Her Wicked Smile – Part 2

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The doorbell rang. I was scared at first but she made me relax saying, “Chill.” She opened the door and came back with her mom. A fair lady in her 40s, holding 2-3 shopping bags in her hand. A black chikan kurti and a white palazzo to enhance her beauty, soft makeup to make her look 2 years younger.

“Hello beta, how was your day together?” This direct question thrown at me made me realize that her mom knows me and was aware of today’s date. Recovering from the thoughts, I smiled hesitantly and answered, “Yeah it was a great day, we both enjoyed.”

I looked at Miti, to check her expressions. She was busy looking into the shopping bags. Her mom sat on the sofa opposite to me and asked her, “Did you even offer him anything to eat?”

“No. I am hungry too, did you bring anything ready to eat,” she replied.

“Come on, order some food right away. Let’s have dinner together.” She instructed looking at me.

“No, no aunty, I am all good. It’s already 10 o’clock, I should take your leave now,” I quickly replied.

“Why don’t you wait here tonight! We can have dinner together, watch a good movie, play cards and spend a good time. Any which ways, her father is on an official tour. We will have a man’s company to safeguard us, what say, Miti?”

‘Man’ word was echoing in my head. I was happy in some corner of my mind as it opens an opportunity to fuck Miti again tonight. I was hoping to turn this into reality. Miti said, “Hmmm mama is right. If possible wait tonight.”

Just to pretend innocence, initially, I started rejecting the offer as a good boy. And later agreed as a gesture of respect for her mom. Her mom excused us to change into comfortable clothes. I took the opportunity and grab the hot girl and pressed her buttocks.

Before I could kiss her, the sound of the bedroom door parted us.

“Miti, did you order?” mom asked while coming out of her bedroom.

“Nope, mom,” she replied.

“Oh this girl, tell me beta what you will like to have? I will order,” her mom asked me. I replied, “Anything that you  like.”

“Biryani,” Miti interrupted. I thumbed up in affirmation. The order arrived after 20-30 minutes and we all ate it like hungry birds. Post dinner, we headed to the living room for the movie. We decided to watch a horror one. Her mom gave us ice cream. We were having quality time together. Her mom was super cool.

Back of the mind, I was planning to fuck Miti when her mom goes to bed. I was praying that soon she dozes off. But looked like, no signs of her going to the bedroom for another 2 hours. The movie was about to finish. I was lying on one of the sofas, which was supposed to be my bed tonight.

Miti was already half asleep and so was I. Maybe the day made us tired. Aunty instructed her to go and sleep in her bedroom. She obeyed it in her sleepy state. Then she asked me, “Beta, Hope you don’t mind. I am watching repeat telecast of the serials, which I missed today.”

I replied, “Yeah yeah, carry on.” I was disappointed and texted Miti, “Hey, don’t sleep, we can have fun once your mom goes to sleep.” 15-20 minutes passed, no reply from her side. I closed my eyes in frustration and went to sleep. I didn’t realize how much time had passed by.

But something pleasant woke me up. I felt a hand roaming freely around my crotch. A wicked smile flashed on my face. I tried to hide it and pretended to be in deep sleep. Till now, I was well aware of Miti’s wild side. And let her take the lead. Her hands were playfully handling my crotch area.

I had changed into a loose short offered by aunty. She was caressing my penis over the short at ease. Slowly the hands were coming up to the elastic area and were trying the pull the short. Everything was happening steadily. And I let the short slide easily below my bums.

For obvious reasons, my penis was rock solid and sprang out. She stopped pulling the short further. It reached till my knees. There was no moment for the next few seconds. I was slowly opening my eyelids to check what’s cooking.

Before I could completely open it, I felt a warm, wet and soft tongue on my mushroom area. I couldn’t control and let out a moan.

“Now don’t pretend, I know you’re not sleeping anymore.” I was stunned to hear that, not because she had caught my drama but this was not Miti’s voice. “No not at all, I must be dreaming,” a thousand thoughts were crossing my mind. And she gulped my entire cock length into her mouth.

“Ah,” I let out a louder moan. I came to my senses and pulled my self away from her. I was scared and looking at her face with hundreds of questions. Now it was her time, to have a wicked smile on her face. She came close to my face and calmed me down saying, “It’s ok. I need you tonight. Please help me.”

The boy inside me was scared but the man was the happiest person tonight. The man was overpowering the boy’s thought gradually. I looked at Miti’s bedroom in a puzzle.

“She won’t disturb us. Believe me, uncle and I used to have sex here in the living room. Sometimes in the kitchen too. And we are never caught,” her quick reply made me relief 40-60%. I was still reluctant. Her mom planted a kiss on my lips and squeezed my balls with her hand.

I was in seventh heaven but was not fully convinced yet. And she understood my vibes. She stood up and started going away to her bedroom. I was never so disappointed in my life. I wanted her badly now. But I guessed, I missed the lifetime opportunity.

