Hoegaarden’s Trick

I am not 6 inches or 7 inches. I have a normal Indian size. But as many of you would know by now, it is not the size but the mastery in the art that matters. So here we go with my first story about an unexpected lover. I have been planning to write it for quite some years.

This incident took place the very day I got my job offer letter. I was to meet Ashwini madam, our placement coordinator. But I was greeted by a young perky girl Suchita, she was her replacement. I did some small talk and learned that Suchita was an ex-student from our college.

She worked in the Business Management wing and was called to the Computer Science wing for this new role. I completed the formalities, accepted the good wishes, and was about to leave.

Then she said, “You are a gentleman and very soft-spoken. All the students who came in today made me feel so uncomfortable with their eyes.”

I replied, “I am glad I could get your mind of those students who came in earlier. I shall leave you to your work and not pester you.” (with a sly smile)  She got up from her desk, closed her laptop, and asked me if I could help her.

She said she had just gotten back from her hometown in the morning. She had come straight to the college as she didn’t want to be late for her first day at work. I helped her with her duffle bag, and we headed to the parking. She asked me if I wanted to catch up with some snacks in the cafeteria.

I politely denied and revealed my soul-soothing evening plan of having beer and order some spicy food. She gave a jealous look stating that she was craving for some alone time, me-time as she called it. She stayed in a rented apartment with 3 other girls.

I had rented out an apartment to myself as my family visited me twice a month. It gets difficult when you have roomies. I learned she stayed near my house, and we both were foodies. We got talking about a food joint near our place where I was planning to order from.

I said, “To celebrate my small success, I will order the spicy chicken wings with fried wontons. To compliment with beer and Burmese khowsuey rice as my dinner.” To my surprise, Suchita pinched my arm, stating the starter combo was simply awesome and that she had never tried Burmese khowsuey rice.

“Why don’t you join me for dinner? You could try the khowsuey and also get some me-time away from your roomies,” I blurted out.

I was expecting the answer maybe some other time. But I was shocked when she replied, “Really, it is anyways almost dinner time. Do you mind if we head to your place directly?” The shock of her answer was apparent on my face.

So she said, “I am sorry. It is just that I just had a break-up and wanted to be somewhere to get my mind off my old relationship.” I felt her pain but wasn’t going to be stupid enough to hear her sorrows. So I replied, “Only on one condition.”

She got a worried face. Her expression clearly revealed she thought I was to take advantage of her. So she was going to say No to our evening plan. “The condition is no topics of relations or exes to be brought up.”

As we reached my car, I said, “ That’s my ride. I could drop you at your place if you haven’t made up your mind.” She removed her jacket, untucked her blouse opened the top button and opened the passenger door, and slid elegantly inside my car.

When I joined her in the driver’s seat, she looked at me and said, “A gentleman you are. This seems like a dream evening where you have me impressed with the right words without a second thought for the nth time. To your place it is, and I’ll drink corona light at least 2 pints.”

We reached my place with 1 crate of Hoegaarden for me and 4 bottles of the corona, and a food order placed on Swiggy. We entered my place. I had a 2 BHK. I offered her the room with the attached bathroom and asked her to feel free and comfortable. I moved to the other bedroom to get fresh.

I offered if she would like some pajamas and a shirt to change into. She said she had some comfy clothes in the duffle bag. Though she said, she wouldn’t need that as she would leave after dinner. We went to the separate bathroom to get fresh.

After freshening up, I caught the faint smell of fruity fragrance when I came to our living room. I was stunned to see a beautiful girl wearing a cute tweety shirt over silky shorts sitting on the sofa. She had her little duffle bag opened and put use for. For the first time, I noticed Suchita and was amazed by her beauty.

I was so tired and hungry the whole day. I hadn’t noticed that perfect figured girl with supple boobs and long wavy hair with an electrifying smile. I had completely ignored the black mole over her upper lip that made her look so sexy.

I stumped over my house slippers when I realized I was actually living a dream of many guys. A hot girl in your house wanting to drink and forget her past. I actually slapped my face and broke my wandering thoughts.

Suchita asked me why did I do that. I said, “Suchita, I am still learning to appreciate. I must admit I had not noticed how gorgeous you look. You are so elegantly beautiful.” Elegantly beautiful? What word is that, I thought to myself.

“Oh, stop making me blush with your words. Let’s not fall into any traps and just enjoy some beer. When is the starter arriving?”

I jumped next to her and sat comfortably switched on the TV. I checked the Swiggy update ‘arriving in 45 mins.’ I told her we shall begin the drinks or wait for the starters. She replied, “Starters we will have when it comes. I am thirsty. Let’s begin the drinks.”

I served some fried nuts and chips just in case. However, Suchita was seriously thirsty. She already had 2 long gulps. I offered my Hoegaarden to taste. She reluctantly tried and seemed to love the taste. We were watching friends and had gotten into cozy positions with our heads resting close to each other.

