Spent Time In Tuition Student’s Mom’s Pussy

Hello everyone, this incident happened last year during the winters. I am a guy of 22 age from Kolkata. I usually teach a few students in order to earn. Side by side, I am pursuing my studies.

I got a tuition assignment in one of the houses of a well-settled family. Yes, they were rich. I was mesmerized after the first visit. From the very first day itself, I developed a crush on my student’s mother, who used to take full responsibility for the kid as the father was a businessman.

My student’s mom used to come to show me the chapters going on in the school. I use to sit on the bed, and she used to bend giving me a clear view of her cleavage.

She was a very beautiful woman. Her measurements are 36-30-38. She was as fair as a fairy! And, those swaying buttocks always gave me a hard-on. She used to wear nighties that hardly covered her legs completely, showing me great portions of her sexy thighs and legs. I often masturbated thinking about her.

It was the middle of December. I went to her house. She was home but her kid wasn’t home. She told me to wait and brought me his books and started turning the pages. I accidentally touched her hand and stopped her while she was turning the pages. She retreated and gave me an expression of confusion.

I caught her hands and made her sit in front of me. She was now shocked. I resisted myself knowing that if it goes wrong, I would be losing the tuition and it might also have serious consequences.

I pulled my student’s mom forward. She asked, “Sir, what are you doing?!” I placed my hands on her right boob. She wasn’t trying to get away. I kissed her lips and she gave in. She gave in to the pleasure more than her dignity would allow.

I slowly kept my hand on her left boob. And, then I held her head with the other hand while kissing her soft juicy lips. She was feeling my lust.

My student’s mom was slowly getting turned on. She couldn’t resist. I didn’t know if she was satisfied or not by her husband but she started showing her true colours as she went to lock the door.

She said that the servant was there in the kitchen doing her job. She then took off the top of her nightie, exposing the melons which were perfectly round in shape with hard nipples poking out. My student’s mother pushed me on the bed, removed my trousers and started to kiss the tip of my cock. She couldn’t resist it and started sucking it.

I was too hard by then. I somehow controlled myself and asked her if she was okay without the condom. She said, “Fuck me however you want.”

I pulled the lower part of the nightie down, exposing her pussy. It was bushy, indicating that it wasn’t harvested as frequently as should have been. Her white thighs, a slight fatty belly, and the dark bush made a perfect balance for me to view from underneath.

I laid her down and sat up. I pulled her legs on my shoulder so that my student’s mom’s pussy is in my mouth. I sucked on it till she shivered. I grappled her ass and her boobs periodically while she came like a whore who had fucked for 20 years.

Then, it was my turn. I lay on my back and she blew me while I squeezed her ass. I fingered my student’s horny mom to arouse her and felt her ass and her asshole with my fingers. She was so turned on. I was turned on too and I pulled her by her waist and made her sit on my cock as I lay down.

I inserted my dick into her warm pussy and she started to feel the pain. It wasn’t visited in a long time and she started to cry while I gave thrusts from below like a wild dog. She gripped my dick with her pussy and it became quite wet.

Then she started riding me. Up down. Up down. Fap.. fap.. fap..fap. We made all the noises while she bent down to allow me to suck her boobs. I came in her like a beast.

After a few minutes, I got soft and she asked me to stand. I stood on the floor, while she started sucking me lying on the bed. I had a boner again in a minute. She stood up and sat.

My student’s mom took my dick in her hand, sucked it and made it all wet. She then squeezed it between her boobs. She squeezed her boobs while I tried to hump them. I fucked her like that and she was moaning like a bitch.

She said again and again, “Please, fuck me more. sir.. Please fuck me. Take me..I need it..”

I got highly aroused but did not cum on her boobs. I turned her instantly and fucked my student’s mother from behind. I made her my bitch while I fucked her like a dog. That was the best doggy style I ever could have imagined. She was giving it all.

I fucked her in slowly then suddenly turned my pace, pulled her hair, and then pulled her boobs and fucked her straight. I came hard. She also had her orgasm. We were panting heavily.

She lay on the bed face down, and I lay on her without taking my dick out. I smelled her hair and kissed her neck and my dick became soft. She slipped out and went on top of me stroking me. She adjusted in such a way that she sat on my face where I could eat her pussy.

My student’s mom bent down and stroked me to my hardness. It was one more round of classic side-way fucking after that. She was curled up to my left while I fucked her, and she shivered with the orgasm.

I did not cum for the next 2 minutes after she came and continued to hump her while she moaned and said, “Fuck me more.”

I came and I got really exhausted. It was also the time for me to leave as my duration of the class was over. She called her kid but the kid was still outside in the mall with his uncle.

I dressed her up and she hugged me and thanked me. We shared a few more intimate moments after that, but not in her house.

I will write about that in the next part. Keep supporting and keep stroking your dicks. Because not all girlfriends will stroke it for you.

Peace out, cum hard!

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