How I Fucked A Girl In Hyderabad

Hi everyone, my name is Raj. This is the story about how I got to enjoy a beautiful girl in a movie theatre and then fuck her brains out by taking her back to my room.

Let me tell you about myself. I am a 26-year-old guy from Hyderabad. I have a very fit and muscular body because I work hard in the gym.

The girl in this story is Aditi. I met her through the internet. Initially, when we were chatting, I loved that she is too horny and wants a dick inside her. But she wants to do sexting before testing the waters. We sexted daily.

I told her how I would enjoy her body inch by inch before fucking her brains out and make her scream. She became wettest of wet in her pussy through our chats. So, one day we planned for a movie to see each other.

She reached the mall first. I went there and saw her in person for the first time. Average height, slim body, and she was wearing a top without covering her shoulders. I can see her boobs trying to get out inside her top. We both are grinning, knowing that we would bone later.

She asked me to stay behind her on the escalator to see her ass, and that I did. Knowing that I am going to deep fuck this beautiful girl had me super hard. We went inside the theatre, and the movie started. I asked her to bring a scarf beforehand, so she covered her body with that scarf.

She was sitting to my right. I put my right hand inside her dress by passing my hand behind her while my left hand entered her dress directly. She was wearing this tube bra. I rubbed on her boobs and nipple with hands-on each of breasts to make her nipples erect.

And I pulled down her tube bra to grab her tits completely in my hands. I was squeezing her melons by rubbing her nipples in between. She slowly put my head on my shoulder. I could feel her breathing getting heavier. When I looked at her while still squeezing her tits, she was looking into my eyes with this lust.

I locked my lips with her and spoiled her lipstick as she asked. After her boobs become tight and erect, I wanted to taste them. So, I went inside her scarf, pulled her dress up. I started tasting her nipple by squeezing her other boob. I licked both of her boobs and sucked on her nipples to make knockers all wet.

She started rubbing over my head. I came out and kept my right hand still on her right boob and nipple. I slowly slid my left hand down by rubbing her navel and put my hand inside her pant. I could feel her pussy throbbing before my hand even touched it.

While looking into her eyes, I slowly put my hand on her clitoris and rubbing it. She slowly reached out to her pant and unbuttoned them for me to finger fuck her. I dig my three fingers inside her while my thumb is rubbing her clit. It was so wet that my fingers were sliding in and out of her pussy.

This pussy sensation, she couldn’t control herself and started kissing me and asked me to take her to my room. I dig my fingers deeper inside to see her eyes roll before I pulled my hand out to take her out. She adjusted her dress and pant and got ready.

We left the movie in between as we were too horny to be there. I took her back to my room. As soon as we enter, I closed the door and started kissing her by pushing her against the wall. I locked her tongue with my tongue and started squeezing her boobs on top of her dress.

While kissing her hard, one hand mauling her boobs and one hand, I put inside her pussy. She started quivering in my hands. I took her to the bed and pushed her down on the bed.

She pulled down her trousers along with her panties. There lies her glistening pussy with all her precum on it, making her pussy a sight to behold. I started kissing around her labia by spreading her legs with my hands. I slowly dug my tongue inside her with my hand rubbing her clitoris.

I started making all kinds of shapes on her pussy with my tongue. She started moving, and her hands are in my hair, rubbing my head. I continued to dig deeper into her with my tongue until she started cumming hard from her vagina onto the bed.

Then, she sat up and sat on the end of the bed. I stood before her, and she pulled down my pants. My erected dick sprung and hit on her lips. She opened her lips and took my dick inside her mouth. I started sucking it while looking into my eyes.

I pulled and held her hair with one hand while she sucked my dick by wrapping her tongue all over my dick. I started to move her head to match my dick movement to make my dick go inside deeper. After she made my dick super hard, I took off my shirt and wore a condom.

I made her lie down at the edge of the bed. I pulled her towards my dick, held her leg in the air, and slid my hard dick inside her while holding her one boob. I started ramming her inside and out while caressing them all over her body. I squeezed the softness out of her tits.

Then, I went on top of her and pulled her legs towards her hands. I started nailing her straight into her pussy. I dug my dick deep inside her with each thrust while she is shivering and started kissing me by holding me. I licked her cheeks, lips, and neck while still nailing her to the bed.

Now, I made her bend on all fours and started fucking in pussy by burying my dick deep inside her. I pulled her hair hard and fucked her by holding her ass. I could see her lusty face in the mirror in front of us. Her boobs are hanging and shaking with each thrust.

I pulled her by her hair near me and held her by boobs, and started fucking her hard. In the hard fucking heat, I moved my hand inside her mouth and to the clitoris to rub it. After fucking her hard in doggy, I made her lie down on her boobs by keeping her ass in the air.

I pushed my dick inside her pussy and started pounding her while she bounces on the bed. The room is filled with her moans and our heavy breathing. Now, she started screaming hard, saying, “Harder! Harder!” I increased my speed and deep fucked her by holding her to the bed.

She screamed and started to tighten her pussy around my dick and convulse. And released her pussy juice on my dick and started to touch all over her face and boobs.

I took out my condom and went near her face, and put my dick inside her mouth. She started to suck by holding my balls in her holds. She sucked my dick so fast, and I was already on edge. I took my dick out of her mouth and sprayed my cum on her stomach and her juicy boobs.

Then, we lie down on the bed, still kissing. I could not stop squeezing her breasts. She slept by holding my dick in her hand.

Thank you so much for reading how I was locked in her arms in Hyderabad. Please feel free to send your love to [email protected]. I will narrate another incident where I got to fuck a mature milf in my next story.

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