Debrupa Aunty’s Huge Boobs – Part 2

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Hello friends, this is a continuation of the first part. Those who have not read the first part please read it here before reading the second part.

I am coming to the last conversation.

Me: Haan aunty dusri option hai. Aap ko meri dulhan banni padegi ajj pure din ke liye. (Yes, aunty. The other option is that you have to be my bride for a whole day.)

Aunty with no option left agreed to my condition. Then Debrupa aunty asked me what she should do to please me as my wife. I told aunty to get dressed in her bridal wear which she wore during her wedding. Initially, she hesitated as her measurements are changed heavily since her wedding.

But she doesn’t have any option. So, she agreed. She asked me to come in the night after 8 p.m. and assured me that she will be ready till that. I returned all her bras and went for a drink to a bar. I thought about how she will look in the bridal attire and manage those heavy, huge tits in that old blouse.

Thinking of these gives me a hard-on. It was hard for me to pass my time thinking of those things. I took around 4-5 pegs and again started for her apartment. It was around 7:30 p.m. Around 8:10 p.m, I reached her apartment and called her. She said that she is ready and waiting in the bedroom.

As I also have the spare keys, I opened the main door and went inside. My heart was beating heavily. I am going to enjoy a Bengali huge boobs milf in her bridal wear. My dick was rock hard just thinking about it. I went to her bedroom and opened the door.

The view which I saw was shocking. I was astonished by her appearance. She was sitting in the bed like a newlywed bride. She was wearing a red bridal saree. Her blouse was a matching red satin material. As it was her wedding blouse, it proves out to be small to hold her huge, voluptuous boobs.

Her boobs were trying their level best to pop out of the blouse. Also, I can see from her face that she was uncomfortable wearing that blouse due to its tightness. Also, she has applied light makeup and red lipstick which is adding an erotic and elegant look to her.

She has covered her face with a light ghunghat. My mouth just got stunned open by seeing this. Also, the exotic smell of her boobs is driving me mad. Now the conversations started like this.

Debrupa: Damad ji apki dulhan taiyar hai. (Son in law, your bride is ready)

Me: Woh toh dikh hi raha hai. But apke chussiaa bohut gazab dikh rahe. (That I can see. But your boobs are looking gorgeous).

Debrupa: Who toh dikhega, blouse bohut choti ho rahi hai. Isse pehle ye blouse khud phat jaye, ap phad do. (Yeah, they will look because the blouse fits very small. Please tear the blouse before it gets torn by itself.)

I just went near and kissed the huge cleavage which is pushed out of the blouse due to its tightness. The smell of her boobs is super erotic. With that, I just slapped her right boobs with great force. As a result, she just screamed in pain and her boobs wobbles for 3 seconds. The scene was worth watching.

Also, due to her heavy boobs, all the hooks of her blouse holding those heavy, huge milk tankers got torn. Her bra was on display. Let me describe her bra. It was a red lace bra bridal bra. Her bra was only able to cover 70 % of her boobs. The top cleavage part was still not under the bra’s radar.

I cannot control looking at this scene. So without waiting for further time, I hold the front part of her bra and pulled it with a larger force. Her bra hooks, within no time, were torn and her bra was in my hands. I threw her bra somewhere in the room.

Really guys I am saying after that if you see her boobs you will be amazed. Even a dead man will get alive for those. I just took my whole face and buried it under those huge milk tankers. Believe me guys, my whole face was just lost inside that huge cleavage. And the exotic smell was making me mad.

I started sucking her boobs like there is no tomorrow. After sucking for 10 minutes, I tasted something different. It has her milk. I was surprised she still lactates. I was amazed by this. Then I held her nipples with my right hand and changed the direction of the nipple towards her face.

Using my left hand, I pressed her boobs with full force. The result was amazing. Her milk gets sprayed on her face. Her face became fully white with milk.

Debrupa: Ye kya kar rahe ho damad ji? Mujhe mera doodh kyun peela rahe ho. (What are you doing son-in-law. Why are you spraying my milk on me?)

Me: Main chahta huun apka doodh aap khud piyo.( I want you to drink your own milk. It excites me).

Debrupa: Jaisa aap kahe. Damadji ka baat to manna padega. (As you say, I have to obey my son-in-law’s word.) Waise aaj aap mere pati bhi ho. Aap jo bologe mujhe manna hi hoga.(Today, you are also my husband. So I must obey you)
Me: Ajj tumko main apni randi banaunga. (I will make you as my slut today).

Debrupa: Jo karna hai karo. (Do whatever you want).

As I have the green signal to do anything with her, a brilliant and devious plan strikes my mind. I thought of using her huge boobs in every possible way. I went downstairs and brought duct tape. She asked the purpose of the duct tape.

I gave her a cunning smile and said, “Today, I can do anything with you, so no more questions.” I asked her to move her head behind her back. Then I tied her hands tightly with duct tape. Now she cannot do anything as her hands are tied backside. Then I asked her to open her mouth.

She is doing as I am saying is I have the green card today. After she opened her mouth, I hold her boobs which were, to be frank, very very heavy. By holding her boobs, I inserted both nipples inside her mouth. I asked her to shut her mouth to suck her nipples.

For a normal girl, it would be not that easy to suck her nipples. But for her, it’s easy as her boobs are huge. After that, I took the duct tape, rotate it over her mouth by making multiple rounds. I sealed her mouth completely while nipples stuck inside it. The scene was superb and alluring.

