Fucked A Friend From School

Hi guys, this is Vishnu, aged 24, fairly built and 7-inch tool, from Bangalore.

This one is about me with a friend of mine with whom I lost contact since I left school in 2012 and met her now. Let me tell you a little about this girl. She, Nidhi, is blessed with huge assets and a near-perfect figure for us guys to worship 36-30-38. Beautiful features and average height.

One day, all of a sudden I get a text message from Nidhi asking me where I was. I replied I am at home as it was a Sunday. She said, “Can you come to meet me at this location?” I was equally shocked and surprised as I didn’t know she was in Bangalore.

Anyway, I agreed to go to that location and meet her. I reach that place and we both meet in a cafe, order some coffee and start catching up. There was a lot to talk about as we met almost after 5 years. We both were inseparable in school. Time passed by and it was almost 8 pm.

I asked her if she wanted to grab a drink. She was almost in shock listening to that from me. She still had this sweet little image of me from school in mind, not taking into consideration the years I spent in Bangalore. So we walk down a pub nearby, only to find that jam-packed.

So we decided to head to my place and picked up some cans on the way. We reached my place and settled in the living room with a can in each of our hands. We start chatting again. I subconsciously spread my arm around her. She looked at me, smiled and rested her head on my shoulder as if she was waiting for this.

After 10 minutes or so, I feel her hand resting on my thigh. My cock starts to bulge. I try to hide it with a pillow. But she notices that and lets out a giggle. I slowly place a kiss on her cheek and her ears. She does the same and starts to caress my neck. I start kissing her neck and she lets out a lustful moan.

We look into each other’s eyes with passion and lust. I hold her by her thick waist and pull her towards me. By this time, I can hear her shallow breathing and it is turning me on. I kiss her on her lower lip and she starts to nibble my lip slowly.

“My god, you are an awesome kisser,” I said. Hearing this, she said, “Not only an awesome kisser I have other talents too.” Saying this she slides down on her knees and starts to unzip me. My cock is erect by now. She pulls it out and starts to kiss it. It was a heavenly feeling, I must say.

She slowly starts to lick and stroke my dick. She then starts thrusting up and down. Her horny looks made me want to fuck her even more. I pull her up slowly, unbutton her jeans and make her sit on the top of the sofa. I spread her legs and slowly move her fingers around her thighs and inner thighs.

Simultaneously I kiss her toes. Now she can’t resist herself and moans in pleasure. With that, I move up, start kissing her inner thighs and slowly rub my fingers over her panty. I could feel that her pussy is already wet and I kiss her for some time over her wet panty.

I slide my hand up and unbutton her bra and her sumptuous boobs fill my hands. Start to squeeze those melons with pleasure and start to suck her nipples. She then holds me by my hair and pulls me up and smooches me hard. At that same moment, she undresses me.

She turns me over, gets on top of me and sensually kisses me on my neck and chest. Then she sucks my nipples and goes down kisses my navel. She takes my rock hard dick in her mouth and rocks it up and down. I got so aroused by that blowjob, I couldn’t hold it.

I pull her and place her wet pussy over my mouth for a crazy 69 position. We almost make each other cum in our mouths. I go up to her kiss her on her neck, earlobes. I just dangle my dick near the entrance of her already dripping pussy. Tease her for a bit as she moans and begs me to fuck her.

I happily agreed with that. I put on my condom and put my dick into the pussy she offered me. I initially pushed my cock slowly half expecting it to be more painful than a pleasure to her. But to my surprise, it slid right in. She looked at me with a lustful smile from the corner of her lips.

I begin banging her by thrusting my cock in and out. By now she is making sounds and moaning that are making me even hornier. I now lie down and make me sit on top of me and enter her from below. The image of her juicy melons bouncing is a sight for sore eyes.

She was grinding me now, moving her waist and grinding her pussy on my dick. As I didn’t want this to end on my sofa I lifted her my arms. With the tightening her legs around my waist and holding with her arms around my neck. I take her to the bedroom.

While taking her in, I give her a naughty smile. I insert my cock in her pussy to which revels in pleasure and surprise. She starts to bounce up and down to enjoy my dick to the fullest. I drop her on the bed and make her stay in the doggy style and lick her pussy from behind.

I enter her again after some licking and this time I enter with a thrust. She screams in pain and I keep thrusting her and moving my cock in and out. Simultaneously I cup her boobs in my hand and also pinch her nipples. It was evident that she was about to cum.

I make her cum and lick those juices right off her pink pussy. Nidhi pulls me over and comes on top of me. She starts riding me like a cowgirl. I lay back and enjoy the sight of her boobs jumping in the air. I place her in a missionary position and enter her and start thrusting her again.

Now I moan as I am about to cum. I remove my condom and ask her to suck it. Unaware to her after a few minutes, I blow my load in her mouth and she drinks it all. She starts to kiss me. To add to it, I insert my fingers in her pussy and start to finger her again.

She begs me not to stop and I continue till I made her cum again. We head to the bathroom to clean ourselves up and had a little make-out session there as well. We then crashed on the bed and cuddled as we slept.

The next morning when we woke up, she saw my morning wood and gave me a naughty smile. We again made out for some time making my cock rock solid. With my eyes, I gestured her to give me a blowjob and she was sweet enough to comply.

She licked my balls and spit on my cock before tasting that rod of a cock. After some time of rocking back and forth, she decides to give me a titfuck. She placed her boobs over my dick and starts to move up and down. This was my first titfuck.

I couldn’t control my load and blew it right on her boobs and chest. She then went to clean it up after licking the last drop of it from my cock.

And that, friends, was how I fucked my best friend from school. Do let me know if you liked my story. Do feel free to contact me at [email protected] if you too want to be satisfied like this.

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