From Wedding Hall To Anal Sex

Hello, everyone, this is Prem. This is a real incident that happened a year ago. I work as an event coordinator in a company. I didn’t know this job can even get me a hot lady. It was around 10 days back I had a wedding event in one of the private resorts in Bangalore.

We know ladies in the wedding parties will be damn gorgeous. But I found an extreme beauty in this event and her name was Navya. She looks like a Mexican babe which every guy always wants to fuck once in a lifetime. Her age is 27, married had no children.

More than my work I started concentrating much on her in the event. I started following her wherever she goes. She didn’t realize it at begging. But later she started looking at me and checking as to whether I’m still following her or not. At some point, I stopped following her when I found her with her husband.

But I didn’t know she was liking it when I was following her. Then I started spotting her near crew room where we use to have meetings with the team. I found it quite interesting but didn’t have the guts to talk to her. Then the time came when I was handling the flower decoration team.

Suddenly I found her walking towards me.
Navya: Hi, I’m Navya.
Me: Hello, I’m prem.

Navya: Can I just stand here and watch what you guys gonna prepare it?
Me: Sure, why not?

Navya smiled at me and started watching the preparation. But during that time I found her glancing at me more than the preparation process. Later she asked me for my contact number. One of her friends was looking for an event management company to conduct an event for them and as she gonna refer us.

I gave my contact number. Later the event went well, and it was completed. But I don’t find Navya anywhere. I thought as maybe she has left the party and kept quite. There was no thought of her for the next 2 days. But then I got a message from an unknown number as ‘Hey’.

Me: Who’s this?
Unknown no: Hey this is Navya. I took your contact number at the wedding event. Do you remember me?

For a second I was the damn happiest person in the world as I got a text from Navya.

Me: Hi Navya, sorry I didn’t know it was your number.
Navya: Haha cool. So what’s your plan for the evening?
Me: I’m on leave for the next 3 days but have no plans.
Navya: cool then can we meet up this evening?

Me: Sure.
Navya: Ok then, will meet up in Brigade at sharp 6 pm.
Me: Ok fine.

And I was dancing I wasn’t able to believe my luck. A lady I dreamt of fucking is calling me for a date was an unexpected boon for me. Then I got ready by 5. I was 15 minutes early at the place she said. She was there at exactly 6 in tight blue denim jeans and crop top.

Man, she was looking damn hot. I got an instant boner there itself.
Navya: Hi, seems like someone is early before the informed time.
Me: Ya, I am more punctual in maintaining time.
Navya: I like people who maintain time sense.

And the chat went on like that. Then we ordered the drinks and started to booze. After 4 pegs, she started crying in front of me. I was shocked and didn’t know what happened and what to do. I asked her as hat happened Navya why are you crying. She then started saying her marriage story.

She was married to a guy who is 11 years elder than her. He stays at the home only for 8-10 days in a month and keeps on roaming all round on business trips. She was married 6 years back and they had no kids. Her husband was least interested in sex.

Listening to this I shifted myself next to her trying to wipe her tears and consoling her. But she kept her head on my shoulders for about 10 minutes. I didn’t speak a word as I came to know I was getting a chance. Later she asked me to leave my bike here itself and drive her car back to flat.

I said ok and took her back to her flat. While we reached her flat she was a little high. She asked me to take her into the room and so I did. Then she said, “I know you want to fuck me badly, Prem, I saw all your moments in the event, please fuck me.”

Before I came to know what was happening, I had already jumped on her like a hungry lion and started kissing her. We started cuddling and Navya started chanting, “Please fuck me, I’m all yours, please fuck me hard.” This gave me rocket energy.

I removed her top and started kissing her neck. She went completely wild. Then we got our lips locked for about 15 minutes. Then I broke out of it and unhooked her bra. I was so mesmerized seeing her cute and kinda chubby boobs. I started playing with it.

I started sucking it and she started moaning, saying, Fuck me, please, fuck me.” I squeezed her boobs and bit her nipples till it bled. Later she removed my pant and boxer and started stroking my 7-inch tool. She was very happy seeing my tool. She took it completely in her mouth and started blowjob.

I was on cloud 9 and came in her mouth after 5 minutes. Then I removed my shirt and started removing her jeans. What a beautiful sight it was. Her thighs were like a sponge and her ass drove me crazy. Within no time I undid her innerwear and started sucking her vagina.

Her moan was the sweetest music I had ever heard. She came to my favorite after some time. I then started reading her within my tool on her vagina she started begging me to fuck her hard. Then after making her wait for some time, I entered her vagina slowly.

What a warm feeling it was! I wasn’t able to control my emotions and started stroking her hard. She was moaning like there was no tomorrow. Then I was about to cum. She asked me to cum inside her vagina only and I did it. Later she started cuddling and smooching me again.

Her warmth gave me a boner again. This time I asked her for anal and for my luck she said yes for it. Then I entered my tool in her ass. She started screaming in pain asking me to stop it, but I didn’t stop. After a few strokes, even she started enjoying it and I even came in her ass.

Then we both slept for the night. in the morning when I woke up I found her sucking my tool. What a pleasant way it was to get me like that. Then we had one more session in the morning before I left.

I hope all of you have enjoyed my real story. Any unsatisfied girl or lady who wants a discreet relationship with complete trust and privacy can mail at [email protected]

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