Breaking The Stereotype With My Bengali Neighbor

Hey guys, I am Jacob once again here to share my experience. There have been some great stories on the site. I loved reading them. Let me come to my experience.

This happened last July. I had got fed with PG facility, and moved into a flat, owned by one of my cousins. He was not in town and was happy enough to lend me his flat. It was a usual Sunday. I had woken up at about 9 in the morning. I made some tea and went to the balcony near the kitchen.

I was sipping on the tea, as well as soaking in the sunlight and breathing in the fresh air. I looked around. It was just a residential area, so you can imagine the normal Sunday sights. People exercising, some kids playing cricket in the nearby ground. I looked around at the balconies of nearby flats.

I saw Shreya, my neighbor. She too was basking in the morning light. We both shared a smile. And after the tea, I returned to the room. Shreya wasn’t a stranger to me. We had got acquainted quite a while back. Soon after I had moved into the flat. She and her husband had come to my flat to get acquainted.

They were good neighbors. She knew I was a bachelor, college student. So she was a bit helpful even with cooking. The next day after returning from office, I showered, took my tea and again came to the balcony. We used to chat a lot when we were in the lift, in the morning leaving for the office.

It became a usual routine and chit chat with her. We enquired with each other and exchanging pleasantries. Although I hid my crush on her very well, as much as I could. About Shreya, You could imagine quite a modern lady. She winner mid-thirties. She was married to a chartered accountant.

She was slender lady, quite fair in color, round face with a chubby look in her structure. It was some times exposed in her shirts and tight pants, even when she wore a saree to functions. Days passed quite normally. You could say we both built a good friendship between us.

Then last July, a Sunday morning, I came to my balcony as usual with a cup of tea. I saw her standing over at her flat, waved at her and smiled. She smiled, but I could see a sense of disturbance in her face. She is a bit hungover and dizzy. I was curious to know and I pinged her in WhatsApp.

Me:- Hi.
Shreya:- Hi.
Me:- What plans for today?
Shreya:- Nothing much. Thought of staying home all day. What about you?

Me:- Well, nothing is planned. You seem a bit off. What happened?
Shreya:- It’s nothing. Hubby has left town again.
Me:- Oh. Well, it’s hard to see you without a smile. Do you wanna take a stroll, around the park, in the evening?

Shreya: Nah, I don’t feel like going anywhere.
Me:- At least let me come over for a coffee and your tasty snacks.
Shreya:- Oh. Come by evening 4.

That evening, I went over by her flat. I rang the doorbell. Shreya opened the door. She was in usual shorts and red off-shoulder tops. I smiled at her. She gave me a smile back, and asked, “What are you doing there?” I told,“ I thought of grabbing a coffee with you. Do you mind?”

She smiled back and told, “Of course not, come in.” She guided me to the living room, I sat on the couch. She went off to the kitchen for getting me a cup of coffee. After some time, I went over to the kitchen and started chit chat from there. I smiled at her and she smiled back.

Me:- You still seem a little upset.
Shreya:- Yeah, but a little bit.

Me: So why didn’t you go with your hubby?
She: It’s not easy for me to get such a long leave.
Me: Oh, I am sorry.

She: Besides, it’s fine, he is on an official trip. I got fed up with the tagging along with him on the last official trip itself.
Me: Oh. Why is that?

She:- You know, the work and his meeting. I had to go around and see places alone.
Me:- That’s a total bummer. But look at the bright side, you get to feed your favorite neighbor.

Shreya giggled at me and told:- “Who says you are my favorite neighbor?”
Me(smiling):- Just a guess
Shreya (with a smile):- Oh.

She handed me the coffee cup. We moved to the couch, and she sat beside me. Me:- Great coffee, as always.
Shreya:- Don’t be so flattering.
Me:- I am serious.

She just smiled at me, kept on drinking the coffee. I thought of changing the topic,
Me: How long you and Raghu have been married?
She: Its been 2 years now.

