My Sexy Friend’s Visit To Delhi – Part 2

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This is the story of my friend Siya coming to Delhi to attend her friend’s wedding.

She came on Friday, a day before her friend’s wedding. After attending the Sangeet Ceremony at her friend’s place, we returned to the hotel and had a passionate night.

The next day when I woke up, I was lying naked on the bed. Siya was not there. I was still feeling sleepy and was in no mood to get up from the bed. After some time, the Siya came out of the washroom.

She was wearing my white shirt. Her toned sexy legs were making her look sexy. She came close to the bed. I could not resist and pulled her on the bed and kissed her.

S: It seems last night was not enough for you.

V: With such a beautiful girl, it’s never enough.

I started kissing near her cleavage. I held her leg, pulling her close to me. She was also getting excited, and she also started enjoying the kissing. In 5 minutes, I got rid of the shirt, and she was lying in her sexy black panty in front of me. She looked at my hard dick and winked.

S: It looks yummy.

She took my hand in her hands and started stroking and took in her mouth and started blowing.

V: When did you learn this?

S: Marriage teaches you a lot of things (Wink).

She was licking the tip of my dick and slowly moving it completely in and then out. Her wet lips were making me go crazy. I never got such a blow job in my life. It felt as if I was in heaven. I was looking at her and holding her hands.

After blowing me, she came up and started kissing me and rubbing her pussy on my dick. I took control and got on top of her. I was rubbing my dick on her pussy and could feel her wet pussy.

S: Vikky, I am so wet baby. Don’t make me crave, fuck me, baby fuck me hard.

She took the condom and helped me to wear it. My dick was all ready to explore her pussy. I first gave a small push to enter. Then with force, I gave another stroke and got completely inside her. She clenched me, and I could feel her nails digging on my back.

I started giving deep strokes, and she wrapped her legs around my waist to pull me closer. I was also kissing her, and she was going crazy and gave a bite on my shoulder.

V: Wow! that was amazing.

S: Don’t say anything, fuck me. That’s the way.

We continued fucking. Her phone started ringing, but we didn’t want to spoil this and continued fucking.

S: Oh, yes, baby, yes. I am cumming.

She came, and in a few more strokes, I also came. We fell on the bed and kept lying. No one was in a mood, and her phone was still ringing.

After 5 minutes she called her friend back. She was calling her to be at her place by 2 pm as she wanted her company in the beauty parlor. We got up and showered together and had one more round under the shower.

I dropped her at her friend’s home and came back to the hotel for some sleep. At around 6 pm, I got a call from Siya. She told me they are leaving the parlor now and asked me to come to the wedding reception at around 9 pm.

She also shared her pic, and after make-up, she looked like a diva. I slept again so I could be fresh all night and enjoy the wedding and Siya’s company. At 9:30 pm, I reached the wedding reception and called Siya.

She asked me to come towards the room meant for the bride to get ready. I came there. There she was in a beautiful light blue lehenga. The deep neck was giving a glimpse of her cleavage and making her look even more attractive.

I pulled her on one side and pinned her to the wall. Our eyes met, and our lips were an inch away. Her breathing increased, and I was about to kiss her. She stopped me.

S: Patience, my tiger.

She kissed me on my cheek and asked me to meet her friend. The room was full of beautiful girls. She introduced me to the bride, and next to her was another beautiful girl. I couldn’t take my eyes off.

S: She is Priya, her sister.

Priya was really beautiful, and she looked just like Jacqueline Fernandez. You can imagine that. We had a small chat and then there were more people coming so I left.

I enjoyed the snack and looked for someone to talk to as Siya was busy with her friend. Then I saw Priya coming towards the same stall and looking at me. She passed a smile.
P: I hope you are not getting bored.

V: A bit, but now I have a beautiful girl around me.

She giggled and thanked me. We were chatting and enjoying the snacks. She was very friendly. Looking at us, no one could say we met for the first time.
We also got on the dance floor and started dancing. We were having a wonderful time together.

Her Dad came there and asked us to come as the baraat has reached. We reached the entrance and joined the baratis in dance and after the baratis entered the place. We sat there taking some rest.

I had to come out for a smoke, and she joined me too. She took the cigarette from me and started smoking too.

P: It is so relaxing.

She was looking even sexier. We finished the smoke and came back. It was time for the bride to make an entry. So she left to be with her. The bride and groom were on stage. People were taking pics.

Guests started leaving, and now only a few close ones were left. We had food together, and now it was time for pheras. Siya came and sat with me, and Priya was right opposite. In between, we had eye contact.

It was taking some time, and I came out for some fresh air. Once again, Priya was there. We were all alone, and there was no one nearby. I was getting kind of naughty thoughts in my mind.

P: What are you thinking?

V: To make the best out of this opportunity (wink).

She smiled, and it was affirmative. I moved closer, and our lips met. We started smooching and feeling each other. She was feeling my dick, and I was pressing her boobs.

But it was not the right time as her absence for long would get noticed. So we decided to go back, and the moment we turned, we saw Siya standing there looking at us. I will share what happened next.

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