My Wife’s Birthday Present – Part 1

Hi people, I am back with another story of my wife’s sex adventures. Hope you read my previous story.

It had been a few months after my marriage and our sex life was very adventurous by now. I and my wife have tried every possible position in bed. We have done role-playings where we have used each other. But I love to share the stories where I let other men fuck my wife. My wife is a slut for sure and is made for me.

Now, my wife’s birthday was coming in the last week of May. So I thought of giving her a surprise this time. I booked a holiday to Phuket in Thailand. Just a few days before her birthday, one night I showed her the tickets and she jumped in joy. Her face was full of smiles.

I asked, “You like it?”. Instead of replying, my wife went down, took out my cock and gave me my best blowjob! That night, not only my wife let me facefuck her but she also took my balls inside her mouth and gave an awesome rimjob.

My wife is a queen in ass licking and I can bet on that. I cummed in her mouth which she drank without any hesitation and then we went off to sleep.

After three days, we were in our flight from Mumbai to Phuket. We reached our resort by evening. It was a wonderful property and our villa was awesome and isolated with a personal pool in it.

The next day, it was her birthday so she kept asking for her gift. I told my wife that it’s a surprise and she will get it at midnight.

We took a shower one by one. I was sitting beside the pool in the couch with JW in a glass when my wife came out in a bathrobe with wet hair. As she took the towel to dry her hair, I pulled her robe and she was naked from the front. She was clean, not a single hair in her body. I thought she must have done a body wax yesterday.

Within seconds, I had a boner in my pants. My wife saw it and with a smile, she sat next to me and started to play with my cock. Within no time, my cock was inside my wife’s mouth. She was giving a deep throat. The slut is a good cock sucker also.

I was moaning now. I put down the glass, took an ice cube and started to rub it over her pussy. My wife shivered in excitement and increased the speed of sucking me off.

Then I inserted the ice inside her pussy with my two fingers in it. She was now breathing heavily but continued to blow me. I too got horny and took out the ice and started fingering her. I increased my speed as much as I could. Finally, I cummed in her mouth and she drank all of it.

My wife took a few breaths while I still kept fingering her. She said, “Jaan, please fuck me now. I want your cock inside her. Just fuck me..Oohhhh ahh. Take out your finger and put your cock inside me.”

I said, “Don’t worry, you will get that fuck. You will be fucked for two days and all your holes will be used”.

I picked her up and went inside the villa. I threw her in the bed and jumped over her. I sat on my wife’s breasts and asked her to suck my cock. I required an erection after the blowjob I received a few minutes back. My wife, as always like a pro, made my cock hard within a couple of minutes.

Then I spread her legs and pushed my cock in one go. I started fucking my wife really hard. After a few minutes, I asked her to go doggy style and she did it.

Now I was ramming my wife’s pussy in that position with maximum penetration.

My wife was moaning loudly, “Fuck me, jaan.. Ahhhhhh you are so hard.. Fuck me fuccçck meeeee.. Ahhhhhh…ohhhhh God…you are so brutal, jaan. You fuck me like I am a whore, not your wife”.

I increased my speed and replied, “Yes, you are a whore but also my wife. I will fuck you all my life like this”.

She was so much enjoying it that she was trying to put her own finger inside her asshole. I knew she was craving for another cock inside her.

I asked her, “Jaan, you are missing something?”

Wife: No jaan, I am enjoying your cock.
Me: Don’t lie to your husband. Do you want another cock?

Wife: No, I am happy with your cock. I was thinking about our honeymoon.
Me: Ok. Your gift is due.

Wife: Yes jaan, what is it?
Me: You will get them at 12 am. Now, let’s have dinner.

I fucked my wife for another 5 minutes and then cummed inside her. She went to clean herself and I ordered my dinner through room service.

We had our dinner and it was already 11 in the night. We sat in our poolside with red wine glasses. Just one minute before my wife’s birthday, I got up, gave her a smile, kissed her and wished her, “Happy birthday, Jaan”. She too responded with a kiss and thanked me.

Then again she asked, “My gift?”. I told her that her gift is waiting at the door.

Now let me tell you about the gift. I had planned it in Mumbai itself. Thailand is a very good place for sex tourism. I went through some sites and booked two gigolos for my wife as a present. They were authorized, hence safety and hygiene were not an issue. The biggest surprise was that they were black.

My wife went towards the door thinking what it could be? She came back within a few seconds and told me that two men were there with a cake. I smiled and she understood. She kissed me and said, “These two men are my birthday gift?”

I said, “Yes, for the next 12 hours, they are all yours”. I asked them to come inside the villa.

They were Chris and David, around 28 years of age. They were both six feet plus in height and had well-built bodies. My wife who was in one-piece gown went to the other room as she was not expecting this surprise.

I made both the guys sit in the room and offered them drinks. They accepted my offer and sat opposite to me on the couch. I told them that it was my wife’s birthday that night and they two were her gifts and I want them to make her happy. Both guys smiled and said, “Don’t worry, we will take care of her.” I too returned a smile.

Then the door room opened and my wife came out of it. Damn, she was looking sexy!

