Lady Doctor Fucked By Her Patient In Chennai

Hello guys and ladies. My name is Dr Uma, 27 years old. I am an Orthopedic Surgeon. I own a clinic in Chennai. I would like to narrate a crazy sexual episode that happened to me in the clinic last year.

Let me give a short and quick description of my appearance.

I am neither obese nor lean, having an almost flawless body. Unlike most girls, I am relatively tall. My dark black curdled hair falls past my shoulder. I am blessed with a fair skin complexion. A pair of almond-shaped eyes coupled with a lite pink lips decorate my oval face. My breast size is 32D. I have a nearly flat abdomen and nice firm bums.

It was a weekend. All the appointments that I had that day were over by noon. It was a wearisome day. I decided to leave the clinic and go home. But the nurse came into my room and said that I had one more patient left. I asked her to let him in.

After a few seconds, a well-built athletic man in his thirties entered my room. He was a new patient, not a regular one. He was a fine-looking man. The man calmly introduced himself as Madan and offered his hand. I shook it as firmly as I could with a smiling face.

The patient said that he was a gym trainer and he had developed pain in his lower back while he was doing deadlifts that morning. He handed me his file (the nurse would take care of basic measurements such as height, weight, blood pressure, etc, and compile it into a file).

My eyes quickly glanced through it. Everything was normal and within healthy limits. I found out that he was married. He was wearing a dark yellow t-shirt and gray polo short. I asked my patient to remove his t-shirt and lie on his back in the bed.

He removed his t-shirt and stretched his magnificent physique before me. He had a perfectly chiseled chest and a broad shoulder. I couldn’t help but discreetly admire my patient’s physique. He settled in the position.

I examined his lumbar area. I was pressing down on his back with my fingers to find any abnormalities. His skin was warm in the air-conditioned room. The feel of his smooth, warm skin was too much for me to handle.

I found out that he dislocated his l4 disc on his spine slightly. “You have a herniated disc, Madan,” I said. He shook his head confused as he didn’t know what it means.

I instructed him to sit at the edge of the bed, he did so. I was going to conduct nerve reflex tests so that I could determine the severity of my patient’s injury. At that time, I saw the bulge on his shorts. Suddenly, I felt an unusual sensation in my genitals! I noticed that my pussy was a smoking hot mess.

I knelt before my patient and extended his left leg with one of my hands. With a reflex hammer in the other hand, I started hitting his tendons on his knee caps.

I was wearing a low scoop neck green tops with an open white lab coat and black leggings. I noticed my patient’s tent getting bigger and bigger. He was getting a quite nice view of my cleavage.

I got up and told him that his injury was not serious. Also, I told him that he needs to take some tablets and the pain will subdue within a week. I asked him that if he had any questions.

He asked me, “Doctor, when can I lift weights again?”

I replied, “A month of rest should be necessary”.

He responded, “Okay, doctor. Could I have sex with my wife?”

His question amazed me.

I replied, “Sex for a month is a big NO”.

He said, “Ma’am, is there any other way to overcome this problem?”

I asked him with a wicked smile, “Why? Wouldn’t your wife wait for a month?”

he replied, “It’s not my wife, it is my customer’s wife.”

I was shocked by his reply. My patient briefed me that he was a gigolo (male escort) and that he was offering his sexual services to some rich women. I took a minute to digest this information.

I replied, “A cortisone injection can help you, but only positions which maintains neutral back like doggy or cowgirl”.

I took a syringe and a cortisone vial from my draw and asked him to remove his shorts so that I could give him a shot in his butt. He pulled his shorts down till his thighs and his 7-inch dick swung upward upright as he was not wearing any underwear.

The shaft of my patient’s dick was dark, thick, and veiny. I gasped audibly as his magnificent, uncircumcised phallus pointing straight at me. I instructed him to turn back. His butts were perfectly round and strong.

I rubbed his butt with disinfectant and injected the needle into his butt. “Slissss”, he responded.

I took the needle out and rubbed the place with my fingers. I smelled his scent. I felt my throat tighten up more, and there was no denying my own arousal. My nipples hardened. I struggled to hide any indication of my state, but the heat was rising! I noticed Madan’s heavy breathing and intense gaze.

A part of me, the respected professional, wanted to send this patient on his way. It wanted me to do my job and fulfill my oath. But the other part of me wanted to relinquish and get on my knees. Which would prevail? I stood in silence, contemplating my possible actions and their potential consequences.

When he turned towards me, the latter part of me took control of my brain! Instinctively, I knelt before him. Madan looked down at me, and I up him. I completely removed his shorts.

I took my patient’s massive dick in my hands and caressed him lovingly. I was holding him by the base gently. I rubbed his hot, rigid rod all over my face: my forehead, eyes, nose, cheekbones, cheeks, neck, jawline, chin, and lips. I was gasping with excitement.

I kissed the flared head of his dick, licking the sweet emissions. Then I slowly danced my mouth down the shaft, kissing, licking, and nibbling the dark, veiny shaft. Down to his beautiful, sperm-filled testicles and back up, then wrapping my lips around the head and working them tighter and tighter down the rigid shaft.

Madan looked at the sight before him. Me in my lab coat licking his dick. My patient started to caress my face and my hair. I removed my lab coat and my tops. I was in my firey red bra and black leggings.

His hands ran over my breasts, pinching and twisting my tumid nipples. He lifted me and unhooked my bra. He pulled me against him, now my soft tummy caressing his hardened abs.

He started kissing all over my face before ending in my lips. The softness of his lips overcame mine and my mouth melted into his, his tongue then overpowering mine and forcing its way into my throat.

Placing his hands on my bums, he started pressing it. My pussy was on fire. My patient’s hands slowly pulled my leggings with my panties up to my thighs. Now, with one hand, he started rubbing my outpouring pussy. His finger entered into my labia. I felt goose-bumped.

He knew exactly how to touch a woman down there. He started slowly massaging my G-spot. My womanhood started flowing like a pipe.

After finger fucking my pussy for some time, my patient took his fingers out and broke the kiss with me. I suddenly removed my leggings altogether with my panties.

Now I was naked in front of him. I quickly climbed over the bed and settled in doggy position. I supported my body with my elbows instead of my hand to maintain a lower angle of attack, thus helping him to maintain a neutral back. He came right behind and held my bums with his giant hands.

He drove his massive shaft into my anal hole without a warning. Although I was not new to anal sex, I could feel the pressure and burn of penetration. I gasped biting my lower lips as he slowly stuffed me.

After a minute or so, with half of my patient’s dick buried inside my anus. I felt something that I had never felt before. A profound sensation, like a tickle, started to spread all over my body. As he proceeded further with his shaft, the sensations grew intensely until my whole body was pulsating.

My patient started pounding my orifice mercilessly. I was moaning like a mad bitch. My screams echoed everywhere inside the walls of my clinic.

The entire episode lasted for about 10 minutes. I had several climaxes during the episode.

Then I felt his grip over my bums tightening. I knew he was going to cum. Soon, he was pumping his thick semen inside my asshole. My asshole was overflowing with his cum.

After the intense doctor-patient fucking, I collapsed on the bed. He sat on the stool near the bed. We both were breathing intemperately. None of my boyfriends satisfied me like him.

We both exchanged numbers. I knew that it was only a beginning.

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