Again there was a silence,
Shreya:- What do you usually do on Sundays?
Me:- Well, not much, I catch up with some friends and family, maybe go out, even have coffee with my pretty neighbors.

Shreya:- So, this is a usual routine for you.
Me:- No, nothing like that. I would love if we could continue.

Shreya gave me this wicked smile. She told me she was going out to buy some groceries, asked me whether I would like to join. I told her, “I’ll just get out of these shorts and meet you back at the parking lot.” I got dressed up in a shirt and jeans. I waited for her out in the parking lot.

She came out looking like a hot college girl, with her white tight top and black jeans, that barely covered up her navel. I passed a comment, complimenting her beauty. She was thankful and we go into the car. During the drive, I was trying not to stare at her cleavage or thighs, to which jeans stuck.

She caught me staring for a little. She then smiled at me asking with her nod. I then shook my shoulder in denoting nothing. We reached the mall, did some shopping. On our way back home, we stopped by the park and took a stroll. I brought her tea, and we walked as we drank tea.

I was a bit out of my mind and started the conversation.
Shreya:- Don’t keep staring like that.
Me:- I am sorry. You look very pretty today.
Shreya:- What makes you think that?

Me:- I don’t know, you are just…
Shreya:- Just…?

Me: Must be your eyes, I guess, not that red lips, your flaunting hair, or your voice.
She: And my boobs, which you have been staring at a lot.
Me:- (I was taken back. I got scared and smiled)I am sorry. I didn’t mean to.

She: Oh it’s fine. I can understand. (Tapping on my elbow). I get handsome boys like you to stare at pretty woman, it’s not always the face you look at.

She then looked at the watch and told, “We need to get back if you want the dinner prepared by me.”

Me: A tempting offer as always. Don’t you think your neighbors will doubt if I keep visiting your home when your husband is not around? (with a wicked smile on my face)
She: Don’t worry. Nobody in our building cares that much I guess.

Me: Actually. I had plans to grab a beer tonight (with my hand rubbing on the back of my head)
She: Then it’s fine, I hope you grab one for me when you come over.

Her frankness attracted me a little bit more to her. We went back home. I was normal, but naughty thoughts still ruled my mind. At 8:30 pm, she pinged me to come over for a beer. I knocked on the door and she opened. She was in black checkered cotton shorts and a white T-shirt.

Her bra strap was a little visible from one side.
Me:- Hey, grabbed a few beers. (I showed her the pack.) And I brought in some old monk if you are interested.

Shreya:- Oh. nice. Let me get some snacks.
Me: Let me help.

As we headed to the kitchen, we collided with the other. Her boobs pushed against my shoulder back and her fragrance drive in a furious way into my senses.

Me: Sorry.
She: It’s ok.
Me: Nice perfume, by the way.

She: Well, It’s my favorite.
Me: Favourite one for me (with a devilish smile)
She: Well, as you said, You are one of my favorites. (with a naughty smile)

We then arranged the drinks and snacks on the table, sat on the couch and started with a cheer. We thought of talking, rather than switch on the TV. We both shared some stuff about our college life and other things. I started to play some music.

We both were 2 bottles down. We opened the old monk and had about 3 pegs. She was on board with the idea of dancing, soon she stood up and pulled me onto her. We were dancing like crazy people. My chest was touching her backside.

I could feel her ass cheeks rubbing on me. Putting on some dirty dancing steps, we both enjoyed the moment. After a few minutes, I laid back on the couch. But the lady was high. She started to pull off some seducing dance moving her ass in the circle and running the hand over her body. I honestly, got hard seeing it but covered it with a couch pillow.

She then started to taunt me with her body. Rubbing her hands on face, on to my chest, bit over to my crotch. She knew I was hard. She then gave me a kinky smile. She immediately stood, glaring at me, with a shocked and bit angry face. all of a sudden bursting into laughter. She sat down and had some more pegs.

