My Drunk Bengali Girlfriend Fucked By Tamil Guy

Hello friends. Before you start getting your hands and fingers into ‘action’, I would take a bit of your precious time to introduce myself to all of you.

UrbanGuy, I am basically from the city of joy Kolkata. Aged 27 as on August 2018, I have been a regular on ISS.

And honestly, I have often been disappointed with its content and quality. After years of dilemma, I decided to pen down what are all, my own real-life experiences. Things which are fantasies to others but happened to me in real.

Born and brought up in Kolkata for the most part of my life, my job profile now takes me to places, nowadays, mostly within India.

I have been schooled and graduated from a reputed college, all in Kolkata. And have already been to most part India after I started my corporate slave life. And in this journey of 27 years, I have had everything that would trigger your darkest fantasies – from girlfriends to ex-gfs, from friends to fuckbuddies, from Facebook to Tinder and many more.

These are stories which are not fragment of imagination but true events of my own life.

Welcome to the best part of your reading life. I, the UrbanGuy would take you on a roller coaster ride with incidents and events that would shake you till your hormones.

So here it is, I would try to post one story/true-life incident of my life at least once a week. The stories would go by the title UrbanGuy for making it easier for you all to find my write-ups.

As I am constantly emphasizing on the fact that all the stories were real-life events/incidents, I would sometimes, if not always change the name of the protagonists and the characters. The locations, the places would be more or less 98% the same, even the dates and their professions.

So, put on your hands and fingers to good use and let me take you to the real world where the shits get real.

This incident happened in July 2018. I was, rather still am in a relationship with Shreya.

Shreya just got admitted to her Ph.D. in Psychology and moved to Bangalore. Shreya was a typical bong girl – independent, smart, hot, sexy in a saree and way more intelligent. She loves her food and her books. She was the gold medallist of her university and the best in her field.

Shreya had that typical Bengali voluptuousness to her. Standing at 5’1″ ft, she weighed 52 kg with 33-28-36. She was damn curvaceous. And she knows how to satisfy her man way before she even turned 26.

We were at the same school and it was just before our 12th board exams when we got into a relationship. It has been 8 long years now that we are together.

So, after completing my graduation, I got placed with an MNC and Shreya continued her academics in Kolkata. I soon had to shift to Mumbai and then stated my voyeur life as I was appointed the regional marketing analysist of my firm.

4 years went by like this and finally, Shreya cracked the entrance test of one of the toughest exams in India and the most highly regarded institute of India for Psychology, Nimhans.

This would be the first time ever Shreya would leave her parents and Kolkata and move out and stay all by herself. This, on the other hand, did make us happy as we could now often meet up.

On 3rd June 2018, Shreya shifted to Bangalore. It took her a week to settle down as everything was new for her. The people, the place, the food, the room and everything visible.

Shreya was given a bungalow as was the rule of the institution to provide all high-class facilities to their Ph.D. scholars. There were a total of 8 girls including Shreya in the bungalow with two sharing a room. Shreya’s roommate was from Delhi. Her name was Rishika.

Slowly things settled down for Shreya. She made friends with all the girls and even people from other departments.

It was on the 21st of June when she met this guy called Srivasth, a second-year Ph.D. scholar from Tamil Nadu. Nimhans had organized a freshers party.

Shreya had called me late that night as the party got over at around 12:20 am, telling me how this guy was hitting on her and that she didn’t mind as he was sort of good looking and handsome. He even asked her for dance and that she obliged as he was gentle and her senior in the Dept.

I had no reason to get angry or jealous as I knew her for 8 years. Slowly, days passed by and Srivasth and Shreya became more familiar with each other and eventually friends.

She used to tell me everything over the phone how and what she did the entire day. I also got to know her new friends, her roommate and even Srivasth over phone/WhatsApp and when I visited Shreya in Bangalore for a Saturday night and Sunday.

Slowly it seemed Srivasth was very close to her. They went out together for coffee, for lunch and dinner; hang out together along with other friends and sometimes just the two. All this was conveyed to me by Shreya only and though sometimes I do get a bit upset or insecure, I never talked about it to her unless it made her upset in the new city.

Moreover, Shreya has always been an eye-candy for men of all ages. It’s natural for anyone to fall for her sexually and fantasize about her.

Things went on like this and by the end one month, they had become really close. Srivasth even admitted his liking towards my girlfriend and to others in Nimhans.

I too used to tease Shreya on this until the 21st of July when things went a bit too far and shook me from the very inside. By this time, Rishika had already warned me about their proximity and Srivasth’s intent. But I had always trusted my girlfriend Shreya blindly.

Then came the 21st of July. There was a house party in Rishika’s and Shreya’s room for celebrating their getting-into Nimhans Ph.D. and completing a month in the new city.

Everyone drank and smoked like there was no tomorrow. The music was above the noise pollution level and alcohol was like air pouring from everywhere. Shreya always used to be a hard-core drinker and loved whiskey. Srivasth and other boys joined them and it was a little night club atmosphere.

The party started at around 8 pm and went on until 1:30 am. Everyone was almost out. Those who could go back to their rooms but most choose to stay back at her place for the night. At around 2:15 am, I got a call from Rishika and what she told turned my world upside down.

Srivasth and Shreya are getting really mushy and according to Rishika, Shreya was literally busted with too much alcohol. Rishika told me she would go and stop what may happen, but something deep down inside me stopped her from doing so.

I also choose not to call my girlfriend and let the most dreaded thing I feared happen. Instead, I asked Rishika to keep me online on the call and tell me everything in detail what was going to happen.

