving am a good handjob with pressing my balls and full cock.

I told her am about to cum and she asked for cum on her hand. I give her tissue paper and kept it below my shaft to contain the cum and I started cumming. She covered the cock with her palm so that cum wont shoot to car seats. She squeezed till the final drop was collected.

We cleaned our fluids, remained in that state for 5 minutes to relax then we dressed. We have a final lip kiss before we went to the front seat. She put on her simple makeup from the accessories she had in her bag and combed her hair. It was still raining outside and we started our journey back.

We both had a great sense of happiness post the play. We started our journey back to the coffee shop and I dropped her there from where she took an auto back home. We didn’t discuss what happened. But we were sure, we will meet on the next vacation too.

This was a real-life incident and am a fan of slow deep romance. We enjoyed the best possible way comfortable and enjoyable in a car, our way.

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