Erotic Story Of A Swinging Couple In Kolkata – Part 1

Hello friends, this is Sam and I am back with another story. This is a true incident that happened with my friend.

My friend Sonjay (35 yo) and his wife Preethi (33 yo) live in Kolkata. They both got married 10 years back and have a 9-year-old son who is studying in Ooty boarding school and only visits home during vacation twice a year.

Both Sonjay and Preethi work in a private MNC and earn a good salary. They live in a 2 BHK apartment in Park street leading a comfortable life.

Sonjay and Preethi had an arranged marriage. They fell in love with each other after marriage and even after 10 years of their marriage, they are inseparable.

Both of them have a strong sex drive and ensure they have sex at least thrice weekly. They enjoy roleplay and explore each other’s bodies and have tried all Kamasutra positions. They loved to watch porn movies and have dirty sex.

My friend Sonjay is good looking, 6 ft tall, well-built and looks like a male model. He was famous with girls during the college days.

My friend’s wife Preethi is also very beautiful, 5.6 inches tall, very fair and has sharp features and a sexy body. She did not have a boyfriend before marriage. Her stats are 36-33-38. She used to be slim before pregnancy and due to hormone changes after childbirth, she gained weight. But still, she looked sexy and could turn on any man.

One day while watching a wife-swapping porn, my friend got excited and started thinking of swapping. He casually told this to his wife but she was not ok and turned off the thought. But my friend was adamant and kept on pushing his wife to try something different and Preethi finally agreed after 6 months of persuasion.

Sonjay was so happy but Preethi said there was a condition. She did not want Sonjay to see her having sex with another man and she also did not want to see him having sex with another woman. So, the only way was to do a couple swapping was to have sex separately and not in a group.

Preethi said she loves Sonjay a lot and only agreed to swap-sex for his happiness. She also said they cannot talk about what happens with each other during the swapping session. Sonjay agreed to her conditions and started the search for a willing couple.

Sonjay wanted to keep it a secret. He did some research on the internet and found a paid website that guaranteed privacy and secrecy. This website allowed people to fulfill their fantasies like swinging, threesome, transexual, etc.

The site also did some background checks of the couple before registering them and also bound them with a legal clause so that they cannot blackmail the other couple latter.

My friend finally got registered and the process took him almost a month. He started to search on the website for couples who were interested in swinging and also found a few couples in Kolkata. He tried to shortlist and finally narrowed down to one couple – Raj and Shilpa who were from Bangalore but living in Kolkata from the past 6 years.

Raj was around 40 and Shilpa was 39 years old. Shilpa was a housewife and Raj was working in an MNC.

He emailed them and exchanged communications for 2 months till both were convinced. Then they exchanged pictures. Raj was an average looking guy, 5.8 inches tall with average-body. Shilpa was a bit on the busty side and was 5.7 inches tall with stats 38-36-40. Shilpa had big boobs and ass which attracted Sonjay very munch.

They continued their communication and finally decided to meet.

They decided to meet for dinner in a restaurant. Sonjay had dressed in blue jeans and tight red shirt which showed his body well. My friend’s wife Preethi was wearing a blue sleeveless salwar which was sexy. Sonjay got a hard-on after seeing her.

They reached the restaurant and parked the car. They were nervous and anxious as this was something new for them. Sonjay called Raj to check if they have arrived and came to know they were already inside the restaurant.

They went inside the restaurant and found Raj wavering hands and they joined the couple. Raj was in a casual-wear but was looking smart and Shilpa was in black saree with low-cut blouse exposing her naked back. She was looking very sexy with her makeup, pink lipstick and with long nails which were colored black.

They greeted each other and shook hands. When Sonjay touched Shilpa’s hand, it was soft and he could smell her strong and erotic perfume.

They started talking and knowing about each other and by the end of dinner, they felt very comfortable with each other’s company.

Raj was a fun person and was cracking jokes throughout the dinner and Shilpa was a bit on the quiet side. She used to stare at Sonjay many times during dinner and when he looked back at her, she used to turn to the other side.

Raj and Shilpa had done this earlier when they were in Bangalore but not in Calcutta. Finally, the dinner ended and they agreed to meet soon and went back to their homes.

During their drive back, Sonjay asked Preethi for her feedback like how she left about the couple. She said they seemed like nice people and had to get to know better.

