Long Hair Neighbour Preeti Fucked

Hi, I am Gundu Mani from Bangalore, I am 23 years old, a post-graduate student. I live with my parents who are busy with their work. So I usually spend time being alone.

This happened during my graduation time. We changed our house after I finished my PU. The new house was nice. I was bamboozled by the looks of our neighbour who was a teacher. She lived alone in her house, she had black long hair till her ass and small boobs and milky white complexion.

It all started just by stares but with no words. I joined the under graduation college. My college was on the way to the teacher’s school. Sometimes if I see her while going or coming back, I used to give her a lift. So, we had a nice exchange of words but nothing much.

Then it happened. The lockdown was imposed and the online classes were held instead of normal classes. To my luck, the teacher was very poor in digital stuff. She asked me to come to her home to order a new laptop. I readily agreed and went in my jockey shorts.

As soon as I entered, I just saw heaven. My neighbour had just finished her bath and was drying her hair. My dick was aroused and it was literally pinching my shorts. I was afraid but handled the situation smoothly.

We ordered a new laptop and I went back home running and locked myself in my room and masturbated imagining her long black hair. Then my sexual desires started on her.

I got her Whatsapp number from my mom’s phone.

I texted her right away, “Hello, this is Mani”. She replied, “Hi”. Then we had casual talks. After a week when I was awake to piss, I just wanted to masturbate seeing the long-tied hair profile picture of Preeti. It was around 2 but she was online.

Immediately, I asked her, “Didn’t you sleep?” She said, “Not yet. I was working on my new laptop and I was finding it difficult to use it.” I said that I will come in the morning to help her.

Then I asked her about her family and marriage. She said that she was just 27 years old and her parents lived in a village. Then I asked her about her boyfriend and she said that she didn’t have a bf but she was feeling like having one.

Then she asked me whether I had a gf. I said, no. Then she asked, “Why?”

“I don’t like to talk to girls,” I said. She asked, “Then, why did you talk to me?”

I said, “You are special” and likewise, our conversation went on. I told her, “I love your hair and want to play with it.”

She said, “Tomorrow, you can play with it!”

The next day, Preeti called me at 11 am and said that she left her long hair open anticipating my arrival. Her voice aroused me.

Soon I went to my neighbour’s house. Preeti was in her churidar lying on her sofa with her long hair open. I just went and pulled her a bit. She said, “Oh, my hairdresser has arrived.”

“Yes, ma’am,” I said. She said, “Don’t call me ma’am call me Preeti.”

Then I sat on the sofa and she sat on the floor. I started combing her long hair. Wow, it was a nice feeling and I nearly kissed her ears. I felt that long hair on my dick and my dick had an instant hard-on.

After tying her hair tightly, I told her that it was a nice feeling. She said, “Idiot, that’s all you want?”

I was mum for a second, and then I asked her for a coffee. She said, “You kid” and went to the kitchen to get coffee.

Now my dick was so desperate to fuck my long hair teacher neighbour. I gathered all my courage and went to the kitchen. I hugged her from behind and started kissing her earlobes. She pulled my hair from behind and pulled me to the front of her and started kissing me back.

I put my finger in her long hair and bit her lips. Then we went to the sofa while still kissing. I made her lie down and started kissing her all over her face. removed her top and kissed her navel. I pressed her boobs and surprisingly, she wasn’t wearing a bra. I sucked my long hair neighbour’s black nipple and pressed her other boobs with my other hand.

Meanwhile, Preeti removed my t-shirt and made me sit on the sofa. She removed my jockey shorts and started sucking my dick. Wow, it was heaven! And while she was sucking, I was unfolding her tied hair and made it open and played with it. It was just an awesome feeling.

I made her lie down. I sucked and bit her pussy. She held my hair and guided my tongue to her pussy. Then we got into missionary position but it was a tight pussy. So I fingered her with 2 fingers and then inserted my dick and fucked my neighbour. As it was my first time, I came within 2 minutes. She said that it’s ok. She gave me a blowjob while I played with her long hair and made them pony style.

Then I fucked her for 5 minutes and since it was our first time, we both had little time for sex. We both lied down naked and cuddled each other for an hour and again had another session of blowjob and sex.

In the evening, we again met at our terrace and we kissed for around 15 minutes. My neighbour sucked, fucked and did everything under the dark cloudy romantic weather.

From then, We had it on daily basis for 6 months. Later, her parents shifted from the village to her house. Then we used to bunk classes and we use to go parks and cuddle each other.

We had great outdoor sex at Cubbon park. I will tell that in my next story. But she got married in April and we are not in contact now. I surely miss our times.

Any girl or aunty interested in sex or sexting can mail me. As I am also from a traditional family, I can understand our limits and privacy is guaranteed.

My mail id: [email protected]

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