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Hello guys, this is Rocky Patel with a new story, a real one. Let’s come to the story now. I am a single guy, aged 25, doing business. This story is about when I was traveling on the train to Ahmedabad from Bangalore. I had been allotted the upper berth in the coach.

As soon as the train came I got in and went to my seat and sat down. There was an old couple as well but they were on the side seats. So the train started and no one else was in my compartment. But after 2 stations a family came in. It was the husband and his wife and their 1-year child.

Coming to the wife, her name was Seema, looked around 32 age, attractive from the face as well. But as you all know the main attraction is in the body. she had big melons, flat stomach, and not much big ass. So imagine her now in your mind.

They all settled in their seats. Her husband came and sat beside me and the wife sat in front of me with the baby in her hand. My eyes were just stuck on her boobs. But somehow I controlled and was looking out. Her husband asked me where I was traveling.

I told him Ahmedabad and he told that even they were traveling to Ahmedabad.
It was just 9 am in the morning. There were a whole day and whole night left to reach the destination. Meanwhile, we all had breakfast and I went up to my seat on the upper berth.

As you all know the babies get hungry very soon. So it was the time for the baby to have his breakfast. I went up to my seat purposefully so I can get a better view from the top.  She took her baby in her arms and I was waiting eagerly when she will open up.

She was wearing a sari and blouse. She slowly removed her boob from the blouse. As soon as she removed I got the glimpse of her boob and nipple just for a second. But even that feeling was awesome to see those big boobs. Later the baby started enjoying the boob and she had covered it with a cloth.

I continued staring at her. Meanwhile, she had caught me staring at her. I, out of fear just turned my face to the other side. After some time I came down and she was staring at me. I could not see in her eyes as I didn’t know what to do. Her husband was sitting in the seat.

At the same time, some of his friends came and took the husband away for some time saying that they are going to play cards. I came and sat on the window seat just in front of her. To my surprise, she broke the silence.

Seema- What is your name?
Me- Rocky.
Seema- What do you do?
Me- I do business and going to Ahmedabad for a business trip.

Seema- Good, are you married?
Me- No I am single.
Seema- I see, that’s the reason you were staring at me huh? (with an angry face)

I was totally shocked as she asked this. I was not knowing what to answer and how to tackle this. An idea pop in my head and I said, “I was watching the baby. It is very cute.”

Seema- Oh really? I thought you were seeing something else.
Me- No just the baby
Seema- What’s your age?
Me – 25 and yours?

Seema- I am 33 married 6 years before.
Me – (in my mind) Baby after 6 years of marriage. Why so late?
Seema- How many girlfriends do you have?
Me- I broke up 2 months before with a girl.

Seema- Why did you break up?
Me- she was just a good digger and she didn’t give me what I wanted.
Seema- What was it that you wanted and she didn’t give?
Me- I am an adult and you know I have some needs.

Seema- Oh then how are you managing from the past two months.
Me- It’s just going on with my mobile
Seema- (she laughed so hard at this) Amazing keep it up.
Me – What amazing, I am tired of this.

Seema- Well I know how it feels, but could have gone out and found some girl and enjoy.
Me – Not that easy.
Now her baby started to cry again, she looked at me and smiled.
Seema- You are going to go up or sit here only?

Me- No, I will sit down only and don’t worry I will turn and look out of the window.  You can feed the baby.
Seema- Oh why you didn’t like the view before what?
Me- (surprised again)No, it’s not like that I liked it but I am sorry I could not control.

Seema- It’s okay I understand you’re an adult and you have been sober for two months. It’s okay you can see and enjoy at least.
Me- Really?

Seema- Yes but keep an eye that my husband doesn’t come back.
Me – Okay don’t worry.

Now this time she didn’t remove her boob from the down of blouse. But she just opened the buttons of the boobs and both her boobs were out. I, with broad eyes, was just staring and biting my lips.

Seema- Is your mouth watering?
Me- Yes Seema, hey if you don’t mind can I wank looking at those,
Seema- Are you mad? There are people coming and going.

I told I can’t control I should do it now. Then she gave me a cloth and told cover with this and do it. But don’t remove your tool outside. I just wanted that and in no time I cummed as the pressure was huge. Later we all settled and her husband also joined.

So I went up and had a very good sleep in the noon. Later we had dinner and did time pass for some time and were starting to sleep now. It was around 2 in the night. The baby cried again and to that, I woke up. But couldn’t see anything as the light was off.

After a few minutes, the baby slept. She stood up and gave me a sign to come near the bathroom. After 5 minutes I went to the bathroom. She was waiting there for me, I asked her, “Why have you called me here?”

She told me, “As you are hungry for two months even I am hungry from one month. As my husband has lost interest after the baby.” I asked her, “What shall we do now?” She told, “I can’t wait anymore. Let’s do it now in that bathroom.”
I told, “Your husband could come and what if your baby wakes up?”

She told, “I have left the baby with my husband. They both won’t wake at this time as I know when will they wake up.” I said, “Wonderful.” As soon I said this she kissed me and said, “We don’t have much time to speak now. Start your work soon.”

I started kissing her wild. Pressing on her boobs. While I was pressing it the milk was coming out and her blouse was all wet. She told, “Let me open it.”  She opened it and I started to press. It was so very firm one could keep on pressing them for hours.

She asked me, “Don’t you want to drink the milk?” I told, “Why not? I am hungry as well,” and started sucking the boobs. The milk was going down my throat and it tasted sweet. After 5 minutes of sucking it’s enough. She at the same time was playing with my dick above the pants.

Now she sat down and started to open my pants. There it was she pulled out my dick in no time and told me, “Wow it’s almost 2 inches bigger than my husband’s.” I said, “Well then enjoy it.” She started to suck my dick up and down. She licked the top part of my dick with her tongue around it and teasing me.

I told, “Give me your pussy now. It’s getting late.” So she stood up and put up her sari and put down her panty. She told, “Take it baby put your bomb inside.” I was in for some time, played with my fingers, rubbing it. I spat on it to lubricant it and gave one small slap on the pussy.

She jumped and said, “Are you mad? It hurts, it’s sensitive now don’t make me wait. Just put that big dick inside my pussy.” I kept my dick in her pussy rubbing on it and started to put it inside slowly. She already started to moan. I told quite all will here it and gave her my Hankey and told put this in your mouth.

Now I started to ramp her and spanking her ass hard. Pulling her hair and saying, “Bitch are you enjoying it?” She with tears in her eyes just nodded her head. This went on for 15 minutes. I told that I am going to cum now. She just sat down and removed the hanky out.

She said just cum on my face. I want to have a cum face wash. I loaded all my cum on her face, her eyes, her nose, on the lips and few drops on the boobs as well. She collected all the cum and drank it. That time I thought what a bitch she was. We dressed up and cleaned up each other.

As she was going out I held her and asked her for her number. “Bitch, we will fuck again sometime with more space and more time.” She fed her number and saved by name of ‘Seema The Bitch’. We both laughed and came out of it and slept. Next day morning we reached and she gave me a flying kiss and left.

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