Sex With My XIS Reader

Hi everyone. My name is Ajil. I am a 34-year-old software engineer. Basically from Kerala but working in Dubai. I am 5ft 8 inches tall. Six pack abs and 6-inch rock solid dick. Please respond with your comments on [email protected]

First I would like to thank everyone for all the well wishes that you gave me for my story. In my previous story, ‘Hot Sex With Katherine From Office To Hotel’, I told everyone how I had wonderful sex with my sex buddy Katherine.

This story is about how I fucked a XIS reader who contacted me on hangout and it turned out to be another hot sex. The heroine of the story is Sarita Dcruz (name changed). She 22 years old from Goa. A super hot lady, her figure is 34-32-38. She was 5ft 8 inch tall and dusky color.

A couple of weeks after I posted my story. I got a message in my hangout with appreciation. I thanked her and we chatted a little.

Sarita: Hi Ajil.

Me: Hi.

Sarita: Your story is awesome. I liked it.

Me: Thanks.

Sarita: Are you working in Dubai?

Me: Yes. I work in Dubai. And where are you from?

Sarita: I am from Goa. My dad is working in Dubai. I come to visit him sometimes. It’s a beautiful city.

Me: You should find a job in Dubai too.

Sarita: I would love to. My mom is working in India and I stay with her. We might shift soon to Dubai.

Me: Welcome. Hopefully, I can meet you when you come.

Sarita: Hopefully.

We continued our chat daily. And slowly we started hot talks. And started passing sex jokes. After 1 week of our chat. I asked her.

Me: How does your mom spend time? Your dad is in Dubai and he visits your mom once in 6 months.

Sarita: I told you she is an HR. She has her entertainments to spend free time.

Me: I think I know what she does. I hope you don’t do something like that and marry and settle in the same place.

Sarita: Oh, leave it. Her entertainments are not what you think it is. She has a relationship with someone else. And is happier to spend her time in Goa than going to Dubai.

Me: Wow. What a lady. I hope she looks sexy. Whose qualities do you have? Your dad’s or your mom’s?

Sarita: Kind of both. They both have multiple relationships and yes my mom is a hot looking lady.

Me: How many boyfriends do you have?

Sarita: I have one from my college.

Me: Are you planning for something hot when you come to Dubai?

Sarita: The only hot thing I am planning is to get fucked by you like you fucked Katherine.

Me: Sure lady. I will make sure you have to put some ice in your pussy before that night to cool it down.

Sariya: Hmmm. I am already wet.

After a month she messaged me that she was coming to Dubai with her mom. We spoke and made plans to meet on a weekend. I bought some ice cream and honey and got it ready for Saturday morning. I also bought one packet of condoms with 12 numbers and a Durex pleasure oil.

On Saturday morning at 11, she took a taxi and came to my room following the Google map I send her. I opened the door and was surprised to see her. She was a tall and big lady. Bigger than ladies of her age and had a big ass and wide hips. I greeted her and gave a hug and asked her to sit on the sofa.

She was wearing a skirt and a top. She was happy to see me and told me that I look in much better shape than described in the story. I told her that there is my shape of me yet to see. She was hungry for sex but was behaving shy when she saw me.

I went inside the hitched to take water and got undressed in the kitchen itself. I was now in my underwear. I took the honey tube and came to the hall. She saw me and gave me a flying kiss. I went near her and gave her a passionate kiss on her lips. She kissed me back and sucked my tongue.

Then bit on my neck and started sucking my nipples. I stopped her spread her legs lifted her skirt and suck her pussy over her panties. She started to moan loudly. “Please eat my pussy. Please make me your slave. I love your tongue. Eat me please.”

Then I removed her panties. Wow, what a clean pussy it was. I applied honey on her pussy and started to eat her pussy. Then undressed her and applied honey on her boobs pussy and sucked it. She was moaning with pleasure and asked me to fuck her. She then took my dick and started to suck it.

She sucked it like its lollypop. We were in 69 position now. I started stroking my dick in her mouth to half dick inside and also inserted my finger in her pussy and finger fuck her. In 2 to 3 minutes she started squirting. That was her first time but I just kept going until she had her multiple orgasms.

Then I turned her around put condoms on and inserted in her pussy. It was tight and she was crying with pain and pleasure. I asked her whether it’s painful and she told me, “Whatever, just don’t stop. I am your slave.” I then inserted it fully then took out applied some pleasure gel and inserted it again.

I then started giving hard strokes. She was crying with pleasure. I also inserted a finger in her ass and finger fuck her ass along with fucking her pussy. I saw tears in her eyes also pleasure on her face. I fucked her for 30 minutes and by the time she had multiple orgasms.

I was about to cum so I took my dick out removed condom and cum on her face. She sucked clean my dick and also started wiping cum from her face and eating it. After cleaning my dick she said she loved it a lot and it’s the best sex. She told that her boyfriend fucks her only for a few minutes and he cums.

I turned her around and started sucking her ass. She loved it a lot and told me that I am full of surprises. Along with sucking my dick got hard again. Then I inserted another condom and with one stroke inserted it fully in her pussy. She was not expecting another round so fast.

I then fucked her in different positions for almost one hour. She got tired by then so I stopped and asked her to relax. She told me that she was ok and asked me to fuck her. I slowed down and went to the kitchen and took ice cream and came back. I gave her some ice cream.

She started eating it and also served some to me. I took some in my hands put it inside her pussy. I inserted my dick along with it and then gave another hard stroke for another 15 minutes. Icecream was leaking from her pussy like engine leaking oil. She was crying with pleasure.

I then took my condom off and tried to insert my dick in her ass. It was tight and she was feeling pain. So I stopped it and stroked in her mouth. We then slept on our sofa. After some time I ordered lunch and we had lunch together there at 4 pm.

Then we went to shower together. And had another sex in the shower. Before leaving she told me that she has a kinky fantasy to be fulfilled. I asked her what that is. She told her she wants to see me fuck her mom. I gave her a thumbs-up and then she left.

Friends, I hope you guys liked my story. In the next episode, I will explain how I fucked her mother and how she helped me and watched the whole incident.

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