Sensual First Meet In Pune

Hello, all I’m AJ from Bangalore posting my first true story ever with a beautiful girl from Pune. Get your tool ready for an amazing experience. Hope you like it. Here we go.

It all started with a dating app one weekend. We started chatting casually and she was looking for a fling. But we had some sort of connection and hit it off instantly. We used to chat only on weekends first but gradually we fell for each other.

We started playing truth or dare or rapid-fire questions to know about each other. Slowly questions began to be bold and conversations were getting hotter. I’m a straight forward frank guy who chatted with a great amount of honesty. This quality of mine made her fall for me and we exchanged our images.

She was really beautiful! I had never expected such a gorgeous girl in that app. I even thought she is faking it. However, I decided to believe and go ahead because the connection was strong and chats were irresistible. We started chatting continuously for three months.

We felt like we know each other from past lives. The talks were getting crazy and we began to feel for each other, miss each other and desire to meet was on peak. With a leap of faith, she also agreed to meet and experience this kind of thing once.

Finally, the time came and we decided to meet up in Pune during Christmas time in a posh hotel. The flight was booked, the room was booked since we didn’t want to be uncomfortable among others. We exchanged our numbers only after I boarded my flight. We decided to delete the app only after we met.

I reached Pune early in the morning. She was supposed to meet me at 10 am. I was nervous about how to break the ice when we meet. As it was my first-time experience of that sort. I was just waiting to see if she was the same girl in that picture. The time didn’t seem to pass.

However, at 9.30 am I got a call that she’s leaving her apartment and coming to the hotel. My heart beats were really fast and I got ready to go down and receive her from the lobby area. When I saw her entering the hotel my mind was blown to a great extent. She looked way more beautiful than the picture.

She was just out of the world. Let me describe her guys. She was 5’5″ lean and curvy at the same time at the right places, killer eyes, and a beautiful smile. She was dressed to give a boner and coincidentally we were wearing matching colors. Such was the connection.

We just looked at each other to confirm that we were the same as exchanged in pics. I couldn’t utter a word as I felt she was way beyond my reach. But somehow I managed to break the ice and we started chatting in the lobby. I could notice that she was uncomfortable with people walking around.

So I offered her to come to my room. It was like she was waiting to hear that and agreed instantly. We slowly made way towards our room. As soon as we entered, I gave her a few gifts which I had bought for her. I gave her a handshake followed by a gentle hug.

I noticed that she felt shy when we hugged and there were butterflies in her stomach. We moved to the sofa and she asked about the journey and all of it and all I could do was watch her expressions. I still couldn’t believe that she was with me and way more beautiful than I imagined her to be.

We ordered breakfast and started discussing our chats, routine and all the things that we shared. And finally, we decided to delete that app permanently. I just kissed her once in the forehead and thanked her for trusting and coming to meet me. It made her feel at home and secured cos I genuinely cared about her.

By the time breakfast came, we had started talking a lot and most of it was about our feelings during the chat and how it was getting harder when the date of the meeting came closer. We had our breakfast and switched on the TV and put some music.

I just out of the blue invited her to dance with me and she agreed. We danced like crazy people with some stupid steps and started pulling each other’s legs. And in the meantime, one romantic song came up and that was all we needed. It was the most sensuous dance ever.

Even a person with erectile dysfunction would have got an erection. And she noticed that. I began feeling her body, her breath and was holding her waist and hugging her from behind. I could feel the goosebumps that she had and I made a move and was kissing her head on her hairs.

She turned around and looked into my eyes once and just didn’t say anything. It was like my soulmate is in my arms. I started kissing her forehead again and again. Then I slowly made a move to kiss her eyes, her cheeks and just hugged her tight. I couldn’t make my mind to kiss her on her lips.

We just stayed hugging each other for 15 mins and finally, I held her head and planted a kiss on her lips. She couldn’t believe that it happened. And I did know how I did that. I just lifted her in my arms put her to bed and leaned on her for what was a forever unending smooch.

