Erotic Trip To Mysore With Hot College Girl

Hello dear readers, hope you are all doing well. I am back with another story. Hope you enjoyed my first story. Thanks for all those who gave me feedback.

My name is Aneesh, 23 years old currently working in Bangalore as a software engineer.

This story is how I and my sexy college best friend Shreya enjoyed another sex session on a trip to Mysore. Actually, we planned this trip to have sex only. Here it goes like this. After having sex for the first time, we enjoyed a lot that we wanted to have fun again. But we were not getting time and place to have fun.

Our college days were busy on weekdays and on weekends, her sister would be there at home. So we both planned to go on a trip to Mysore coming weekend. Last time I didn’t have any condoms so we could not enjoy much.

So this time, I bought some condoms and kept that in my luggage. We had booked train tickets and I made arrangements to stay in one of my friends’ resort near Mysore.

It was a Saturday and we were too excited about the trip and we started early morning from here. We reached Mysore by 11 am and till evening, we saw some of the places in and around Mysore.

In the evening at 4 pm, we reached our resort and we went to our room. Since the resort was having a swimming pool, we thought of spending some time in the pool. So we changed ourselves and went to the pool.

I was wearing a boxer and Shreya was in a white color t-shirt and shorts. We got into the pool and there were a few other couples enjoying themselves in the pool.

I started playing with her by pushing her to the water and by splashing water to her body. As her t-shirt got wet, it became transparent and her bra was visible from outside. She was wearing a sexy red-colored bra.

I got aroused by seeing her and I hugged her gently and started feeling her bra straps. She knew that I got aroused and she started teasing me by pressing her tits to my body.

Slowly, I pinched her ass and started to press them. All other couples were busy enjoying themselves and there was no one else to bother us. So I continued. And also we were inside the water and no one could notice our naughty play.

I caressed her back and slowly, I felt her panty lines. She gave me a naughty smile and started to feel my hard tool with her hands. I tried to slip my hands inside her shorts but it was very tight.

So I went up and started rubbing her back again. I was getting hornier and I could not resist. I was about to kiss her. But she stopped me and asked to go to our room.

We took our towels and went to our room and we both went inside the bathroom. Immediately, I pushed her to the wall and lifted her hands against the wall and planted a kiss on her lips. She responded well and we kissed for about 10 minutes.

I was sucking her lips and enjoying her saliva. Our tongues met after a long time. I grabbed her ass tightly and pressed them hard. She followed the same and started pressing my ass gently. I kissed her cheeks and neck. Meanwhile, I undone her shorts and t-shirt.

Then I inserted my fingers inside her panty from the back and started rubbing the pussy slowly. She started to moan lightly and I closed her lips with mine. Somehow, I opened her bra hooks with the left hand and saw her hard nipples.

She hugged me tightly as I started rubbing her pussy faster and faster. She was moaning, “Aaah aaah aaaah aaah..” and started to rub her tits to my body while hugging.

I continued rubbing her hole and she started pressing my tool. She was caressing my dick from outside and it was an awesome feeling and made me too horny. I started inserting my finger to her lovely hole. I increased my speed and tried to insert my second finger after some time. But she stopped me and removed my hands from her panty.

Immediately, she went down and removed my boxers and started playing with my dick. She kissed my dick and started licking it slowly.

Her tongue gave me a sensual pleasure and I was on cloud nine. Wow, it was an amazing feeling. Then she was stroking my dick very fast. I couldn’t resist for long and released my load inside her mouth.

Then we took a bath together and went for dinner.

We were sitting together on the sofa watching the TV. I was very enthusiastic to fuck her quickly so I started to tease her. I started to cuddle her and slowly, I massaged her thighs directly as she was wearing a skirt.

She was getting hot and horny. I saw her nipples getting hard. I could see those nipples from outside her t-shirt because she was not wearing a bra inside!

My dick got erect and I didn’t waste a minute. I gave a peck on her lips and started kissing her neck. She was waiting for that and she hugged me tightly. I was licking her neck and also was biting lightly.

She grabbed my hair and kissed my lips. We enjoyed that passionate kiss for a while. Then I broke the kiss and removed her t-shirt and moved down to her sexy tits.

I licked her milky boobs and sucked those hard nipples like a baby. She was enjoying the play.

I was biting her nipples lightly and she was moaning frequently. She removed my t-shirt and started to lick my chest. She was playing with her boobs by caressing them over my chest and pressing them against my chest.

I removed her skirt and grabbed her ass. While pressing her ass, I inserted my hand inside her panty and started rubbing her clit. She started enjoying that and she kissed me deeply.

I enjoyed the kiss for some time and then lifted her and took her to the bed. I kissed her gently on lips and came down slowly kissing her chin, kissing her neck, and went towards the tits.

I kissed and sucked her nipples and licked her navel. Then I removed her panty and saw her clean shaved lovely pussy. I gave a peck on her vertical lips. It was very wet.

She was too horny and I started licking her pussy. I widened her pussy lips and licked very nicely. She was moaning and grabbing my hair and pressing her pussy to my mouth. Meanwhile, I started fingering her.

She was holding my hairs very tightly and started rubbing her clit to my mouth. I increased the speed and she moaned heavily. She then pulled my head towards her and planted a kiss on my lips. She hugged me and moved her hand towards my dick.

Then she removed my pants and started pressing my tool above my underwear. She slowly went down and pulled my dick outside and gave a kiss on its tip. She gave a naughty smile to me and removed the underwear and started playing with my tool.

She was stroking my tool gently and in between, kissing and licking it passionately. I was in heaven.

I asked her to take 69 position and we continued to enjoy that for some time.

Then I wore a condom and started pressing my dick above her clit. I hit her pussy with my tool several times and put my tool inside her lovely tight hole slowly. She started moaning.

I was fucking her gently and she was like, “aaah aaah aaaah aaaah aaaah..”

I closed her mouth with mine and increased my speed. We enjoyed each and every moment as if it was our first time. I fucked her very hard and then she asked me to slow down. I reduced the speed and continued to fuck her in missionary position for some more time.

Then I asked her to switch to doggy style and I fucked her from behind. She was moaning heavily this time. Then we switched to cowgirl position and I saw her bouncing tits. I grabbed them in hands and pressed them very hard and squeezed them.

She increased the speed and I was in heaven. Soon I could not resist myself and released my cum.

Then I removed my condom and we hugged each other and slept.

In the morning, I woke her up by kissing her on lips and we had a quick morning session. After that, we got freshen up and had breakfast. We traveled around Mysore till noon and returned to Bangalore by night.

It was a memorable erotic trip and we enjoyed very much. I hope you guys enjoyed the story.

Please give me your feedback and suggestions for sharing my further experiences.

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Your information will be very secret. Thanks and hope you enjoyed my second story. Hope I will meet you soon with my next experience.

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