My Seductive Aunty

Hello dear readers, I am Rahul, and I am here to share an incident with you. I am 29 years old, fair and athletic. This incident happened with a woman, who was my mom’s friend. There are a few friends, who are extremely close to my mom. This incident happened with one of the closest friends of my mom.

Let me tell you guys, she was a sex bomb. I am really serious about this. In order to hide her identity, I am going to call her with an imaginary name. Let’s call her Madhavi aunty. Madhavi aunty was a housewife and a very kind woman from the heart.

There are very less people who are very kind nowadays, but Madhavi aunty was. She was also very soft-spoken. I have never seen her fighting with someone. Not even a cold war kind of fight. She was awesome. Guys, she was damn hot. She always used to be draped in saris. I just loved her in her saris.

Her voluptuous body in her sexy thin chiffon saris used to kill me. Her breasts were neither huge nor small. They were massive enough for you to squeeze them till your heart’s content. Her breasts looked delicious, hiding under her sari pallu.

Whenever I see them I feel a strong urge to massage them through her thin and soft sari pallu itself. But I somehow used to control myself because I respect her a lot. She was my mom’s friend, and she was my mom’s age. She too was very affectionate towards me.

She has seen me growing right in front of her eyes. My mom and she have been close friends since their childhood. Her waist was medium built, but her hips were nice and wide. Her hips looked so sexy and seductive in a sari, that I have no words to express the way they looked.

Sari makes a woman look extremely feminine. Not just that, she knew how to carry her sari on her body. My eyes used to get fixed on her, whenever she used to come in my presence. She has noticed my stares many a times oh her, but still she used to return my stares with her smile.

My heart used to flutter like a butterfly when she smiles at me. But I was getting sexually attracted to her. Day by day my desire was growing for her. I really respect her a lot, and that’s why I never initiated any sort of sexual move. But my desire for her was genuine.

I didn’t just want to fuck her, I wanted to make love to her. I wanted to tease her body sensually, I wanted to hold her soft body against me. I was really going crazy for Madhavi aunty. Madhavi aunty was 47 years old at that time, and I was 19 years old. I was in second year of my bachelors degree.

Aunty was fair in skin complexion, and she was healthy. She had a pleasantly plumpy body, which always aroused my senses. My cock used to beg for her juicy pussy, whenever I saw her. Aunty and I were really close. It’s needless to say because I was like her son, and I was one of her best friends kid.

She really used to pamper me lots of love. She hugged me on a daily basis, and kissed me on my cheeks. My face used to get flushed, and my cock erect. I think she knew what exactly I was feeling for her, because sooner she started smiling at me sexily.

A naughty smile which clearly indicated that she knew about my sexual attraction for her. Things were getting hotter day by day between us, and let me explain in detail. As usual, once she called my mom on the phone and told my mom to send me to her home. So I went as soon as my mom said me to.

I rang her doorbell and she got me into her home. Aunty was sweating a lot, she was working I guess. It was summer, and the weather was scorching hot. Without an air condition or cooler, you will die out of heat. Aunty was sweating too. Her light blue color sari was almost fifty percent wet with her sweat.

I could clearly see the wet patches all over her sari. My cock was getting hard down there. I was having an erection. I only hoped that aunty should not be able to see it. But aunty was a mature woman, she is far smarter than I am. She noticed my erection but again just smiled at me naughtily.

I was in a helpless situation, I didn’t know how to handle such an embarrassing situation. But thank God aunty started our conversation by asking me how was I. I said her I was good, but from the inside I was desperate to fuck her like crazy. Aunty asked me to follow her to the kitchen.

She was kneading dough for making chapattis. I offered my help, but she refused in a loving manner. But I insisted, so she finally said yes. I often help my mom in the kitchen with cooking. So cooking was not a big deal for me. I started kneading the dough and aunty was talking to me.

We talked as usual. As we both were free with each other, we used to always talk about everything. Then aunty said that the girl who will marry me would be lucky in case of cooking. I laughed and said her yeah sure, definitely. Then aunty asked me, “Rahul, why do you stare at me?”

I was dumbstruck with her question. I suddenly looked at her. She was, looking intently at me. I was fumbling with words. Aunty again asked the same question. I was fumbling with nervousness. Aunty said, “I know what is the matter Rahul, but I want to hear it from your mouth.”

