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Hi all, This is Abhinav. I am from Bangalore and working here in the I.T. industry. I am 6ft tall with an athletic body with a high sex drive. I like to meet new people, make friends, especially curvy girls with a big ass.

I came across this lovely girl named Priya when I lived in my old apartment with one of my friends. It was a 2 BHK apartment. We posted an ad to get a new tenant to share our expenses as the rent was getting high. After screening many people, we found a girl from Delhi who was doing her

Priya was 5.2 inches with a fair skin tone, round fat ass, curvy boobs. She was 34-28-36 with a beautiful ass. Anybody who saw her would get seduced to squeeze her ass once in his lifetime and make that pretty face moan.

From the day she entered the home, I was mesmerized by her beauty. I wanted to fuck her hard and bite her lips, and my cock was not ready to wait. After 2 months, she got comfortable with us. We used to cook together, watch movies, share random talks. But all my attention was on her ass.

I wanted to strip her pants, make her nude, pull her close, and wanted to spank her ass. She used to wear tight leggings or shorts. Whenever she was in shorts, soft milky thighs were visible. I wanted to lick it slowly.

One evening I can’t forget the encounter with Priya. My friend was working late. We were watching cricket, but she wasn’t interested anymore and wanted to change the channel. I held the remote, and playfully she snatched it from my hand.

I was sitting on the bean bag. I took this opportunity. While taking the remote from her, I purposefully pulled her towards me on the bean bag. She could not control it and fell on my lap with her soft ass on my dick. My dick got hard straight away, and I wanted to get inside her pussy.

And suddenly, she was able to sense my hard cock rubbing towards her ass. Eventually remote got into her hands, and she changed the channel. After staring at her thighs for a while, I went back to my room. That whole night I was not able to forget what had happened.

I locked myself inside the bathroom, took out my hard cock, which was saluting her. I slowly stroked it up and down, up and down, remembering her fat ass around my cock. The amount of cum that came out was endless. I wished she was beside me, taking all my cum inside her mouth.

After seeing her daily with a new outfit, I was becoming wetter and wetter inside my pants. I wanted to go deep inside her pussy badly. I became an eagle who wanted to seize an opportunity.

Three months passed, Priya was piled up with assignments, and deadlines were nearby. My friend was in no position to help her as he was working day in day out to get his project submitted on time in his office. It was 10:30 in the night, we three cooked food, and my friend went to sleep.

I won’t get sleep easily and went for a walk with my headphones on. I came back after a while. Her room lights were on, and usually, she used to sleep around 11:00. I knocked on the door and asked her what she is doing this late.

She panicked with her assignments and told me she will be screwed if they are not submitted by tomorrow. I thought this is the chance to get her on track and take this hot girl a ride. I sat beside her and consoled her, “It’s okay. We can get it done together.”

She was totally out of control and asked, “Can you help me?” I said, “Yes!” I have studied the same and would be glad to help her with this. The conversation for getting the assignments done went like this

Priya: How long to write the code and execute it?

Me: Hardly one hour. But before that, I want a deal with you.

Priya: Help me, please. I will give you a treat for sure.

Me: I want a special treat for so much hard work.

Priya: What special?

Me: Something only you can give.

Priya: Is it? Like the way, I gave you a boner on that day snatching remote from you? My pussy for help on my project?

I was shocked to get a reply like this from her. She was so intelligent to understand my intentions but had no time to fulfill them. I understood her situation and came back to my senses, and replied

Me: Ouch! You caught me. I think you know the way I see you, and I want to be close to you.

Priya: How much close?

Me: I want to go deep inside.

Priya: Hold on, baby. I want my assignments to be finished by you.

Me: I will finish for sure. But before that, I want something upfront to kickstart your project.

Priya: Oh?

Me: Ah! Yes.

Priya: What you want? Tell me fast.

The momentum started to build so fast with the girl I wanted to have wet nights. The moment she said, “Tell me fast,” I pounced on her. She was wearing her boxers with a deep neck t-shirt and had no bra as she was about to sleep. The nipples were visible from the top.

I pushed the laptop towards the bedside, held her leg, and pulled her towards me, holding her soft leg. When she came towards me, I planted a kiss on her lips and in another hand started to rub her boxers. She was responding with her lips for the kiss I planted and started to push me away.

I was adamant about getting away from her. I dragged her upper body towards the wall and slowly removed her boxers. Then she started to resist by holding her boxers and started to scream, “No! No!”

Me: Do you want your assignments to be get done?

Priya: Yes, but not this way.

Me: You should pay upfront, baby. Now just relax and close your eyes.

