Making Lily Aunty Happy

Having a special someone in your life is a wonderful feeling. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a lover. It can be anyone. Someone with whom you feel comfortable enough to be yourself. Someone who’s there to share your happiness and sorrows.

Someone who doesn’t need words to understand exactly what is in your mind. That someone for me was my aunty, Lily. Lily is my mom’s distant cousin. I call her Lily aunty, but she’s more of an elder sister. Just ten years older than me. She has been in my life from the very beginning.

Both of our families lived next to each other. Whenever she got a chance she would come over to our house to play with baby me. As both of us got older, we grew closer and closer to each other. I was more fond of her than my mother.

And when she got married and had to move a few towns away, I was more heartbroken than anyone. This meant we couldn’t see each other like we used to. But we still found ways to keep in touch. Our relationship over the phone became the norm.

Even-though free time was a rare commodity in her life, she would call me up whenever she can. We shared out deepest secrets. We comforted each other when we were down. I had my aunty. And aunty had me. Life was beautiful.

A few years passed. Lily aunty is now a mother to two baby boys. And as for me, I finished my masters and got a new job. Our calls got more frequent. And the tone of the calls was getting more miserable. The topic was always the same. Her mother-in-law.

Ever since her mother-in-law moved in with them, Lily aunty was in a miserable state of mind. And her husband not even trying to understand her situation only added fuel to her misery. Fights broke out between them. He even struck her once. I never thought of her husband as a violent man.

He seemed like a nice guy. And in some sense he was. He was a very simple man. A software engineer. Worked hard to provide for his family. But it stopped there. He couldn’t realize that his wife needed more than just materialistic things. Her once a happy home has now plunged into chaos.

This has been going on for a good part of a year. Lily aunty’s role in that household has now been reduced to someone who is just there to take care of the kids. The once-happy couple now hardly talked to each other. Fights between them is now a regular event.

Lily aunty always had a beautiful smile. When she used to hug me, she had that smile on her face. And I remember thinking she must be the happiest person I know. Now she hardly smiles. I felt bad for Lily aunty. She was a loving wife. A caring mother. And still, it was like everyone in her house was against her.

The only happiness left in her life was her children. And of course, me. I started visiting her whenever she was alone at home, and take her and the children out somewhere. Sometimes we would stay at home and just talk. She was always a strong woman.

But still, on occasions like this, I have seen her cry many times. I would just hug her. What more could I do?. I couldn’t change anything about her husband or her mother-in-law. Just hug her. At least she won’t feel alone.

The Story

It was a Friday night, at about 10 o’clock. I received a call from Lily aunty. She talked in a very low voice. It was only after a few moments that I realized that she was crying. I asked her about what happened. It was the same as always. She asked me if I could come over to her house this Sunday.

She said she would be alone and she wanted to see me. I agreed. We talked for some time and ended the call. That Sunday, I reached her home at around noon. She came out wearing a t-shirt and trousers. She seemed happy to see me. I parked my bike and we went inside.

Lily aunty went to the kitchen to get me something to drink. I saw her two children playing in the living room. I slipped my jacket off and joined in. I also gave the chocolates I bought for them. Lily aunty came back and handed me a glass of fresh orange juice and also gave some to the boys.

“Aji, come. Let’s sit in the bedroom,” she said.

I took my glass and followed her into the bedroom. It’s where we usually have our talks. She sat down on the bed and I sat on a chair next to the bed.

“How was the drive here? Is it very hot outside?” she asked.

“It is. But the jacket helps,” I replied.

“Oh my god! I forgot. Did you eat? It’s noon. I should’ve offered you lunch instead of the juice.”

“Mum made me finish lunch before I left. So the juice is fine.”

“Oh. Okay. And how are mum and dad doing?”

“Did you ask me to come here to ask about mum and dad?” I probed her.

Her face suddenly changed. Her head went down and she fell silent.