My destiny was not so rude. After a while, aunty came back with a key. She signaled me and locked Miti’s bedroom. I thought, she will directly approach me after that. But to my surprise, she went straight into her bedroom. A few minutes later, she came out in her lingerie.

OMG, she was looking stunning like a sex goddess. All this tension in between had made my penis shrunk down. But her sexier side, made my cock stand in her honor. The stats which I forgot to note in kurti were now highlighted in bold.

I don’t know either her push up bra or her huge tits were helping her to create the most magical cleavage.

“So will you help me?” She questioned. I stood up near the sofa and pointed at my solid penis and asked her, “I need your help now.” She laughed,” you naughty boy.” I corrected her, “Not a boy. Man. Your man for tonight.”

She gave a wicked smile, came forward and hugged me tightly. Her hand went straight to my tool. And she started rubbing it. I placed one hand on her boob and started smooching her. She was delicious than ice cream. She was pulling back my foreskin with each stroke. It was hurting a little.

I took her tongue in my mouth and started chewing it. I crushed her huge melons with my tiny hands. She bit my lip and squeeze my penis with extra pressure. I was in pain. She took the lead to transform me into my birth suit. She was still holding her jugs in the bra cup and her ass covered in her panty.

No doubt, she was overpowering me. But I was loving it. She pushed me back on the sofa, unhooked her bra. My eyes popped out looking at her fair huge boobs. She jumped on the sofa and offer her hanging boobs near my mouth just like the grapes. I was jumping to take a bite on the brown raisin.

But she was better at teasing. I had to grab her boob in my hand and test her milky melons. I started showing my power now. I was treating her boobs like a hungry cannibal. Pressed them harder, I bit her nipples, pinched her waist. I took her in my arms and planted a deep kiss on her thirsty lips.

I decided not to break the kiss until she surrenders completely. I was testing each molecule of her saliva. I pushed one hand in her panty. And started playing with her clit. I found the trigger to take her control. I pinched her clitoris. Her pussy area was clean-shaved. I started softly scratching her pussy entrance.

She loosened her strength and came in my hug like an obeying kid. I peeled off her panty and made a stark naked. Frankly speaking, she was more beautiful than her daughter. I made her sleep on the sofa and went between her legs. I tickled my tongue on her precum.

She closed her legs. I spread it apart and pushed my head on over vertical lips. Her pink pussy started stretching with every touch of mine. She started taking deep breaths. She pulled my hair. My tongue dug deeper into her fleshy hole. She sobbed louder. I eat her all 10-15 minutes long.

She had one of her best orgasms. She was lying on the sofa for the next few minutes smiling to herself. Maybe uncle never took her to this night ride. I was searching for a condom is my jeans pockets. But there were none. “Now what?” I whispered.

“What happened? Why are you sitting idle? Don’t you want to fuck me?” her mom inquired.  “I am not carrying protection” I sadly replied. “Silly boy,” she pushed her weight on me and made me sleep. The next 10 minutes I was floating in the skyline.

She took good care of my penis giving the best blowjob so far. Sometimes experience does make a difference.

“We don’t need a condom, come inside me,” she asked me while leaving my cock. Today was the luckiest day of my, I got two bitches without much effort. I spread her legs and penetrated her pussy lips with my dick head. She started breathing heavily.

I gradually increase my pace and started fucking her at my highest pace. Her juices were playing a major role in lubricating. Suddenly she stopped me a while and asked loudly, “Fuck me slowly, bhadve, I want to feel your meat.”

I was in a dilemma because of the unusual request. Moreover, this was the first bad word I heart from her lips. Then I thought to myself, she is more experienced. Let’s try it. I slowed down my moment like a wall-clock pendulum. To and fro, and slower with each thrust.

I was enjoying her pussy more than before. She grabbed my head and started smooching at the same pace. This new technique was quite arousing. I was building pressure at my walnuts. A few more strokes and I’m done. Aunty sensed it and stopped my moments.

She took a 2 minutes break and said, “Hold on, baby, not so early.” She held my hand dragged me to the kitchen. She turned on the kitchen lights. This was the first time. I was looking at her naked body in full lights. She was such a beauty. My penis veins started pulsing some extra blood.

She slapped her ass chick hard, bend over the kitchen platform and said, “Ride me, you fucker.” It was extra seductive to fuck her in full lights. I pointed my dick to her ass and gave a hard slap to her buttocks. She cried loudly, “Now fuck me hard.”

I drilled her ass hole with some efforts and started in and out rigorously. Now I was not gone wait for anything. I fucked her hard about a few minutes and she turned towards me, “Are you coming?” I replied while thumping, “Yeah, I will be coming anytime.”

She turned her ass away, my penis slid out easily. I was disappointed. I hadn’t finished yet. She opened the fridge and took out a chocolate syrup bottle. And poured some on my penis. She went on her knees and rest was history.

I released loads after loads in her mouth. She didn’t waste a single drop. It was a learning session for me. She took me to the washroom attached to her bedroom. We washed, came to her bed and smooched for the next few minutes. Then I came out and slept thinking what is the next best plot for me by destiny.

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