I was super hungry and check the Swiggy update, ‘arriving in 20 mins.’ I turned to show the update when suddenly her bottle slipped from her fingers. She held the bottle, but she splashed some beer on her top and mine. The cold fizz on my skin felt amazing.

We got up. She felt terrible that she splashed a little on the sofa. Apologetically she took a napkin and wiped the sofa. Then came to wipe off my shirt and some that had fallen on my shorts. I hadn’t realized, but at that very moment, I noticed that she had splashed the cold beer on her boobs.

Because of the chill, her nipples and become perky and pointed. I got a hard-on seeing that, and that very moment she was wiping my shorts. I felt embarrassed and took the napkin from her hand. She just stood there in a trance, and I slowly started to wipe the beer off her top.

I slowly wiped it off her breasts and the pointed nipples through the shirt. She let out a deep gasp. I couldn’t control myself and continued to wipe it off her. Our eyes locked. We felt the spark between us, two people with a touch of beer standing so close and lost in each other’s eyes.

I said, “Your top is wet. Let me pull it off and give you another one” I forgot to give her a towel to cover her, and she just allowed me to pull her top off her. As I pulled it off her head, her hair got entangled on her chain.

I moved closer and closer. I was now hugging her bare body where she had just worn a bra. I got the knot off her chain and realized her soft boobs rubbing my chest. I couldn’t control it and slowly got my lips closer to hers and said, “Don’t want to fall into any traps.”

She came closer and said, “This is no way any intended trap,” and we kissed. The kiss was so gentle, so soothing, so natural, her curvy lips upon mine. She had the softest lips ever. I started smooching her a little more hard, and now all hell broke loose.

As I kissed her lips, my left hand was on her back which I started caressing. My right hands were holding her face. She held my right hand and guided it to her soft boobs. Still a little wet with beer, I quickly unhooked her bra and started massaging her breasts.

She let a small moan, and we fell on the soft. She was over me now, my hands holding her breasts and lips locked as it meant forever. I slowly nudged her head and moved down to suck her breasts. Her nipples were so soft yet excited. I dug my face in her cleavage and continued to suck her boobs.

My hands were now sliding down her hips and getting hold of her shorts’ tiny elastic. I slowly slip her shorts down, but her legs were in a frog position, and she could not slide down. So she gently lifted her thighs and brought her legs together so I could slide her shorts down.

As I slid it down, her panties came along, and I could feel it wet. It was dripping wet. I let go of the shorts and help her with her panties. I realized it was completely soaked and dripping wet. She had her eyes closed and kissing my forehead as I sucked on her boobs.

She had a wicked smile as she realized that I was aware of how wet and ready she was. With that smile, she slid her hands inside my boxers. She first went straight to massage my balls. From there, she slowly rubbed the head of my penis. I was rock hard by now.

I could sense she loved the feeling of holding a penis in her hand. Her face showed she loved to hold a man’s dick. She knew exactly how to rub the head and make me more excited. I couldn’t control my senses. I pulled down my pajamas and boxers and now were stark naked.

Lying on my sofa, I was with my legs widespread. Suchi’s one hand was on my penis, rubbing it up and down. The other hand was massaging my scrotum. I was now smooching again with one hand pressing and massaging her supple boobs. My other hand was just over her vagina.

She was wet around there. I simply touched her with my palm and then slowly let a finger slide inside her. We were so lost in the deep kiss and fingering. I didn’t realize how meticulously Suchi, with a few tweaks, had my penis moved from her magical fingers to slide gently inside her.

In a few seconds, before I even realized my penis was in the warm, wet, velvety insides of her vagina. My hands were holding her ass. We moved in the dance of in and out. I was so excited and crazily moaning with heavy breathing.


Fuck fuck, now the Swiggy guy had to come. I was enjoying at the peak of the moment, and so was Suchi. I looked at her, and we suddenly came to our senses. I did not want to pull out, and she looked at me and her eyes clearly stating that she is about to cum.


I said fuck it, I will not ruin this moment and continued to fuck deeply. Then my phone began to ring. Something about the urgency got me more excited. I started fucking even hard, and Suchi’s eyes rolled up. She was enjoying every second.

Suddenly I felt a wave on my penis and then another. Then a series of waves surrounded my penis, and I felt wetness all over my penis. This excited me more, and I was about to cum. So I pulled out, and Suchi held my waist so I couldn’t move.

I was about to cum inside her, but I didn’t want to for obvious reasons. So I gently tried to pull out. But she hugged and smooched me hard, and I came inside her. I quickly put on a towel and wore a shirt. I opened the door a little and collected the food.

I turned around and saw on the sofa a majestically beautiful figure lying there with my sweat shining on her body like silver. Her eyes were barely open.

She said, “I have never been so wet and have never cummed so much. I want more and need more, and tonight I want to do more. I want to feel it again. I want you to touch me again. Can I stay over tonight?”

End of part 1

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