“What happened last Friday?” I asked.

She started explaining. But she couldn’t finish what she was saying. Tears started flowing down her cheeks. I got up and sat down next to her on the bed.

“Everything is going to be alright, aunty,” I told her, putting my arm around her shoulder.

“How?” she asked. “How is everything going to be alright? There is nothing anybody can do about all of this. This is my life now.”

She went on and said a lot of things. She even told me that they haven’t been like husband and wife in a long time. I got what she meant.

“I am so lonely, Aji,” she said as she leaned in and hugged me. As I tightened my arms around her, I could feel the warmth of her body on me. The rapid rise and fall of her chest pressed against mine.

“Aji,” she said as she raised her eyes to meet mine. Her embrace around my body loosened as her hand drifted towards my cheeks, pulling my head towards her. Her lips were warm and soft against mine.

She gripped my neck with her other hand and slid her fingers from my cheeks, down my throat, to my chest. My hands hovered around her waist, and then locked themselves around her, pulling her tight, closing her in.

Abruptly, she pulled back from my grip, stood up and proceeded to walk out of the room. Confused, my heart thundering, I came back to reality and was beginning to realize what had just happened.

“Play with these toys. Ben, make sure your brother doesn’t go wandering, okay? Mummy will be in the bedroom,” I heard her give instructions to her three years old and two years old in the next room. I hear her lock the front door. She came back into the bedroom and closed the door.

She saw me sitting right where she left me, came near me and sat down. “Come,” she spoke softly as her hands fastened around the hem of my t-shirt, her intentions clear. She ripped it upwards, pulling it over my head. She reached out and hooked one hand into a belt loop.

She let the other trace the outline of my erection, so evident through the denim. I swallow and closed my eyes briefly. She unzipped my jeans, pushed the denim off my hips and pulled the material from my legs, freeing my erection. She ran her hands up over and between my thighs.

Her fingers drifting through my pubic hair and stroking my erection. My entire body quivered, and I squeezed my eyes shut. As I open my eyes again, I see her leaning forward, resting her hand on my thigh. She took me in her mouth and moved down, taking me deeper into her throat.

I cried out softly as she sucks gently, my hands weaving through her hair. Her mouth starts to move faster and suck harder. I felt her tongue as she ran it around the skin. Suddenly, she sat up and leaned in as she pulls my face towards her and kissed me again.

We both fall on the mattress as I kiss her back, this time more urgently. I kiss her lips, her cheeks, her forehead, her neck, and her lips again. My tongue driving into her mouth and felt her hands tighten around me. Encouraged, I shift my position on top of her.

She pressed me against her body and kissed me back. I bit her lower lip and gently tugged at it with my teeth. Our tongues tentatively exploring each other in a slow erotic dance. Her one hand caressed my cheeks and hair while the other explored my back.

Hugging me tighter. She moans as I press my whole body on her. She could feel my erection grinding on her. “Take off my clothes,” she ordered quietly. Fumbling slightly, my hand fastened around the hem of her t-shirt. She raised her arms willingly and I pulled it over her head.

She lifted her upper body from the mattress as she undid her bra, letting it drop on the bed. I watched her with stunned disbelief. She took a deep breath, then hooked her fingers into her trousers, pulling them off her hips, along with her panties. For a moment, time seemed to billow outwards as she laid there.

Both of us stared at each other, drinking in our nakedness. Her hair dark, long and untied. Flawless skin. Succulent and curves in all the right places. I’ve never noticed her like this. She was extraordinarily beautiful. Leaning down, my weight on her, I feel her warm skin against mine.

My kisses were firm and slow. She moans and my tongue tentatively meets hers. I kiss her across her jaw, her chin and the corners of her mouth. Her hands travel down my spine to my waist and down to my behind. Her hands flex over my buttocks and squeeze gently.

I pushed my erection onto her. She moans once more in my mouth. My hand moved to her hips, to her waist, then hovered uncertainly over her breast.

