Workout After Gym In The Parking Lot

Hi, I’m Vedant. I’m a 23-year-old guy 5ft 10″ with a 6″ manhood from Coimbatore. I’ve been reading ISS for almost 7 years now. This is a real story that happened to me more than a year ago. Without further ado, let’s begin.

It happened in December last year. I was working a lot, and I felt my health was taking a dive. My masturbation habit was taking a plunge. I felt tired all day long. I didn’t want this to happen. I felt I needed a break.

So I joined a gym with a one-year subscription. It was a well-equipped 2-floor gym, one of the most expensive gyms in Coimbatore. The workouts were all going great. I gained some weight and toned my body decently in 3 months. The trainers were astonished.

In the same way, all the other girls and aunties started to have an eye on me. I felt internally good. But, other than that, just looking at me, there was no progress. As an introvert, I didn’t quickly open up to anyone at the gym, especially girls. I have a past, so it was quite tough to open up.

So, slowly I felt that I was not able to balance both work and gym. I reduced the days I worked out at the gym and started working out at home on alternate days. One fine Saturday when I visited the gym, the trainers were allotting groups for cross-fit workouts.

There are 4 trainers, and there are 7 people in a group during cross-fit. That’s when I saw this perfect aunty (Sunita) in her mid 30’s in the group. I was blown away by the fact that she looked so perfect. Her assets were well-balanced (36-28-36) with a height of 5ft3″ with a typical north Indian complexion.

Usually, when women cross 30’s their hip starts to widen a bit. But hers was so perfect that I started to fantasize the very moment I saw her. So, yeah, I started to do cross-fit as instructed by the trainer while looking at her. She also was not talking to anyone else.

I thought she was showing some attitude. But then she started to smile after each workout. I, too, reciprocated it. I understood she has a little soft corner towards me. And so I introduced myself to her after all the workouts were done.

Me: Hi, I’m Vedant.

She immediately shook my hand confidently and said.

Her: Hi Vedant, I’m Sunita.

And I smiled and asked.

Me: Do you come here often?

Sunita: Yeah, but I was coming in the morning. Due to kids and work, I changed my time.

Me: Oh! Do you have kids? I thought you were my age.

Sunita: haha! I have 2 kids, but that was a nice try…

Me: Hehe (speechless)

Sunita: Vedant, what’s your age?

Me: 22.

Sunita: Aww…that’s nice. Young and energetic. I’m 34.

Me: What!

Sunita: I told you, I have 2 kids.

Me: You’re unbelievable. So, What does your husband do?

That’s when she got a call. She told me she’ll meet at the gym tomorrow and went. I was shocked to even believe that was her real age. The next day I went to the gym. Even though I wanted to skip the day, I went. It was totally a different workout.

She came after some time. She greeted me with a smile, and we started talking like we’ve known each other for a long time. We became good friends. We exchanged the numbers. We started planning our workouts together. And so 2 weeks went by, and December was there.

It was evening 8 pm, and we both were working out on shoulders. No one was there as it was Sunday. I helped her too. And she did an intense workout, and she was so tired, and she got exhausted. She breathed “phew” and looked at me. Damn. It was so lusty that you should’ve been there to believe.

I helped her again for the next round. With that, our bodies were touching. I felt her heat, and she felt my breath. But, I didn’t have the guts to proceed any further. She was taking a sip from her water bottle. And a drop was dripping, and it mixed with her sweat.

I dripped into her cleavage, and she saw that with her side-eyes. I was shocked but smiled. Our workouts were over. We took some milkshakes and went to underground parking all the way, talking to part our ways home. She was like, ” Okay then, we’ll see…” and started walking towards her car.

No one was around. At that moment, I don’t know from where I got that much guts. I stopped her from walking by holding her hand and looked into her eyes. I leaned forward, and I kissed her. I thought she might slap and resist. But, damn, she hugged me tight and started inserting her tongue inside my mouth.

We started to suck each other’s mouths. I was unable to believe that it was even happening. I started to squeeze her perfect breasts over her cloth. It was sweaty, and at that moment, we heard someone walking towards parking. She immediately opened her accord car. We both got in without making any noise.

It was a street dog that was making some noise. We both laughed and then looked into each other’s eyes and started kissing each other like long-lost lovers. Those kisses turned into sucking each other’s tongues. We knew we both were so much involved at that moment.

While sucking, I slowly pressed her left boob and started squeezing. She gave a moan. That moaning made me suck her tongue more, and she loved that. She started to touch my manhood. I just let her play with my dick. But our clothes were on, so I removed my shirt first.

By doing so, she did the same. She removed her shirt; I saw her for the first time just wearing a sports bra. By seeing that, I went ahead and slowly bit on her left breast, for which she said, “Ouch! it’s hurting,” and then she removed her bra.

I untied my pants. She did the same but, she didn’t remove it completely. I saw her wearing workout panties. I immediately started rubbing her clit over her underwear. She couldn’t resist. She removed my underpants and made me completely nude.

She touched my 6″ dick, and as it was a bit dark in the parking, she bent down a bit and took a look at my dick. She was so happy that my tool was longer than her husband’s. And she started kissing my tool. Meanwhile, I was fingering her. At that moment, I asked, “Do you have a condom?”

She said, “My family planning is done.” I was so happy to hear that. Looking at my happiness, she went down and started sucking my dick like a lollipop. I was in heaven, literally. And I was about to cum. And I told her. She didn’t mind. She started sucking and stroked more rapidly.

I started cumming, and she drank all the bit of it. I felt so good, and that’s when I realized she was not over the milkshake yet. I immediately went down her, removed her panties, and started sucking and licking her clean-shaven pussy. Started playing with my tongue.

My fingers were in her mouth. She was licking like a baby. And she was like, ‘don’t stop’ whenever I teased her as I stopped. It went on for several minutes. Then I knew it was time. I immediately pushed the seats well far ahead and made some space. She sat on my lap, facing me.

She was looking into my eyes. I slowly took my dick and started rubbing on the entrance of her pussy. She nodded a bit, and at that exact moment, we both kissed, and my dick entered her pussy. Damn. It was so magical. She was moaning like crazy.

I started going in and out. She was doing the same with her tongue in my mouth. I fucked her so hard that her eyes had tears. But, to be honest, her walls were a bit loose. As she has 2 kids. But, who cares?

I was thrusting all my energy. She was doing the same. She was clenching. She bit my lips and sucked hard. And bam! We both cum at the same time, which has never happened to me before. It was again magical.

We both hugged each other for some time and took some tissues, and cleaned up. We kissed again and again. We dressed up. It was past 9 pm. We again kissed and left the place. I took my bike and went home.

After that, we had several encounters, but that was and is the best. After a few months, I moved to another city for work. Then covid came, and I am back home now.

I hope you guys liked the story of my thrilling experience with my gym partner. If there are any girls, young women, or aunties looking for some fun without any strings attached, in and around Coimbatore, feel free to drop in a mail to [email protected]

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