My Gigolo Sex Experiences

Hi everyone, I am a gigolo from Pune and wanted to share some of my experiences. It’s been 3 years since I’ve been in this field, and honestly, I’m enjoying it. I’ll tell you how I got into it later. I’ll start by reciting this particular gigolo sex experience.

I have many clients, most of them are married and call me from time to time. Most of them have an unhappy married life or are not sexually satisfied, and their spouse is cheating on them too. That’s when I’m called. So one morning, I woke up and received a message regarding my service.

I replied back, and we decided on the rates and agreed to meet at 8:00 pm. At 7:45, I was waiting at the agreed destination, and she had come to pick me up. I was waiting when I saw a Red BMW stop just ahead of me. I verified the car number and confirmed it was her.

She rolled down the window, and I saw her. At first glance, she looked nice. She was around 5’3 brown complexion, thin, had big boobs, and was wearing a black one piece. I got into the car, asked her how she was doing, and kissed her on the cheek.

I asked her where and got to know that she had booked an OYO for the night. Since we had done this before, she was very comfortable with me. I told her that she was looking very hot today, and she said thanks. Her one piece was very short, so short that I could see her underwear while she was driving.

I started touching her neck, massaging it a little and then licked her ear, she gave a sly smile. I slowly held her hair and started pulling it slightly and then gave her a kiss on the neck. Then I slowly went down and started touching her boobs gently. By then, she was very turned on.

I slowly started pinching her nipples from the top of her clothes while she was driving. I held her left nipple in my right hand and started twisting it while sucking her neck. I could hear her breathe faster and louder. Then I went down and put my hand on her panties.

They were wet like she had already had an orgasm. I rubbed her pussy from the top of her panties with my index finger, and she tried to close her legs because of the pleasure. I did it 4-5 times. Then I slowly moved her panties aside and started rubbing my finger over her pussy.

I then started rubbing her clit too, which she started moaning. As I pinched her clit a little, she stopped the car. With a smirk, she said that she can’t concentrate, and we laughed a little. As we continued, I started rubbing her clit with my right hand and her wet pussy with my left.

She had stopped the car by that time and spread her legs properly. As I put one finger inside, she started moaning heavily. Then I bent down, turned her towards me, and put one more finger inside while rubbing her cunt with my left hand.

I knew her spots were just behind her clit. That’s where I was fingering her. Slow at first, she had closed her eyes and was breathing heavily and was biting her teeth. I then started going a little fast and started licking her clit. That’s when she started screaming, trying to control her voice.

As I went a little faster, she squirted on the seat in her car. It was almost like she was peeing. She was breathing heavily and telling me how she wished to be fucked by me. Then I let her drive, and we reached the OYO. We filled the details and went upstairs to our room. Then we decided to smoke.

While we were smoking, I made her sit on me. I started pressing her boobs, and we started making out. She told me that she could feel my erection from the top of my pants. I then asked her to strip in front of me, which she did. She then opened my zip, put her hand inside, and started stroking my dick.

She took it out, went on her knees, and started sucking it. I held her by her hair and was making her gag on it. I then picked her up and threw her on the bed. She gave a cheeky smile as I went and put myself on top of her. I was kissing her, sucking her tongue while pressing her boobs and twisting her nipples.

I then slowly went down a little onto her massive boobs and started sucking her nipples while rubbing her clit. She started moaning and had grabbed the sheets tightly and was pulling them. I went down a little more and started rubbing her clit from my left hand.

I held her right foot and started sucking her toes to which she shivered. Then I put my two fingers deep down her throat. I put them in her pussy while I was biting her clit with my lips. I did the same for 5 minutes in which she had already cum twice and was now asking me to fuck her.

I held her by her hair, opened her mouth, and asked her to suck me. After that, I spread her legs and was rubbing my dick on her pussy. I also hit her clit with my dick. I could see her fluids dripping from her pussy. I then gave a slight push to my dick, and it slid in easily because of how wet she was.

As soon as it went in, she gasped. We were in a missionary position, and I started slowly humping her by only putting my dick head inside her. She was holding me tight from my waist and was controlling her scream. Then suddenly, in a quick thrust, I put my whole dick inside, and she started screaming.

I then carried on like that for ten minutes, then I picked her up and turned her in the doggy position. I started fucking her from behind while pressing her boobs hard. While doing doggy, I made her sit on me while she was bouncing. I was rubbing her clit.

Suddenly she stood up with one foot on the ground and the other on the bed. She started rubbing her pussy and started squirting. Then she fell on the bed and was breathing hard. I lay down next to her. She then turned and hugged me. I could feel her breath on my chest.

Then I made her stand with one foot on the ground and one on the bed and started fucking her while hugging her. I fucked her for 10 minutes. I could feel her legs were starting to shake, and she was about to fall. I then pushed her against the wall and started fucking her from behind.

She started screaming, and then after some time she squirted again, This time she instantly fell on the floor in her own small puddle of squirt. I then let her rest for some time.

We had three such sessions again before leaving in the morning. She dropped me back, kissed me, and paid me. She told me this was one of her best nights ever.

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