“Yes, touch me,” she said as she threaded her fingers through mine. She slowly lifted my right hand to her breast, moving in a slow circle, showing me what pleased her. Letting me explore her body as she shivered beneath my touch. Nuzzling my face between her breasts and angling my head to one side.

I closed my lips around her left nipple and sucked hard. She gasped and her eyes flickered up but my mouth didn’t move away. My tongue teasing her, flicking from side to side. She arched her spine, pushing her breast more into my mouth.

My hand moves to her other breast and my thumb slowly rolls the end of her nipple, elongating it. “Ah,” she groaned as my fingers pull hard. Suddenly, pulling her breast out of my mouth, she pulls me up to her face and kisses me.

“I want you inside me, Aji,” She whispered. I nodded. Wordless. She pulls her knees up and I shift onto my elbows so she can feel my weight on her, holding her down. I grasped myself in one hand then positioned the tip.

“Please,” she gasped. I thrust deeply into her and groaned as I buried my head in her neck. She lifts her hips and wrapped her legs around my waist, crossing her angles over my ass, and gripping me tightly. I moved slowly at first, easing myself in and out of her.

Her hips moved tentatively to meet mine. I speed up. She moans, and I pound on, picking up speed, merciless, a relentless rhythm. Each powerful thrust pushed her further into her mattress. And pushing us further and further into another dimension.

Her nails raked my back, my shoulders, and biceps. I gazed into her face, contorted, stripped bare. There was just me, just her and the echo of her moan in the room. She groans. I grasped her head between my hands and kissed her hard. My teeth pulling her lower lips again.

I feel her starting to stiffen as I thrust on and on. Her body quivers, bows, a sheen of sweat gather over her. Loudly calling out a garbled version of my name, she unravels, exploding around me as she climaxes and splinters into a million pieces underneath me.

“Aunty,” I groan breathlessly into her ears as I come, thrusting hard. Then I empty myself into her. As I collapsed, she pulled me tighter inside, milking every last inch of me. I moan and lay with my head nestled into her neck, breathing hard.

After several minutes locked together without moving, I reluctantly pulled out of her, making her gasp. I slid off her and laid on my back. I think I was smiling. I felt the bed move, and I opened one eye. She was slowly climbing out of bed.

She fished her bra from under a pillow and grabbed her t-shirt, trousers, and panties from the floor. She ran quickly towards the bathroom, looking back at me, a smile on her face. She closed the bathroom door behind her.

I climbed off the bed and got dressed. After a few minutes, she came out of the bathroom, now fully clothed. “Come, I’ll get you something to drink,” she said as she extended her one arm, inviting me. I followed her as she opened the door and walked to her kitchen.

She poured two glasses of orange juice and gave me one. I tipped my drink down my throat in one swift gulp. Guess I was thirsty. A giggle escaped her. I awkwardly stood there in silence. My mind was completely blank. I didn’t know what to say or do. I sensed she was feeling the same way too.

“I have to get going,” I spoke first. “I promised mom I’ll be back by three o’clock”.

“Oh. Okay,” she was visibly disappointed. I handed her the empty glass and walked towards the living room. Her two children were still engaged in their toys.

“Could they have heard us in the bedroom?” I thought to myself. I grabbed my jacket from the sofa and walked to my bike. She followed.

“Bye, Aji,” she waved as I started my bike.

“Bye, aunty,” I said, smiling back at her.

On the road, I started to recollect my thought. My mind went through everything that had happened. Every scene passed before me. I was half paying attention to the road. In about forty-five minutes I reached home.

I parked my bike a went straight into my bedroom. Peeling my jacket off my shoulders, I fell back onto my bed. I checked my phone and there was a text from her.‘Today, it was really wonderful. Thank you, Aji. Hope I can see you again soon 😘’

I smiled to myself and laid back on the bed and drifted off to sleep immediately.

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