What followed was some darkest raunchiest and erotic incident that ever happened to me in my life. It was Shreya and Srivasth with the actual act. And me and Rishika on the phone with her giving me live detailing of each and everything.

Srivasth took Shreya to her room as she was too drunk to even stand up. Others went to different rooms of the bungalow to sleep of the night leaving Shreya alone as she was visibly too out.

Rishika and Shreya’s room was separated by a plywood partition but one can easily peep and see if they wanted and Rishika did exactly the same.

Srivasth after making Shreya lie on the bed kissed on her forehead. He whispered,

“I love you” and smooched Shreya. Shreya reciprocated. But she soon moved away saying she has a boyfriend and that she loves me. Srivasth unfazed held her tightly and asked, “Don’t you like me?”

Shreya: I do. You are close to me. But I love UG.
Srivasth: You sure do. But you can love me too.

Shreya: It’s not right.
Srivasth: It doesn’t seem so.

Saying this, Srivasth started smooching Shreya. Shreya’s body trembled with the touch of the new man in her life. She tried saying something but Srivasth stopped her and asked,

Srivasth: Doesn’t it feel nice?

My girlfriend nodded and in a split of a second, Srivasth’s tongue was all over Shreya. He licked from her neck and till her cleavage point. Shreya was trembling like anything.

He then reached her earlobes and put his tongue inside her ears. It was Shreya’s weakest spot, a touch in there and she would lose all self-control. And this time, the sense of another man doing it to her exploded her.

Shreya sat on the bed in an instant and literally tore off Srivasth’s Puma Jacket. My girlfriend started licking Srivasth’s like a maniac. His cheeks, his lips, his neck, his ears, and his chest and then licked his nipple.

Srivasth wouldn’t let this chance go by. He made Shreya open her Vera Moda top. My girlfriend’s 33C milky fair breast was there up for grab just forcing itself out of the black-netted jockey bra.

Shreya stood up and helped Srivasth open his and her jeans. Srivasth was only wearing a boxer that came down along with his jeans. Thought a Tamilian, Srivasth had a slim physique. And he was also not too dark-skinned. His dick was all there to see out in the open.

And Shreya was in her netted-black bra and dark red pantie. It was nothing short of a view. A goddess of sex, almost naked in front of Srivasth.

Shreya: Do me whatever you want to do to me tonight, Sri. Tonight I am all yours and am all wild for you. These words and that sight drove Srivasth crazy. He lifted Sreya and threw her on the bed. He removed her panty and it was there in front of him – my girlfriend’s blackish pink love hole dripping with juice.

Shreya was very particular in maintaining her woman parts. It always smelled nice even if she had run 1000 meters.

Srivasth just went inside with his entire face, licking my girlfriend’s pussy hungrily.

Shreya moaned. He put his tongue almost fully inside her hole. Srivasth licked and licked her. He then inserted his one finger, then two, then three of his right-hand finger inside Shreya. Shreya’s eyes have rolled up in ecstasy.


Shreya was moaning so loud that Srivasth had to cover her mouth. She came thrice and Srivasth drank it all till the last drop.

Shreya (pointing to his now rod erect dick): Can I have that meatball, Sri?

And she stood up in a flash. Before Srivasth could utter a word, his entire manhood was inside Shreya’s mouth. She spat like waves over it making it drip with her saliva. It went inside her mouth like a child sucking his last remains from an ice-cream stick.

Srivasth went mad in pleasure. My gf was a champion of deepthroat. She licked his dick from the top till his groin and then again engulfed it. She sucked her balls like jelly beans and stroked his dick with her right hand. Srivasth moaned even louder.

Srivasth: You are something, it is amazing.

Srivasth came inside her mouth and she drank it like hot chocolate.

Shreya then gave Srivasth a boobjob which made him harder with a minute. Shreya knew all the trick that you can only wish for in your girl!

My girlfriend then bent down in standing position and said, “Fuck me like an animal, Sri. Just don’t come inside”.

Srivasth couldn’t believe his eyes his ears or his sight. He was inside my girlfriend the very next moment. Shreya was so wet that Srivasth could feel his dick wet like a rain-soaked paper. It was something and he was thrusting her back and forth. The sound was loud enough to shake the next building.

Srivasth then unhooked Shreya’s bra and fondled with her boobs. He could feel her erect nipples. Shreya’s ass was bigger than his two chest combined. He then turned her and went to missionary position. Shreya’s boobs jumping and her voluptuous belly was a sight to cherish. His dick was inside a warm oven melting his dick like a cake.

He grabbed both her boobs and squeezed it with all his might. Shreya moaned in unbearable pleasure. He licked her nipples, sucked her boobs one by one and then again squeezed it hard – all this while stroking her rhythmically.

Shreya came with a loud hiss. Srivasth soon reached his climax and just before he would ejaculate, Shreya pulled his dick out and started sucking it. He came in tons. Half, Shreya drank and the remaining half was all over her boobs, her cleavage, and her belly.

Srivasth almost fainted on her. My girlfriend rested his head on her breast and whispered.

Shreya: It was wild. You were wild, you are amazing. Don’t ever tell this to anyone. And my boyfriend shouldn’t know.
Srivasth: Sure my sex bomb. So, when’s the next session?

They both winked, unaware I not only know what happened but how it happened. But by then, even though my world had fallen, there was a deep dark fantasy working inside me which fantasied about my girlfriend fucking another guy. It was ecstasy, it was something.


I hope you liked the first read up here. I will be coming up very soon with the second true incident of my life with even more sex and even more wilder things.

If you liked what you read, please drop in by my mail: [email protected]

Hoping to get to know you guys more and start a good conversation.

Signing off,
The UrbanGuy.

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