Sex Adventure Time With My Neighbor

This incident is about the sex adventure time I had with a girl who was my neighbor around 5 years back. She was searching for a better job in her early 30s.

Sandhya (name changed) had moved in with her parents to Pune in my neighboring flat from another district. The family had kept a housewarming party, and I was invited to be part of the celebration.

Her parents got to know I work in an MNC. They introduced her to me and said she was looking out for a job. I told them that I will discuss her job interests.

We sat in a corner and started the conversation. I got to know Sandhya was very much interested in marketing and sales. She enjoyed making presentations as she had done MBA in marketing. I told her there are opportunities in Pune, and she will get them.

We exchanged our numbers and started chatting daily about our day’s work and other developments on the job. Once I told her to share her CV with me, and she shared it. While going through the CV, I noticed her age was 31. I asked her, “Are you not planning to get married since you are already 31?”

She replied she was not interested as she had broken up with her boyfriend two years back. Right now, she was only interested in her career and might think later about marriage. I asked her in a subtle way why the relationship was broken.

I mentioned to her, “No guy would like to lose a beautiful girl like you?” She messaged me back, “Leave aside the reason why the relationship ended and answer me. Do you think I am that beautiful?”

The following conversation ensued between her and me

Me: Yes. Definitely, you are beautiful.

Sandhya: Why do you find me beautiful?

Me: You have a beautiful and charming face.

Sandhya: Oh! You find my face beautiful and charming. Thanks for the compliment. What else do you like in me that you mentioned no guy would like to lose a beautiful girl like you?

Me: You are soft-spoken, and you respect others around you.

Sandhya: What else? Aren’t guys attracted to anything more in girls? (with a winking emoji and a naughty laughing emoji.)

I understood she is in a flirting mood.

I replied: Yes – definitely, their body structure.

Sandhya: It’s called a figure and not body structure. No need to cautiously use your words. just be frank with me. (with a winking emoji)

Me: Yes. You are right.

Sandhya: Do you think I have a good figure?

Me: Yes. Definitely.

Sandhya: What you like in my figure? Just be open and frank enough (again, a winking emoji)

Me: I can’t.

Sandhya: That means you don’t like my figure (with a sad face emoji)

Me: No. I didn’t mean it that way

Sandhya: If you consider that we have grown close to each other in the last few days, tell me frankly what you like about my figure.

Me: Okay. To be very frank, you have a shapely backside and a lovely chest.

Sandhya: Again, incorrect choice of words to describe a female figure. I don’t know why you are hesitant. Let me tell you upfront that I ogle at you from my bathroom window when you are exercising in your room bare-chested.

Sandhya: Sometimes I have seen you in briefs only. Hope now you will open up and tell me frankly that you like my buttocks and my breasts or, as some people call it, boobs.

Me: Yes, dear. I like your shapely buttocks and your lovely boobs.

Sandhya: Now that’s like a guy talking. Great, at least you are not shy anymore to talk on this subject.

Me: But I wanted to understand how you could look at me exercising in my room from your bathroom window since your bathroom window is dark.

Sandhya: Yes, my bathroom window is dark so that from outside nobody can see in my bathroom. But I can see from my closed bathroom window what is on the outside.

Me: Ok. That means I have to be more careful.

Sandhya: Don’t worry, nobody else uses my bathroom because it’s attached to my bedroom. So, only I have seen you bare-chested and in your briefs.

Me: Yeah, I understood because I stay alone sometimes I carelessly roam around in the flat with just the briefs on me.

Sandhya: And you look super sexy in briefs only, and I ogle at you. But I never had any idea what you think about me. I was just chatting on regular topics during our conversation, even though I had started liking you.

Sandhya: But today, when you said no guy would like to lose a beautiful girl like you, I saw the opportunity to get it out of you what you think about me. Can you come over to meet me as I want to sit with you and talk to you?

Me: It’s 11 pm. Your parents will question me why I have come at this hour if I visit your flat.

Sandhya: No one is there. Parents have gone to our hometown. I am alone in the flat. Also, no one will suspect. We live on the top floor with other flats being unoccupied and there are no cameras in the building.

Me: You are a super detective. Ok coming. But I will not ring the doorbell as it will create sound and can raise doubt. Just keep the door latch open, and I will enter the flat.

Sandhya: Ok. Come soon. Opened the door already.

I locked my flat and slightly pushed the door of Sandhya’s flat, which was open. I entered and locked the door and then turned around to look at her. She was wearing a sleeveless tank top and shorts, and I was stunned as she looked super sexy in the dim light of her flat.

Sandhya (smilingly): What are you staring at?

Me: Nothing.

Sandhya came close to me and hugged me tightly, and said, “Thank you for telling me that I am beautiful.”

As she hugged, her boobs crushed against my chest. She held my hands and put them on her waist and said, “Hug me tightly.”

I had shivered through my body with her super sexy figure was hugging me. I could not control it. My tool was erect as it touched her crotch area. I was not wearing any briefs and only had boxer shorts on me with a sleeveless tee on top.

She felt the hardness of my tool on her crotch and smilingly said, “Tonight, I am all yours.”

I slowly lowered my palms from her waist and slipped my palms inside her shorts, only to realize she was not wearing any panty. My palms were on her shapely buttocks, and I started squeezing her buttocks.

She gave a moaning sound and said, ” You really like my buttocks, and you are enjoying them.”

Me: I love your boobs too.

She lifted her tank top, and to my surprise, she was not wearing any bra. She said, “Then enjoy my boobs also and suck my nipples. I hope you relish them.”

I started sucking her boobs and nipples madly, and she started moaning heavily and held my head tightly against her boobs. In between, we locked our lips and French kissed. Then again, I started fondling and kissing her breasts and sucking her big black areolas and nipples.

Then I turned her around and removed her shorts, and made her sit on her fours. I started kissing her shapely buttocks and simultaneously squeezed her big boobs, and she started moaning heavily.

The remaining narration of this incident will be continued in Part 2.

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