Hot Train Journey Of A Naughty Kolkata Girl

I am Sohini, I live in Kolkata. I am very much modern, I wear whatever I like and however, I like.

This happened during the month of April. It was pretty hot outside. I was about to go to Sealdah from Naihati which is about a 1-hour journey, I chose to wear something thinner. So, I just wore a black bra, white cotton crop top and a jeans hot pant which made me bold enough for the Kolkata guys.

Oh sorry, I forgot to mention my stats. I have a body figure of 36-28-34. My navel is very deep and perfect round and as big as a one rupee coin. I like to expose my navel and also like my navel to be played, sucked and whatever a guy can do on it. If someone seduces me by touching my navel, I just won’t be able to control myself.

So, back to the story. I went to the railway station and was waiting for the train. As I was looking damn hot and my navel was such deep, it was a watery scene for every guy and uncles who were passing.

Then the train arrived. I boarded the general compartment because if I board ladies compartment in this dress, the conservative and jealous women would start commenting and whispering which would make me feel very odd.

The general compartment was very crowded. I knew it very well while I was boarding the general compartment. I knew that some guy will take full advantage of me because of my dress and the crowd.

The train started to move. We reached the next station but nothing had happened yet. But, at that time, I was pushed to the side where someone was standing beside me and I was standing in the middle of many men.

After some minutes or so, the game started. I felt a hand on my waist. I smiled inside because it was what I wanted too! The hand rested there for a minute and then moved some inch toward my navel. I patiently waited for more and soon the hand slightly pinched my belly skin, to which I closed my eyes and uttered a slow, “Ouch” inside.

Now I felt that another hand which was placed on my left boob. I can easily say that it was of the guy standing behind me.

He soon started to grope my tit which gave me a huge turn on. The guy who was roaming his hand on my tummy had now reached my navel. He inserted his rough finger in my soft belly and started to dig my navel badly with his nails.

He was so rough, my buttery soft belly was being red with his rough fingering. Then I saw the guy in front of me, who was playing with my navel such roughly, was a goon (like in appearance). But the way he was playing my navel, I was liking his ‘torture’ very very much.

The guy who was groping my left boob and had a full grip on my right boob too. He was pressing both of my boobs badly. He inserted his hand inside my top and was groping my tits just over my bra. The other guy who was poking my navel had unzipped his pants and took out his cock and made me hold his dirty cock!

The two guys who were playing with my body had tactically took me into a corner of the train where there was a wall behind me. Now I saw both the guys. They both were smiling and looking at me. I too gave a horny look.

The guy who was playing my tits was very tall. He and the shorter guy chatted something and then the shorter guy told me to follow them as soon as the train stopped.

The train stopped at Ichapur and those two guys with a hungry cock took me with them to a nearby hotel. They had bought a packet of condom too. I got it fully that they gonna fuck me.

After reaching the hotel room, they both kissed my lips like mad. When one was kissing my lips, the other started removing my pants and pantie. The two guys made me lie on the bed and then, one started to suck my navel which turned on me badly. He was also fingering my clit. “Ahhhh”, I moaned.

The shorter guy took out my bra and was busy in sucking my big boobs like hell. He was biting my nipples and was sucking like a mad dog. The other guy was now sucking my pussy. I was moaning like hell, “Aaaaaahmmm fucccccccckkk meee…Ahhhhh”

They both smiled and said, “This slut is begging for sex.”

The short guy took his cock and inserted it into my mouth. I sucked with my full energy and suddenly, I felt the other started fucking my vagina.

He was screwing me so hard. “Aaaaaahhhh harderrr….”, I moaned. Tears came out of my eyes with such hard strokes. The other guy was squeezing my tits like he was in the mood to eat the juice out of it, I was moaning badly.

They both fucked me as much as they wanted. They tried all their fantasies on me. They fucked me in doggy and anal style too. They spanked me in my ass to which I left out a moan,”Noooh”.

The shorter guy started to fuck me then and he was even more energetic. My pussy was wet and it was happily accepting all the dicks which wanted to screw it so badly. The guys were so horny and sexually active, every Indian girl would desire them.

The short one was again back on my boobs when the taller guy again focused on fucking me and kept on saying, “Moan bitch, moan..Moan louder”. Then, at last, he cummed and threw on my face.

I was lying nude on the bed and they were still rubbing my body and making giving dirty comments (like whore, randi, etc) looking at me.


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