Seducing Father’s Friend’s Daughter Purvi

Hey, this is Jaydeep from Gujarat. This is my first story on the website.

Coming to the story, I lived in a two-storied house in Gujarat with my parents and my grandma. As my grandma was very old she cannot climb up the stairs. So I get my privacy when my parents go to work.

So one day my father told me that he and my mom had to attend a wedding in Udaipur of our relative. I insisted that I will stay at home with my grandma.

I knew that once they left than there was no one stopping me! So, they left on Saturday morning. Now once they left, I spent the entire day watching a movie and doing some stuff.

Around 6 pm, I called Purvi. Let me give a description of her. She is a gorgeous girl with a figure to die for. She has a reasonable ass and the best pair of tits. She is my father’s friend’s daughter. As they were very close to my family, sleepovers were usual for us.

Coming to the story, I called her. Unfortunately, her mother was at the receiving end. I told her the matter, that my parents were not at home and me and only my grandmother was at home.

I asked her to allow Purvi to come to my place for studies and stay for the night. She firstly said no. But later, she hesitantly agreed (as my grandma was at home).

So around 9 pm, the doorbell rang. I opened the door and there she was, standing in a white t-shirt and denim shorts. My father’s friend’s daughter was busy on her phone with headphones plugged in (as always). She was just a complete package.

I greeted her with a high-five. We sat on the sofa, had some chit chat and had a cold-coffee like usual days.

Then my grandmother told me that she was feeling sleepy. So I insisted her to sleep and we went upstairs to my room.

We unpacked our bags, took our books out and started studying. For the first 2 hours, everything was normal. Around 12.30 am, we decided to take a break and were talking about our life and the things which were happening.

We were talking about our college professors, classmates, and other shits. Soon the topic shifted to looks and facial features. We were talking about the hot personalities in our respective colleges (it was rather common between us). During the conversation, we also started passing some cute comments on each other.

Let me tell you that I am a well-built person with a good physique (not like bodybuilders) and a cock that can satisfy any girl or woman (6 inches to be precise).

Coming to the story, we were complimenting each other. I was praising her cute smile and eyes whereas she was also complimenting about my looks. Out of nowhere, she told me that I have a very well-built and strong chest. In the flow of that talk, I replied to her that she too has a good and bulky chest (oops!).

A sudden gust of silence spread over the room. But to my surprise, she replied that she already knows that!! (with a little attitude).

I knew that I had to make the first move. I made her an offer (I didn’t know what was going through my mind).

I told her that she can touch my chest in reply to which I would touch hers. Shock and surprise were all over her face. Purvi rolled her eyes scanning my intentions. I saw that she was not able to control her smile. She hesitantly agreed. I was even more surprised by the answer.

But now the ball was in my court. So I slowly lifted my t-shirt until my neck. Her eyes had widened in surprise. She told me that I really have a chest to die for (with a wink).

Purvi then took her hands and kept it on the bare chest of mine. A chill went down through our spines. She started caressing my chest, feeling every inch of it. Her soft hands were measuring every dimension of my body. After a few minutes, she came to her senses and withdrew her hands.

Now it was my turn!! I told that it was my turn. She shyly raised her t-shirt revealing her smooth belly and black lacy bra. Her cleavage was like a narrow street in which you can spend your entire life.

She signaled me to make my move. But I withdrew my hands in complaint. I told her that it was unfair. I made her feel my bare chest and now she has to made me feel hers over her bra!!! That was just not fair. I told her to remove her bra. To which she directly rejected.

She told me that I can have this much only. I sighed in despair and started taunting her (she was keeping her words, I will now remember this in the future also and all those shitty taunts we use). She was still not having any of it. But I was also not giving up. But in the end, I lost. I agreed to her and made my move for her boobs (covered in bra huh!!).

As soon as I kept my hands on her, the warmth of her body was making me excited. I cannot explain that feeling. I started working my hands on her but soon an idea struck me. I told her that I had agreed to her term but on one condition – I will feel her chest from behind! She had to agree.

I quickly went behind her. The deep cleavage of her and the sight of the upper part of her boobs cannot be expressed in words. My dick was on the verge of tearing my shorts, which she had already noticed.

I slowly groped both her boobs. It was heaven!! I continued for a minute or two. I could feel her heavy breathing. I knew she wanted it but without telling. What had gone through my mind I don’t know, but I unclipped her bra in a snap!!! And there I saw the most beautiful thing my entire life.

Purvi was shocked but couldn’t hide her inner feelings. She also had lost control. Now I was working on her beautiful tits, pinching her pink nipples, rounding them off, kissing her neck and biting her earlobes. In a second, she was above me, facing me.

She held my head and gave me a deep passionate kiss – our tongues meeting each other and our saliva saying hello to each other.

I sucked Purvi’s boobs and played with them like there was no end to it. But now it was her turn. She got down. I was lying on my back. In a swoop, she took out my shorts and undies and in no time, she was giving me the pleasure of my life. The thing which I always craved for. A blowjob to remember.

My father’s friend’s daughter was sucking it like a girl sucking a candy in her childhood. After that, she laid down with me at the top of her. I removed her shorts and her pink underwear. It was a dream come true for me.

I started licking her inner thighs and she moaning at every move of it. I slowly went to her pussy. As soon as I licked her, she gave a moan which I will remember for long and to which I acted more and more passionately. Her juices had their own magic.

I got up and gave her a kiss. Then, I inserted my fingers in her in a flash. Purvi’s eyes widened in pleasure but I kept on kissing her. After a minute of fingering, she came. She was taking deep breaths. I knew she wanted more.

Without wasting time, I took a condom (early preparations), rolled it over my dick and in a single thrust, I pushed my manhood into her. Purvi gave a deep moan to which I reacted with a kiss.

I started giving her the highest pleasure a girl can imagine. We fucked for the entire night like there is no tomorrow. We slept naked cuddling like a perfect couple.

When I woke up, I found that she was having a shower (not closing the door, intentionally, I guess). I crept in. There we had a really hot shower with a very passionate sex (I will describe it in my next).

We then went down. My grandma had already made breakfast for us. She had hers and left with a cute wink.

Still, we have such steamy sessions whenever we have time and space.

Girls can contact me and even for feedback at [email protected]

Thank you.

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