Couple Goals

Rohan! He’s been on my mind for quite a while now. Because just last week, we had the most amazing sex ever as part of our couple goals. A little backstory – Rohan is my boyfriend, and he’s had quite a lot of experience with sex. And me, I had only done it once before. That is before I met him.

Last week, we went to it for 3 hours straight. I couldn’t get enough of his rugged beard, chiseled abs, and supple fingers. All I wanted was for him to give it to me good and he did.

I was sitting on the sofa with my lace bra, which I’d recently bought, and was waiting for him to come home. My hard nipples were already peeking out. The shorts I was wearing did nothing to help my growing wetness down there.

I already couldn’t help myself and think about masturbating to his nudes several times, but I had to wait. There was another hour of torture I had to endure before I could finally have my sweet release.

Right at 3 pm, the doorbell rang, and he made his way in. I grabbed his face and gave him the most passionate kiss of my life. I felt up every skin on his arms, chest, abs, back of his head, everything. I couldn’t hold back at all.

I put my tongue deep inside his and tasted every corner of his mouth. I also pushed my pussy towards his dick which was already hard, as it should be, and moaned to the sweet pleasure of his mouth on mine.

He broke the kiss too soon for my taste. He pushed me to the sofa and had me sit there with my legs parted. I was fully clothed. I was dying to feel him inside me. But I was also curious about what he was going to do.

In one swift movement, he inserted two fingers inside my pussy from under my panty. Oh, God! His fingers were working their way inside my pussy. I was so turned on that I couldn’t stop my loud moaning. I wanted him so bad.

That was short-lived too. He stopped abruptly. And started his slow movements, starting from my ears. He licked my outer ear completely, taking at least 5 minutes for each ear. He knew full well that I couldn’t resist being licked and sucked there and purposely did it to tease me, that bastard.

He then sucked my neck slowly but firmly. Every movement of his tongue, every tiny bite, is still etched into my memory. He licked my neck completely and sucked anything that got left out. He was really pushing me towards the edge without even touching my pussy.

Finally, he reached my boobs. He pinched my left nipple hard but was sucking my right so softly. I couldn’t understand what to feel, but I just didn’t want him to stop at any cost. He then started kneading both my boobs and sucked and bit them in turns.

His hands owly moved to my waist and hip while his lips were still firmly perched on my nipples. He felt me completely from my boobs to ass and moved his dick inside his shorts towards my pussy.

Basically dry humping me while sucking and biting my nipples and making them a wet mess, all while softly moving his arms up and down my body.

“Rohan, please go down on me!” I begged. I just wanted that wet mouth on my clit, and he immediately obliged. “Anything you want, darling.”

He removed my shorts while his hands were still tracing the curves of my body, and when he was done, he clutched my boobs really tight and whispered, “You’re gonna see heaven, baby.” He started playing with my boobs furiously and put his mouth on my pussy lips.

Oh, this was really heaven. He moved his tongue in circles all over my clit and gently nipped me from time to time. His hands were working on my boobs simultaneously. The moment he started to move his tongue furiously to my clit, I cummed hard.

He didn’t stop there, though, and the night had just begun too. He continued sucking my clit, blew air on it in between – the sudden chill air amid his warm saliva on my clit was just what I needed. He went deeper and deeper and slid his tongue deep inside my pussy, maximizing the pleasure I felt.

He could feel the walls of my pussy contracting to every movement of his tongue, but he didn’t care. He was as harsh as he could be. He sucked me hard. I cummed for the second time that day. I’m not ashamed to admit I screamed my lungs out then.

My breathing was still very heavy. I barely had time to catch my breath when he started pushing his index finger inside me. “You like that, baby?” he smirked. I knew he wouldn’t let me that easy. He finger fucked me so hard till I forgot what it was day or night and then asked me, “What’s my favorite color?”

“Black,” I mumbled. I could hardly get the words out of my mouth. I knew all he wanted was to see me in this pathetic state. “Good girl,” and he went on to insert his middle finger too. He was fucking me with two fingers now, moving it in wild directions.

His thumb was steadily rubbing my clit, building up the pressure from outside. I was squeaking out of pleasure, and I could hardly utter a legible word. Within the next minute, I saw the peak of pleasure, and I felt my orgasm leaving my body for the third time that night.

It was so relieving, and my eyes fluttered shut for a while. He paused for a few minutes to let me come back to my senses, and when I opened my eyes, I saw him standing stark naked with a wicked look in his eyes.

“My turn now, honey.” He pushed his completely hard dick inside my pussy, and it went in relatively easily. After all, I have turned on again, and I was still wet from all that cum previously.

It was so smooth. Imagine drinking cool water on a hot summer’s day. His dick was that to my pussy. He softly pushed inside and gently started rocking me back and forth. He penetrated me balls deep and took it all out again, only to repeat this again and again.

Slowly, steadily, completely. I was filled up like a balloon and deflated again and again. He then started increasing his pace. He rocked his hips forward and backward and starting fucking me nice and long.

He moved his hands to the back of my head and kissed my lips deeply as he continued to fuck me in missionary. This was what making love felt like. Having the guy of my dreams touch every part of my body, feel every inch of me, and give me the utmost pleasure. This was sex.

By then, he increased his pace a little more, and I was back to the moaning, uncontrollable mess I was. I could feel his throbbing dick inside my pussy. I could sense he was nearing his orgasm too. He started pushing in forcefully now, and I needed that kinda pressure.

Within minutes, the air around was so heated, and we both cummed at the same time on each other. We both were at the peak of pleasure. We stayed in that position for a long while before we were good to go.

It was mind-blowing sex, and I can’t wait to do it all over again with him. Until next time though, from a beautiful me, to you.

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