My wife was wearing a transparent nighty which I had gifted her a few weeks back, Her bra and panty were such that they barely covered her nipples and pussy. My wife was looking like a slut in those clothes. I cannot explain in words that scene.

I saw both Chris and David looking at my wife like hungry dogs. Chris said to David in a very low tone, “Bro, this woman is so hot. We are going to have a really good night, man.”

I heard it and those words made me happy and horny. I wanted the action to start soon.

My wife came and sat next to me. We kissed and I wished her again. She kept on kissing me all over and said, “Thanks for this gift, my best to date.”

Then she turned towards the black guys and spread her legs facing them. She said, ‘So, you two are my gift tonight. I should expect to receive a good service from you both. What’s in the bag?”

David replied, “Ma’am, the bag has some items which will give you maximum pleasure. And don’t you worry, we two are going to give you the best pleasure ever on your birthday.”

She continued, “why don’t you show me what’s in the bag and while the other guy does some striptease for me? I want to check his size.”

They two were quite impressed by my wife’s boldness.

David kept the bag on the table and started to unpack it. The first thing he took out was a handcuff followed by a rope, a blindfold, oil and a leather belt for spanking. It also had a towel and some of their personal belongings.

I saw the lust in my wife’s eyes as she started to move her hands over my cock. She said, “Now, my both presents should do striptease for me”.

They both got up, went to the side and started to get undressed. By then my wife already took out my cock from my pajamas and was stroking it.

Both Chris and David were now only in their underwear. Both of us saw the size of their two monsters. Then we both looked at each other’s eyes and kissed.

Then my wife went down took my cock in her mouth and started taking it deep from the word go. She signaled the black guys to come on both sides of the couch.

I said, “Hey, drop your underwears first”.

They did it in one go. Since my wife was sucking my cock facing me, she couldn’t see their size but I could. Their BBCs (big black cocks) were around 9 inches long and around 2.5 inches thick.

I was thinking about what my slut wife will be going through her birthday night.

Then they both stood one on each side of the couch. My wife tried to hold their cocks while still sucking me. As soon she caught them, she took out my cock from her mouth and looked towards them. She too got stunned by their size.

Then she looked into my eyes and asked for permission. Even though I was not satisfied, I still asked her to go ahead.

Wife: Jaan, you want me to fuck two black cocks in front of you again?
Me: Yes, that is your present and I want you to enjoy all night.
Wife: You are such a sweet husband to gift me this. I will not disappoint you.

Saying this, my wife got up and kissed Chris while holding his huge black cock. She said, “Why don’t you pick me and take me to the bed and fuck me in front of my husband?”

Then she turned towards David and kissed him. Now she was having one huge black cock each in her both hands. I was still sitting on the couch. David picked her in his lap and she grabbed him by the neck. They both were kissing passionately and their tongues were playing with each other.

David then made my wife sit in the bed. Facing his cock, my wife took that monster inside her. It was not even half that was going inside her but she too was giving her best.

From the other side, I could see my wife sucking another black cock after our honeymoon in the Maldives. Chris was lying behind my wife in bed and his hands were playing with my wife’s ass. He then took his mouth and started to lick her pussy. His tongue was playing with my wife’s pussy, licking it dry.

David was now grabbing my wife’s hair and was forcing his cock in her mouth. Tears were rolling down her cheeks but she continued sucking that black monster. I was holding my cock in my hand and was stroking it.

David then made my wife lie on her back and made her head hang on the corner of the bed. Chris too changed his position. His cock was now fully erect.

He put on a condom and tried to push it inside my wife. Both my wife’s legs were on his shoulder and he started fucking her. Slowly, he increased his speed and now was almost inside her pussy.

Wife: Ahhhhhh it’s so big.. Jaan, I love you for this gift. Ohhhh…fuck me…ahhhhhhhhhhhh… slowly go slow…Ahhh ohhhh”.

My wife was screaming on top of her voice. I told David to shut her. He wasted no time and pushed out his black cock inside her mouth. She went quite.

Now my wife was having a monster inside her pussy and also one in her mouth. I was sitting and enjoying the scene. I wanted to join but later.

Chris was in full swing. He was showing no mercy on my wife and was ramming her as if she was just a cheap whore.

David too continued his facefucking and in that position, my wife almost took 70% of the cock inside her.

This fucking continued for 20 minutes and then my wife had her first orgasm. Chris too cummed inside her at the same time. David unloaded his cum on her face. My wife drank all she could and rest was all over her body.


This is the end of the first part of the story. In the next part, I will tell you how all three of us fucked my wife in all her holes on the same night. My wife had a double penetration with handcuffs and blindfolded. We tied her and spanked her ass with the leather strap.

She was fucked the whole night till the next afternoon. She lost the count of the number of orgasms she had that night. I am lucky to have such a slut as my wife.

Note: I don’t give names because I don’t want to give false names and the real ones cannot be disclosed. But calling her wife makes the story more horny because deep down, every man wants a wife like mine and deep in her heart, every woman wants to be my wife. Leave your comments.