The View From My Bedroom Window

Hello everyone, recently I have been an avid reader of this page. So I am very keen to put across one of my amazing sexual experiences. I am Fahad (name changed), a Muslim guy, married, aged 29, living in South Chennai. 5’9 height with a well-built body and 5+ inch cock size.

This incident happened a few years back with one of my neighbors who lived just diagonally opposite our building. Her name was Neha (name changed). She was married and 28 years old homemaker. Her husband was working in an IT firm in Chennai.

Speaking about her stats, they were 34-26-36. She was 5’4 ft tall and had very firm boobs and soft big ass.

Coming to my story, my room window was located exactly opposite to her kitchen window. Whenever I used to get up I would watch her from my bed. I could see her rushing, arranging breakfast for her husband. She would be wearing a petticoat and would be sweating constantly.

I could notice her petticoat wet near her waist and neck. It would be an amazing view to see and I would start my day being hard on. It went on for a couple of months. Few days before our encounter, I would see her been sad and crying in the kitchen and her husband would leave early from the house.

One day when I was watching she immediately noticed that I am watching her. I pulled the curtains to hide from that embarrassment. My heartbeat was very fast. The next day the same thing happened. I would slowly peak from the curtains and she would search for me.

I felt the connection at that moment. I was hard on. The next morning I confidently opened the curtains and searched for her. There she came in her blue petticoat. She saw and immediately turned her eyes away from me. I was constantly staring at her.

Then she peaked at me and blushed. I knew that I am in for some game. I felt she wanted to say something to me. So by actions, I shared my mobile number and asked her to call me. The phone rang. I was so restless thinking of what will I speak.

But then she asked, “What’s your name?” I said, “Fahad.” She asked, “Were you staring at me?” I hesitantly said, “Yes, daily.” She was silent and answered with a ‘Hmmm’. There was some silence. Then I said, “You look amazing day by day. And I find you so attractive in that dress.”

In this statement too, she was very silent and answered by ‘Hmmm’. I thought I have made a blunder saying that. She said bye and disconnected the call. That night she texted me and then slowly we started to talk about each other. The night just passed.

We then started talking about each other’s lives. Her husband, work, sex for a week. One day, before sleeping I said to her to come in a sari the next morning for me to see her waist and her cleavage. She sent a smiley and said good night. It was Saturday morning.

When I woke up I was looking at her. There she came with a light purple sari. She looked so sexy in that. I was drooling and she was constantly smiling. I texted her saying, ” I want to bite your hip.” She replied,  “I will call you once my husband leaves for office.”

She said to come over to her house and the doors will be open. I entered and saw her standing in that purple sari. I just walked slowly towards her and held her hips. It was sweating due to the tension of a stranger holding her. I came close to her face and didn’t kiss.

I wanted to see her reaction. She had closed her eyes. I felt her breathe increasing faster. I grabbed her little tight again and kissed on her lips. Those pink and plum lips were so soft that I felt I was tasting strawberry. We started with a slow kiss and in just a few minutes our tongue met.

We were deep into each other. I started to tongue her deep in her mouth, tasted her saliva and simultaneously bit her upper lips. The harder I bit, she would moan. I put my hand over her ass, grabbed and pulled it. She was standing on her toes with my hard grab.

She was feeling my cock getting harder and squeezing with her thighs. She blushed and then I moved toward her neck. It was dusky and was kissing every inch of her neck. I went up to her shoulder where her bra strap was. I turned her and pusher her towards the wall.

My cock was pushing her ass and adjusting between the ass crack of her sari. I rolled my fingers from her waist to her blouse. I grabbed both her boobs from behind. Her boobs were made to fit in my hand. I pressed them softly, then slowly her nipples turned erect.

With two fingers I pinched them hard. She moaned loudly. The next 15 minutes were in foreplay. Suddenly her house bell rang! We both panicked and she started to shiver. She ran immediately to the main door and looked at the peephole. There was no one!

She ran towards the balcony and saw her mother in law. “Oh god,” she shouted. She told me to run towards the 3rd floor of her building as it was vacant. She said, “Once my mother in law enters you run down the house.” I ran on top and waited there. I messaged her that I am still waiting on top.

She said, “Okay, wait. I will come on top to meet you.” She informed her mother in law that she will get the clothes from the terrace and come. She ran and came to the 3rd floor. She immediately hugged and started kissing me hard. I carried her kissing and climbed another set of stairs towards the terrace.

There is a small door to enter and a small space to stand. We were going mad with each other. She was biting my neck and I immediately pulled her sari and pressed her pussy. She wore no panty and it was wet. I rolled my finger over her wetness and licked it immediately.

She then said, “You leave now, baby. I will call you on Monday.” I obliged and ran down without anyone noticing me. I went to my house and first removed my cum thinking of her. I couldn’t stop thinking of that woman who was so horny and desperate for sex. I was so restless that two days.

I was just waiting for Monday morning to just run and get over her. Now the remaining story will be given in part 2. Thanks for reading! I would appreciate your feedback – [email protected]

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