Maid Lekha Leaves Her Wet Juice Filled Panty On My Bed

Hey everyone, this is Rohan from Chennai. I am 20 years old. I look slim with a perfect body and a wheatish, fair complexion. This is a story which happened when I just moved to Coimbatore. My family and I moved into this new duplex house. I really liked it because I had a room of my own upstairs.

We were all setting up and then came Lekha. She was looking for a maid’s job. When I first saw her enter the house, she gave me a really shy smile. I smiled back and it was nice.

She was appointed afterward by my parents and they asked her to come for work from the next day as we were still settling in.

Let me describe Lekha to you all. She was married, and probably in her mid-30s. She had a brown complexion and a tinge of blackness around her neck and back hip area which added to the sexiness.

The maid had a really fine ass with the perfect curves. Damn, it looked juicy! She wore her sari a bit low on the hip, so her navel was really sexy too. She looked like a perfect bomb MILF.

My parents go to work and they won’t usually come home till 6 pm or so. Since I was on summer vacations, I was home all day, lazing around.

Every day at 5, Lekha comes for work and rings the bell. The front door will always be locked, so I asked her to come through the back door.

I open the gate and stand there, and she used to pass close by tome, not touching but close. I used to get that sexy scent of hers which would make me go crazy.

This continued for a week. Then one day, my parents were going out of town, so they asked Lekha to cook dinner for me the next day.

As usual, that day too I opened the backdoor, but this time when she passed me, the maid’s hot ass just lightly touched my dick. I immediately got a boner. She didn’t react to anything and just went by to do her work.

Then she was washing the utensils, and came to the hall and asked me if she could sweep the floor upstairs. She rarely does that, so I said ok. I said, “I will show you the room,” and she came behind me with the broom.

We entered my room. My room was always a mess. She started sweeping and I was standing there at the entrance watching her. Her hips were very wet after washing the utensils and water was dripping from those curves. I felt like biting it off but controlled myself.

Then she saw my used underwear lying on the floor. The maid picked it up without any reaction and put it on the bed.

I felt kind of embarrassed. So, I left the room for a while, and then when I came back, I saw my underwear in a completely different place than where I saw she had put it earlier! I thought maybe I was overthinking, but what if she was playing with my boxers..Mmmmmm!

Then, while Lekha was cooking dinner for me, she came to me to ask if she could use the bathroom. I said, “Sure,” and showed it to her. She went inside. I was standing right outside hearing her pee. The sound of her pee felt so weirdly sexy to me.

Then when she was about to come out, I ran from there and went to my room. She then cooked the dinner and left. There was some sexual tension that day I knew.

The next day when she came for work, I opened the gate and she pressed her ass against me for a second and then moved! Oh, god I was on cloud nine!! Then she said while washing the utensils, “Rohan, your room has lots of dust. Every day, I see it, so I am going to sweep it today too.”

I said, “Ok,” and then I went upstairs to my room and removed my underwear which was lying on the floor, and put it on the bed.

Then I came down. After she went up and swept and came downstairs, Lekha made eye contact with me. It was so seductive.

I went up and checked my boxer’s position, and it was completely displaced, so now I confirmed what I had thought earlier! Wow!

The next day, I put my boxers on the bed again, but this time with my cum on it. When I later went up to check, it was surely handled by her, I can see. So this really hot encounter was repeating for 4 days now. I was scared to make a move though.

That evening when I opened the gate and when the maid pressed her ass on mine, I lightly grabbed her ass. I really felt the heavy breath that she let out. She started to do her work. When she went upstairs and came down, she looked at me and gave a little smile. I didn’t know why.

After she left, I went upstairs and to my surprise, Woah, I saw her panty on my bed! There was a huge adrenaline rush in me and I was shocked.

I went and picked it up and noticed that it was a tad wet too, because of her sweat and dripping of cum. I lost myself that day and jerked off pretty hard smelling it, tasting it, and rubbing my face with it. I couldn’t wait for the next day.

The next day, Lekha came and I opened the gate. This time, I grabbed her ass tightly at her butt crack. She let out a heavy breath and moved to work.

I was so restless sitting in the hall. Then, when she went upstairs to my room, I went to my room after she left and there was no panty.

Lekha came into the room and asked, “Are you looking for something?”

I was shy and hesitantly looking at her. Lekha slowly closed the door behind her and came towards me.

Lekha: When are your parents coming?

Me (shyly): In 20-30 minutes I think, aunty.

Lekha: Mmmmm, so we are alone till then.

Me: Yes.

Lekha: So, what can we do till then? Do you want to touch me here?

The maid slowly moved her pallu and showed me her belly button. She took my hand and slowly put it on her curvy hips. I pressed them immediately and she bit her lips.

I slowly moved towards her and pressed my lips on hers. We were slowly kissing with our lips. I pinched her hips and grabbed her juicy ass with my other hand. That was when she put her tongue inside my mouth and we were exchanging out hot saliva constantly. She was grabbing my hair tightly.

I put all my tongue in her mouth and was kissing her. When we broke the kiss, I felt the smell of her hot saliva and was so horny. I pressed her wet blouse very hard, and she removed the buttons for me. I kissed the maid’s bra and was teasing her. I pulled her bra and started sucking those curvy, juicy boobs.

It was so tasty, and she was moaning, “Aahhh..Mmmmm..”

I was pinching the other boob while I was slowly biting and putting my saliva on her tits. As I was working on it, she reminded me that we didn’t have much time as my parents would arrive soon. She knelt down and pulled down my shorts. There it was, my 7 inches, thick, dark cock.

The maid slowly started stroking it and then spat some saliva on it. I was losing myself. Then she took it in her mouth and started sucking it. I was glancing down at her face, watching her sucking my cock, leaving saliva marks on it. It was so hot.

She was pressing my ass cheeks hard while she was sucking. Then she lifted my cock and buried her face between my thighs and was taking my balls in her mouth. She was running her tongue down there till my ass crack and I was shivering. It felt so good.

The maid came back to my cock and started rubbing her face with my wet dick. I slapped my dick on her face and then she started stroking my dick hard and was occasionally sucking it to make me cum.

She started stroking the cock with its tip on her tongue. Aaaaahhh, I was moaning so hard, and then I let out a huge blast of cum covering her face. She licked some of it, and it was so sexy seeing that.

The maid then got up and we both kissed. She said next time we will get dirtier. I couldn’t even sleep that night waiting for the next day. Her smell was still loitering in my room, and I still had her dirty panty to jerk off.

I will post the second part soon. Any woman interested can mail me [email protected]

Hope you all enjoyed the story. Cheers!

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