She had no option but to stay quiet and enjoy. I pulled her shorts but was not ready to give away all the pleasure in a day. When I pulled her boxers, she was just wearing her panty and a t-shirt. I was not ready to wake my friend as he was sleeping next room.

I slowly pulled her panty aside and started to slowly lick her clit. The anxious hot girl was now relaxed and started to give hot expressions. “Ah! Ahhhhh! Abhinav, slowly” (Dheere se madarchod). I was surprised to hear nasty scoldings from her, but that gave me a kick from inside.

I licked her pussy for 5 more minutes but didn’t make her cum. After 5 minutes, I stopped playing with her pussy and went towards her lips and bit her. I wanted to stop the play as it was time to get back to work. She was left halfway in this kinky act which made her wet.

Around 1:30, I finished her assignments. I reminded her that I would clear the dues with her the next afternoon at 2:30 p.m. when my friend is in the office. She was wet and was desperate for more. I could see that on her face.

She willingly agreed to be there at home by 1 o clock. She planned a surprise for me after submitting her assignments. The deal was finally made, and I was waiting for the D-Day.

The next day I was waiting for the moment we would be stark naked, feeling each other in our arms. Around 12 o clock, I texted her asking how did the submission go? She replied, “Awesome, thank you so much, and now it’s time to celebrate. Come home soon,” was the reply.

I was jumping up and down to have this beauty in my arms. I went home at sharp 2 o clock and rang the bell. She came near the door and said, “I will open the latch. But wait for 5 minutes after locking the door near my room.” I locked the main door and was waiting near her room.

A voice came from inside after 10 minutes, “Come inside, Playboy, and tease me.” I went inside like a leopard with no sound and was dumbstruck to see her wearing a silk robe with a thread falling on the floor from her waist. I slowly took the thread from the floor and pulled it.

My god, I can’t forget the scene. Priya was posing with black lingerie. She asked, “How much do you need me?” I went close to her, lifted her in my arms, and she jumped and hugged me. The moment she was in my arms, my whole palm was holding her huge curvy ass.

I was on cloud nine. I went near her and whispered, “I want you full, baby.” I squeezed her ass so hard and kissed her lips like there is no tomorrow. Our tongues got locked, passing the love juice from each other’s lips. It was becoming nasty, but we liked it.

I slowly placed her on the bed and started to kiss her all over. I removed her bra by unhooking it from the backside. Pink, brown nipples were poking my face, which was ready to play with my tongue. I slowly sucked each nipple one by one without a pause. She was moaning with pleasure and pain.

Now, it was her turn to show some love towards her boy. She held my cock with her beautiful hands and started to stroke on my pant. Oh boy, I was in heaven. She unzipped my pants and shorts and started to tease my cock, saying, “You are the one who wants to get inside me, ha.”

Slowly, my cock was in her mouth in no time. She gave a great blowjob playing with her tongue and making me shiver with pleasure. I pulled her towards me and made her lie on her stomach.

This was the moment I was waiting for. It was a treat for my eyes to see her naked ass used to dance up and down while she walked. I spanked it hard with, and she was screaming, “Slowly, Abhi.” I was not ready to listen to her and spanked her more to have that pleasure.

I started to kiss her inner thighs, went towards her ass cheeks, and then turned towards her pussy. I started to play with my tongue. She was feeling heaven moaning in Hindi, “Aa maadarchod phir se marwayega kya, Kitna maza deta hai tu?” (Ah motherfucker, will you kill me? How much pleasure you give me?)

Then we went into 69 position, giving each other ecstasy pleasure. It was getting so hot, and I was about to cum in her mouth. I made her stop, and it was time for the little guy to meet his friend. Her pink pussy lips waited to get fucked.

She loved it when I teased her pussy lips with my cock around her vagina. Then I slowly went inside her. She screamed, taking a deep breath, “Fuck me now, don’t stop.” I started to pump her like a machine, at the same time caressing her clitoris.

The only word which was coming from her mouth is, “Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! You know how to give pleasure.” My cock went in a rhythm for half an hour then we changed into a doggie position. When her ass came towards my cock up and forth, her ass cheeks were shaking, asking for more. We fell in exhaustion.

Within a few seconds, she came on top of me, took my cock inside her pussy, and started to ride like a cowgirl. It was beautiful to see her boobs swinging and her face filled with lust. She took my hand and made me press her boobs. Within some time, we both started to cum inside each other.

This was great as we were feeling high with her nude body on top. I hugged her so tight that her boobs got pressed on my chest. It was a feeling I can’t forget. We both collapsed, hugging each other, and my mind started to plan for the next assignment.

This was the beginning of our sex adventure, which took us to fire camp in the coming month. I hope you liked my encounter with Priya and if you want to know more about our sex adventure, stay tuned.

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