She: You still think, I am that hot ha? I thought that I had put on weight since marriage. But seems like you are excited seeing me dance. (She rubbed her hands near my legs and with a kinky smile)
Me: I have nothing to say, as you already have proof.

We burst into a good laugh. I started to sip on a new beer bottle. I positioned myself near her. As her shoulders rubbed onto mine. We then talked a little and laughed. With each laugh, we came closer and closer to each other’s body. I then looked at him, there was silence in the room.

I kept my bottle on the table. My hands-on her right hand and her shoulder, rubbing up. I took her face in my hand moving my lips closer to her lips and my eyes gazing into her eyes. We then exchanged a warm breath, as I kissed her for a short while. I then slowly broke the kiss. We parted away.

She patted on my face, as I moved in closer for another kiss. I again placed my lips on her and started smooching. She didn’t resist. I leaned onto her. Her body slid under me and she caressed her hands head, then onto my hair. My hands dropped to her waist curves.

I then shifted fully onto her body. Her breast pushed over at my chest as we continued to kiss with passion and erotic ness of young lovers. Our legs were crawled with each other. I slowly moved my hands tight on her navel onto her back holding her closer towards me.

She then rubbing on my body and removed off my shirt, feeling my chest and my waist. We kept on kissing. I then broke the kiss, looking at her, she nodded. I could see some lust in her eyes. We just wanted each other. I started to kiss her chin, moving down her neck.

Her soft hands rubbed over my chest, moving to my back. slowly onto my back. I moved my lips to her shoulder kissing, lowering her loose top, exposing her cleavage. Then I again kissed her again, as I removed her top. I saw her big 36d round boobs in front of my eyes.

Those Bengali boobs, which were waiting to be groped by me. I kissed her all over her face. Her earlobes to the tip of her shoulder, stretching my tongue to the back of her neck. Moving her hair to one side and kissing the nape of her neck.

I then wrapped my hands around her back. I started to kiss on her neck down to her cleavage. I grabbed her boobs on my hands as she lied on the sofa. I lay on top of her. She took off my shorts and grabbed on my ass. She then wrapped her legs around me as my dick rubbed on her pussy.

We both were in lustful ecstasy. I moved my tongue through her neck onto her chest. Kissing her down from to her collarbone, then to cleavage. I gave a deep kiss along her neck. I then grabbed on those big boobs, squeezing them, groping them for milk.

She slowly drowned in pleasure, biting her lips, her voice structured as she let out light moans. I then took her nipples in mouth, circling my tongue around and sucking on her nipples very passionately. I squeezed both of them making her horny. I then made her sit on my lap.

I drove my tongue even down to her belly button, she leaned back, as I heled her waist by me. I then placed her back on the couch. I went down on her. She sat on the couch, with her legs on my shoulder. I licked her toes and fingers, biting her tip skin.

Then slowly driving my tongue to her thighs on each leg. I licked the skin along. I came up to her inner thighs. I kissed around those fatty thighs, again and again, giving a deep passionate kiss, like those fatty thighs were her lips. She gripped on the sofa tightly.

I then caught hold of her shorts, lowering them in one go. I looked at her she was in a horny mood. She asked me to be with her all night. I droved my tongue a bit more towards her pussy. I removed off her soaked panties with my teeth, as she started to take deep breaths and moan a little more.

I then took the panty and smelled, the smell made me mad. I drove my head into her pussy, started to lick it, as I spread her legs and drove my fingers into her pussy deep. Her pussy juices were licking, and the insides felt warm. I continued to finger her G-spot.

I licked her pussy and my other hand squeezed her nipples one by one. She started tow whimper and moan a little more. After half-hour foreplay, she came on her own couch, hugging me tightly. She then grabbed up a condom from her drawer and came to me.

She slid it in my cock, as she kissed my crotch and my dick. I sat on the back on the couch.

Sorry for the long story guys, but I had to enter all the details, to give you a full picture. Thank you for your patience. I would love your feedback and comments at [email protected]. To all ladies out there, take this as an invitation.

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