Her huge boobs are upwards, going against the gravity. And that too, she was tied and unable to speak anything (a scene worth lakh). Now it’s time to execute the purpose for which she was prepared in this way. I went near her and started pressing her boobs real hard. It resulted in pumping the milk inside the mouth.

Initially, she hesitated to drink her milk. Then I increased my pace and within a few seconds, her mouth was full of milk. I can see that as her cheeks are expanding. She can’t hold any more milk in her mouth, so she must drink the milk which she does.

But I think she doesn’t like this. She was hesitant and sobbing a lot. It was all in vain because she was tied in tight bondage. I didn’t listen to any of her pain and started pressing harder again. This goes for 15 minutes until her milk tanks are emptied.

It was very fun to do that. Now she drank all her milk. Assuming her huge milk tankers I think approximately she might have drunk 1-1.5 liters of milk. After that, I opened her duct tape from her mouth. It took me around 5 minutes to unwrap it.

The moment I removed the final wrap, she opened her mouth, and her boobs fall. Believe me, guys the scene was like something heavy material is falling from the sky. Post that she started yelling at me.

Debrupa: ye aap kya kar rahe hoo. Mere chuchiyoo ko doodh nikal rahe hoo. Main kya koi gai hun? (What are you doing. You are milking from me. Am I a cow?)

Me: Aap ne pehle hi kaha tha ki aaj main kuch bhi kar sakta hun.( You have already told me before that I can do anything today).

Debrupa: Par iska matlab ye toh nahi na ki app mera doodh mujhe hi peelaoge aur woh bhi is tare baand ke. (But that does not mean that you will milk me and force me to drink my milk and that too by tying me like this.

Me: Haan aaj main kuch bhi karunga. Ap meri rand ho aur rand ko main jaise marji waise karunga. (Yes, today I can do anything. You are my whore ).

Debrupa (aggressively): Accha jo karna hai karo. Ho sakta toh meri gaand bhi mere muh mein ghusad do. (Okay do whatever you want. If possible, insert my ass in my mouth too)

Me (Laughingly): Agar mumkin hota toh kar leta.( If that was possible, I would have done that also).

I have played a lot with her boobs. Now it’s time to move forward. On the downside, she was still wearing the saree. I untied her saree and inside that was a red satin petticoat. I didn’t untie her petticoat but just lifted her petticoat upside and took it whole above her head.

Then I closed the petticoat opening and again tied it using a rope. Now you can imagine the scene. Her whole upper body was inside the satin petticoat. And down there she was wearing a nice red color bridal panty which was super attractive.

Looking at this again an idea strikes my mind. I brought a scissor and cut the panty. Now comes the pussy view. She has a cleaned pussy, not even a single hair exists over there. But the scissor work is still remaining. I made 3 cut-outs in that petticoat.

Two circulars cut out in a position where her boobs are there, and one cut out for her lips. Coming to cutouts for her boobs I knowingly made the cut out a little small as compared to her boobs. Then I hold her right nipple and pulled it from the right cut out. It was a little difficult due to the smaller hole.

I did the same with the left one also. And finally, I got my masterpiece view. Her boobs are standing straight due to the pressure from a small cut-out hole. Now the view is like only her sexy lips, huge balloon boobs and pussy is visible. What more do I need? Now she said:

Debrupa: Kitna ur kheloge apne raand ke saath. Ab chod bhi do. ( I think you have enough played with your whore. Now it’s time for fucking).

Me: Chinta mat karo abhi chodna start karunga.( Don’t worry I will start fucking now).

By saying this I started kissing her lips and parallelly started squeezing her boobs. Then I slowly moved my hands towards her pussy and started fingering it. She was also slowly getting aroused now. I can see her pussy was getting wet. Then I unzipped my pant and brought my dick out.

Now without any intimation, I directly inserted my dick in her pussy. She was shocked as it happened all of a sudden. After that I didn’t stop, I fucked her like a mad dog. She was also moaning like hell. I fucked her nearly for 15 minutes. I removed my dick and took it near her mouth.

I asked her to open her mouth. I think you guys already know how she was prepared. Only a small hole cut was there for her lips from that petticoat. She initially hesitated. I got angry and hold her right nipple and started twisting it slowly.

She was still not opening her mouth. So I didn’t stop. I twisted her nipple to nearly 90 degrees. At this, she could not bear the pain and her mouth. I suddenly inserted my dick in her.

Me: Ab jakar rand apna muh kholi. (Now this whore opened her mouth).

Debrupa could say hardly any word as my dick was inside her mouth. Then I started mouth fucking her for 5 mins and ejaculated all my cum inside. She was not in a mood to split it out. But I close her mouth and again started twisting her nipples.

With no options left she has to swallow my cum. Now I got exhausted and left her like that.

Debrupa: Mujhe aaj tak koi bhi aisa use nahi kiya. Apne toh mujhe randi se bhi batar use kar diya. (Nobody had ever used me like this. You have treated me worst than whore).
Me: Tum meri raand ho aaj se. Main tumko jaise chahe use karunga. (You are my whore from today onwards. I can use you like anything).

Me: Agli baar se me tumhe use karunga paisa kamani ke liye. Chinta mat karo. Tumhe 50 % commission milega. (From next I will use for earning money. Don’t worry you will get 50 % commission).

Debrupa: Jaise apki marzi damadji. Main apko kaise mana kar sakti huun. Par commission time pe mil jana chahiye.( As per your wish Son-in-law. How can I deny you? But the commission should be in time.)

Then I untied her from her petticoat and left the premises.

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