I looked at her, she looked at me, then I took a deep breath. Now as I was caught, there is nothing to hide anymore. I bowed my head down, and slowly started speaking.

“Aunty, please don’t misunderstand me. Actually, I really like you. And I am attracted to you. You are my first crush aunty. But I really respect you, you are elder to me aunty. I really have respect for you in my heart. My intentions are pure. The only thing is that I am extremely attracted to you, and I can’t help it.”

I said all this with my eyes closed. I didn’t know what would be her reaction. When I was not getting any replies from her, I slowly opened my eyes and looked at her. She was still looking at me intently. She didn’t look angry, thank God for that, but she wasn’t saying anything either.

I asked her, “Aunty? Are you all alright? She replied to me, “Why are you attracted to me, Rahul? What did you see in me? I am your mother’s age. You are like my kid.” I said, “I am genuinely attracted to you. I don’t have any wrong intentions. My desires are genuine for you.”

She said, “I have seen you looking at me several times. I knew you used to look at me always. But what did you see in an old woman like me, Rahul?” She is calling herself an old woman. My cock used to get hardened just by a single thought of her. I have been masturbating and fantasizing about her for so many years.

I have been fucking her hard and deep in my kinky fantasies for so many years. And here is she, calling herself an old woman. Now because I saw that she is not angry or mad, I decided that I am going to show her, the level of sexual desire and attraction I have for her.

I gathered courage, and placed my both hands on her hips. Man, what a feeling it was. A strong wave of current passed through my body. I gripped her fleshy hips, and gently pulled her to me. Now both of our bodies were touching. Aunty was breathing heavily, and so was I.

I said, “I have seen so many things in you, aunty. Here is one of those things. Your lips are so full and ripe aunty, I want to kiss and taste them.” By saying this, I leant towards her lips, and kissed her. She kept still for a few seconds. Then to my amazement, aunty parted her lips slightly.

There I let go, I kissed her deeply. Aunty started responding, and within a few seconds, we both were hungrily kissing each other. We both might have kissed for at least five minutes. Then aunty broke the kiss and said with heavy breaths, “Rahul, what did you do just now? You kissed an older woman like me.”

I said in my mind, enough is enough. Why is she going on calling her older woman repeatedly? Older woman right? Ok then, now watch. The way I will make love and fuck you today, you will forget about this older woman thing. Then I said to her, “Oh yes aunty, I kissed you, and now I am going to kiss you again.”

With that I grabbed her face, and locked her lips with mine. I started kissing her deep and hard. My hands were grabbing and fondling her fleshy hips. Aunty was kissing me back quite hungrily and desperately. Our kiss was so hot and passionate, that our saliva was getting smeared all across our lips.

I broke the kiss suddenly. Aunty looked at me breathing heavily, and asked me, what happened? Why did you break our kiss? I looked at her sexily and said, I just love kissing an older woman like you. She smiled lustfully and just locked her lips with me.

While kissing her hard and deep, I turned her around and backed her up against the kitchen counter. We both were kissing really hard and deep. Our passion was literally visible. If someone would have seen both of us kissing like that, he or she would have got sexually charged immediately.

We were kissing that passionately. Then I broke the kiss, and buried my face in to her cleavage. Aunty moaned seductively. I licked and kissed her cleavage passionately. The softness of her sari fabric was arousing me all the more. Her sari pallu was getting rubbed over my face. I was licking her sweaty cleavage lustily.

All of a sudden my phone rang. I didn’t want to stop at all but I had to. Because who knows it might be an important or urgent call. I controlled my breathing, and saw the callers name on my mobile screen. It was my mom. There is no way I can cut my sweet mom’s call.

I picked her call and she called me home immediately. She had one work to be done immediately. After the call was cut, I saw aunty looking at me and smiling. I asked what makes her smile? She said, “I have always liked you Rahul, but never thought that you would be having this kind of feeling for me.”

I said, “Are you regretting, aunty?” She immediately said, “No, no, my sweety, not like that. I am really glad that it happened. I just never expected all this.” I said, “Be ready aunty, there is much more to come.” We both smiled sexily and kissed each other for a few minutes.

Then I went home and was eager to meet my lovely sexy Madhavi aunty after finishing my mom’s work. I hope you all liked my story, actually, I have mixed this real-life incident with a bit of fantasy, to make it more hot and erotic. You can give me feedback at [email protected]

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