Sonjay was already horny after seeing Shilpa and the dress Preethi was wearing was so sexy as well. After reaching home and entering the apartment, Sonjay pulled Preethi toward him and started giving wild kisses. He pushed her to the wall, holding both her hands. Their fingers interlocked and he kissed her entire face.

He had lifted her hand up and his erect cock was pressing at Preethi’s vagina. Both of them were super hot and Preethi also stared kissing and licking Sonjay’s face. Their tongue was feeling each other and both their faces were filled with saliva which was so erotic.

Quickly, both of them got naked in the living room. Sonjay knelt down on the floor and reached his wife’s pussy. She was clean shaved as always.

Sonjay started circling her clit with his tongue. She started moaning with pleasure,


Sonjay started sucking and biting his wife’s clit. Preethi was enjoying every movement. Sonjay then put his tongue insider Preethi’s vagina and started to tonguefuck her. Preethi started shaking and was finding it difficult to stand. She could not take it anymore and shouted, “BABY FUCK ME NOW, I WANT YOUR DICK..”

Saying that, she pulled Sonjay up, took his cock in her hand, squeezed it once and then inserted it into her vagina. It went easily inside as her pussy was so wet.

Sonjay started moving his cock forward and backward. He fucked his wife for about 5 minutes in that position. Preethi was making a lot of noises while getting fucked and she bit Sonjay all over his chest giving him love bites.

Then Sonjay came inside Preethi and she also had her orgasm. Both were exhausted with that wild sex and went straight to the bed, slept naked hugging each other.

Raj contacted Sonjay the next day and asked how they felt about them. Sonjay said it was a pleasure and they were looking forward to meeting them again.

Raj asked what Preethi left about him and Sonjay asked him to check himself and gave Preethi’s phone number. Raj also shared Shilpa’s phone number and they agreed to meet on the weekend at Raj’s house for dinner.

Sonjay texted Shilpa with a “hello” message and immediately he got a reply saying “Hi Sonjay”. Sonjay asked her how she knew his number and Shilpa replied saying that she had already taken it from Raj. Sonjay asked her how was last night dinner and whether she likes him. Shilpa replied saying Sonjay was looking like a film star.

Then she asked his feedback and he texted, “I was delighted to meet the sexiest and beautiful lady in the world”. She sent a shy emoji.

During the week, the texting continued but was very casual like gm, gn, had dinner? etc.

Finally, the weekend came and they reached Raj’s house around 8 pm. Sonjay was wearing a casual dress this time and Preethi was in her skirt and was looking very hot.

Raj had a nice 2 BHK apartment with good interiors. Raj said the house decoration credit went to Shilpa and she blushed. They started with a round of whiskey and finished dinner which was prepared by Shilpa. She was a good cook.

They all went to the balcony after dinner. The temperature outside was pleasant. Men continued drinking whiskey and women were having wine. Suddenly, Preethi received a phone call from her parents. She excused and went inside the house to talk to them. Raj also excused himself as he had to go to the restroom.

Sonjay and Shilpa were left alone in the balcony. Shilpa was looking very sexy and again, she was in her saree but blue color with a low-cut blouse. Both of them were silent and looking toward the open sky.

Sonjay wanted to make the first move. He slowly moved his little fingers close to Shilpa’s hand and brushed her little finger. It was electrifying for both. She did not move. He now placed his right hand on her left hand and gently squeezed it. She made an “Aaaaah” sound and closed her eyes.

He continued to squeeze her hands and came very close to her. He now moved behind her and hugged her gently. Her eyes were still closed but she rested her back on Sonjay’s chest.

Sonjay placed his hands on Shilpa’s hands and was hugging her. Shilpa was breathing heavily. Sonjay kissed on her neck from behind and with his tongue, he touched Shilpa’s skin making her cold skin warm. Shivers went through Shilpa and she started to moan.

Sonjay wanted to kiss Shilpa’s lips when he heard some footsteps in the hallway and they parted. Finally, the night came to an end and both the couples agreed to meet soon.

Sonjay called Raj the next day and told him about Preethi’s condition of not being together as a group. They both planned to spend the weekend in each other’s apartment – Raj at Sonjay’s apartment and Sonjay at Raj’s place.

They both agreed to check with their wives and confirm the next day. When Sonjay told this to Preethi, he could see her blush and she was ok with the plan.

The next day both confirmed and now they were waiting for the weekend. They agreed to do this swap starting Friday night to Monday morning.

In my next episode, read how Sonjay and Shilpa spent the erotic weekend and made it a Kamasutra weekend.

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