We almost ran out of breath but were kissing each other like there was no tomorrow. Slowly she made way for me and I started moving my hands on her tummy area on her top. I wanted to feel her skin so badly that I started moving my hands in her top and was touching her bare skin near her waist.

I was moving my fingers slowly there to ignite more fire in her and she was getting more into it. In one sudden go, I took my t-shirt off and hugged her on the bed and felt her boobs crushing under me. Her stats were 34-28-34. She wanted me to switch off the lights and get under the quilt.

I slowly started to move her top upwards. After all naked hug was one of the things that we used to do in chats. I slowly got her top till her boobs but couldn’t go up without her permission. Like a good boy that I’m, I asked for her permission. She couldn’t say no to the sheer thing that I did.

I removed her top and again hugged her in her bra. We were feeling each other’s skin. I could feel her soft tummy brushing mine and her boobs being crushed by the pull. I made her lie on her stomach and started kissing her back slowly. I kissed every part of her back from neck till waist.

When I went up again I removed her bra hooks with my teeth. I went on top of her and poked my monster on the ass crack and started kissing and breathing slowly near her ears. She was breathing very hard when I bit her earlobe. She asked me to get down.

As soon as I moved she turned and hugged me tightly. I slowly started to move her bra straps from her shoulder and slowly got rid of her bra. Her boobs are a sight to watch. 34 b perfect small nipples I just said wow loudly and she covered her boobs with her hands.

I slowly removed her hands and started kissing her boobs one by one. Playing with my tongue sucking them as deep as I could in my mouth. It was an amazing experience. I think I was on her boobs feeding myself for more than half an hour.

I went near her tummy and started kissing all over it before starting to lick her perfectly round navel. I just licked and played with my tongue there. She couldn’t resist and pushed me down where I started to eat her pussy on her trousers. I unbuttoned the jeans and slowly started to take it off.

As soon as it fell on the floor I started kissing her inner thighs. She went mad and started shivering. She was wearing a peach color panty and I started to kiss her pussy over it. She was clean down there and I just set her pussy on fire with my tongue.

With one final attempt, I pulled her panty down and undressed. We fulfilled our dream of a naked hug. I asked her to touch my cock but she couldn’t. She was scared looking at it. She told me, “Ye mere andar gaya toh main mar jaungi( I’ll die if your cock goes in me.) Bohut bada hai, yaar (it’s too big for me).”

I said, “You don’t worry about it and spread your legs.” I started fingering and seducing her to prepare her for the onslaught that was about to happen. She was a virgin and it was tough to get one finger in. But I seduced her sensuously, reading one of our chats that she got super wet within no time.

I started capitalizing on it. The second finger took a lot more effort to go in and she was crying in agony. She was tired of the vibrations that my fingers were doing on her. She was having multiple orgasms and she just asked me to try and go in before she goes mad.

I placed my erect cock near her entrance and tried pushing it in but it was not going in. I had a box of vaseline with me. I applied it all over my cock and near her pussy and I made her come on me and sit on top. We placed my cock near her entrance and with all our might I managed to get an opening and go in.

We both didn’t want to use condoms as she wanted to feel my skin instead of latex. Her pussy was on fire and she couldn’t hear the pain of her hymen being torn apart. With great effort and desire to go in I managed to go in deep and feel the blood all over my cock.

We stayed there for a few minutes. Once she felt she was ok I started giving her small effective strokes. We both were on cloud nine. I was looking at her boobs jump and squeezing them and pinching her nipples. After 10 minutes of slow and steady fuck, I took my cock out and sprayed my liquid on her tummy.

It was the best experience and the highest-rated sex in my life. We had a bath together and dressed each other, kissed and ordered food for lunch.  I will write more about this meet depending upon the feedback guys. The shower was more fun as I had candles and all but that is for later.

This is my first ever story so please forgive for any mistakes and inputs will be taken positively. Email me the response on [email protected] Thank you. Happy masturbating.

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