Fucked By Boyfriend’s Friend

Hey guys! I know we all are in quarantine so I just want to use this time to write about my experience. I’m sure you guys will enjoy it. Thank you, everyone, for your comments and feedback on my previous stories. You guys can always contact me on hangout at [email protected]

This happened last year when I went on a trip to Kasauli with my ex-boyfriend (that time he was my boyfriend).

I am Akanksha, 25 years old, fair skin, dark hair and eyes, 34 30 36. My boyfriend was Nikhil, 25 years old, fair, good height. His best friend was Rahul, the same age and height as Nikhil. But he was hotter than Nikhil, extremely hot, model types.

So, Nikhil and I decided to go on a trip to Kasauli. And a few days before the trip he told me that his best friend Rahul also wanted to come. Nikhil asked me if I can bring a friend along to give Rahul some company since we are going to be busy with each other.

So I convinced Radhika, a friend of mine to come with us to Kasauli. We had booked a flat for our stay. Things progressed between Rahul and Radhika and they started spending time together.

One afternoon after having sex with Nikhil I went to the kitchen to get some water and I found Rahul there.

M: I know what is brewing between you and Radhika.
R: Akanksha, keep it to yourself. Everyone has needs and it just happened momentarily.

M: Yeah, I understand! How lucky is she to have a person who understands her needs! (sighs)
R: Uh? You just had sex with your boyfriend Akanksha, nympho!
M: Were you spying on us?

R: What? No. I just guessed it.
M: Well, he doesn’t last long in bed. I have a higher sex drive. He cummed in 5 minutes and look at me, yearning for another round.

I gave him a lusty look saying this. I knew something was going to happen between us. He just finished having sex with my best friend, and I was indirectly asking him to get laid with me.

Luckily I was wearing a tight sleeveless top and shorts which were showing off my figure and legs very nicely.

M: Okay, I’m going to go to sleep. But if you are bored or something, we can talk!

Saying this I walked towards the balcony door swaying my ass. He came behind me and held my waist. He slowly whispered into my ears, “So, can I quench your yearning?”

God knows where I got the courage from. My boyfriend was inside the same house sleeping and my best friend was in her bedroom. I would’ve been so screwed if I got caught by either of them. But who cares? I had to get screwed by him.

I let out a faint moan and grabbed his dick while he was licking my neck. His hands were all over my body. He moved his finger from my forehead to my cleavage and then circled my navel. I whispered to him, “Let’s go to the balcony!”

He went and sat on the chair and made me sit on him. Our tongues slowly fought and we were salivating so badly. He was such an amazing kisser, way better than all the guys I’ve ever been with. He held my breasts together, forming a deep cleavage and started licking from top to bottom.

Then I sat with my back facing him and started grinding my ass over his boner. He started caressing my breasts and started rubbing my pussy over the shorts. I was so wet that my shorts were definitely soaked by now.

My nipples were very hard and protruding. He removed my top and raised my arms. He started licking my armpits and with every inch, he licked over my body, my chest started to go up and down, gasping for breath.

I couldn’t moan. I was trying hard not to moan. It was like we were playing a game. He removed my bra straps and kissed on my shoulders and removed my bra clips in one single click.

M: How many bras have you removed?
R: Nothing was as sexy as yours!
M: I know you’re such a boob lover! I’ve seen how you ogle at Radhika’s tits. I hope this satisfies you!

R: Actually, I love your tits more! They’re so perfect. Not as big as Radhika’s and not very small. So perfect and ahh your nipples…

He started biting my nipples and started making circles with his tongue around my nipples. He made me so hot that I started moaning

M: Aah yeah! Suck it. Hard. Bite it. I want you to suck my boobs like there’s no tomorrow!

He held both my tits together and licked both the nipples at the same time. He was pressing my tits so hard that they became red. Then he made me sit on the chair and lifted my legs. He kissed and sucked my toes. Licked up to my inner thighs.

M: Oh god! you’re so good at this. You’re making me so wet even before sex! I wish you were my boyfriend.

He removed my shorts and panty in one go, to find my clean-shaven pussy glistening with my juices. He started blowing hot air slowly over my pussy opening and I was wriggling like a snake. He spread my pussy and put his tongue inside and started moving in all directions.

I was leaking like a tap and he sucked me dry. He was french kissing my pussy lips, which turned me on so much. I was breathing very heavily and scratched his back.

M: Ahhh! Oh my god. This feels so good. My boyfriend never does this to me. You’re making me feel things I’ve never felt. Fuck. Keep doing it. I’m gonna cum.

I splashed my cum over his face. I then pulled him up and licked my cum from his face and started kissing him wildly. I then made him sit on the chair. I pulled his shorts down and took his dick inside my mouth in one go.

I started sucking the base of his cock and slowly up till the head and licked the head like a lollipop. His dick tasted so amazing and heavenly.

R: You are such a pro. I don’t want to cum in your mouth.

He made me sit over him and I took his dick inside my pussy. It sliced it’s way up inside my pussy as it was very wet.

I found it hard at first as my boyfriend had a thinner dick but later got used to his thickness. We fucked in the same position for about 25 minutes. He was sucking my tits while I rode him.

R: I’m on the verge of cumming, let’s change our position.

He made me lie on the floor and took me in a missionary position. He started thrusting his dick inside me very hard. To prevent me from moaning loud, he kept kissing me and all my moans vanished inside his mouth.

He pulled me closer by holding my waist and placed my legs over his shoulder, giving more access to my pussy. He rammed me very hard and said he was about to cum.

M: I’m about to cum too. I want you to cum in me.

Hearing this he came in thick loads inside my pussy and laid on top of me, totally exhausted. I was too tired to move. His dick was inside my pussy till he lost his erection. My pussy was filled with both of our cum mixed.

I took his dick in my mouth and cleaned it up. I then got dressed. He too dressed up, grabbed a smoke and was enjoying the view from the balcony.

M: That was so good. Radhika is so lucky to have you always. That bitch!

R: (pulled me towards him) You can have me whenever you want! Just make sure your boyfriend doesn’t know about this.

M: Hahaha, you think this would be the last time? (I pinched on his dick while saying this.)

R: I hope not! You’re way too sexy to let go off. I thoroughly loved fucking you. You’re such a sexy slut.

M: Just so you know, I want to try anal. But my boyfriend doesn’t like it. So what do you say? Wanna try my ass?

R: (grabbed my ass cheeks) Why not? (and slowly put his hands over my ass inside my shorts.)

M: Hahaha not now! I’m too exhausted. Maybe in a few more days! I’ll definitely ping you if I’m coming over. Let’s go inside. I hope they didn’t hear us.

R: Go to your room! Bye!

M: Bye Mr. Horny!

We both went to our rooms. I lay next to my boyfriend who doesn’t have any clue about what I did with his friend. I slept with a happy mind and a very happy pussy!

Unfortunately, this is the end of my adventure/experience with Rahul as I never met him again after the trip. We had exchanged numbers and used to sext a lot, indulge in roleplays but never met.

So do let me know how you found this story. Also if you want me to write about any of my experiences in particular like my fantasies or anything.

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