Luckiest Train Journey With Hema

Hi friends, Rahul here with yet another real-life incident that happened on a train journey with a total stranger, Hema (name changed).

I was around 26 years old at that time when my company assigned me 5 days of training in Delhi. I was given a 2 tier Ac train ticket from Cochin to Delhi. I already had a college friend in Delhi with whom I was naughty over chats. With the hope of meeting her in between, I packed my bag.

I bought 2 packets of condoms and filled my laptop with movies and boarded my train from Cochin railway station around 7 pm. It was almost a 2-day journey and I had my playlist for movies to kill time. The train was coming from Trivandrum and I got settled on my side berth at the end.

But as time passed I came to know that there was some issue with AC there and it was not cooling well. I complained the same to TT and he asked me to wait as it was full now. By Calicut, he will give me another seat. Once the train reached Calicut, he came to me and gave me another berth.

He wrote it down on my ticket too. I moved to that berth with my luggage. It was the beginning section of the 2 tier ac compartment and the entrance was fully covered by a curtain. I slowly moved the curtain and saw only a girl sitting and scrolling her mobile. She smiled at me.

I said, “Hi, I am Rahul,” and she said her name was Hema. After settling my luggage, I asked her if this area was empty. She said 3 guys were there and 1 left at Thrissur and 2 left at Calicut. I took my mobile and headset and started texting with friends and talking with Hema in between.

She was 22 years old, around 163 cms tall, chubby bubbly girl, who had a killer smile. Her body statistics were like 34D- 32- 36 medium fair with curly hair. She has a sweet voice and talks in a very polite manner. She was wearing a kurta top and a denim three fourth.

We were of almost the same age group, similar profession and many similar interests including food habits (vegetarians). We gelled well and we started discussing everything from family, food, work, college life, and personal life. She told me how she passed through a breakup recently and all.

The discussions went on a little more. We switched off lights and slept in our respective lower berths and continued our discussion. During the discussion, we both hinted that we had a relationship and were single now. We had physical experiences too.

We didn’t cross limits and were talking around a fine border. It was around 12:30 am and we finally decided to sleep. After 5 minutes of closing my eyes, I was uncomfortable and was not sleepy at all. Maybe I was excited to speak all this with a beautiful girl.

I opened my eyes and turned to the side to see her. To my surprise, she was lying on her stomach and watching outside the window. Seeing me moving in the berth she asked what happened. I said not feeling sleepy. She said the same here. She told it was raining outside and she was enjoying watching it.

It could be seen partially only due to the tinted glass window. I also lay on my stomach to watch the rain outside and started the conversation again. I said rains are always romantic to watch and asked if she missed her boyfriend. She told yes but not her ex-boyfriend as she hates him.

She told it would be great to watch rain and cuddle or hug. I said, “I too love such hugs and cuddles which gives a special warmth of care and love.” I looked towards her side and asked, “Hema can we hug for a minute?” I felt like having a hug. She took a pause and asked, “Should we? Is it safe?”

I told her that we will stand and hug for a minute. Moreover, we have good privacy in 2 tier, our side curtains were tied. Being 1st berth if anyone opens the door, we could hear a bad sound of the defective door. Also, no one will enter other than at stations and its night time too.

She was convinced and we both got up from the bed. I extended my arms for the hug and she came inside my arms. She rested her head on my chest and we had a hug. I was wearing a t-shirt and loose track pants with a boxer inside. So I made little distance below hips not to feel my erection on her body.

I noticed that she was feeling good and she tightened her arms around me. I looked downwards and she looked upwards to me. In the feeble light, I could see her cute face. I called Hema and she responded. I gave a kiss on her forehead which she accepted with smiling closed eyes.

She hugged me more tightly and gave a kiss on my lips. Now I gave a kiss on her lips and started smooching for which she responded very well. My hands started moving on her back and could feel straps of her tight bra above her kurta. Now I made my hips also press against her.

I could feel her hard boobs on my chest and my erect dick poking her denim. My hands started exploring her body. I pressed her soft cheeky ass closer to me and slowly my hands broke the hug and found the way to her boobs. We were smooching and my hands were busy pressing and kneading her 34D hard boobs.

I could get small hints of her tits popping out. I asked her shall we see rain and hug and she said ok. We sat on my berth with her sitting on my lap. I was leaning against the berth wall and sitting L shaped with my legs on her berth and her on my lap leaning on me.

Our legs cuddled, my hands hugging her from behind over her boobs and my face near her ears. I started kissing, biting and sucking her ears and neck from behind. We both were enjoying the act and forgot the rain. She closed her eyes and was moaning.

I started pressing her boobs with one hand and with the other hand, I moved it inside her top. I started caressing her stomach and belly button. I tried to advance further, but her top was tight and I couldn’t move my hands upwards. She giggled seeing my situation.

I asked her if she can change to some loose dress as it is not safe to remove the top inside the train. She told ok and stood up, pulled out her bag from underneath the berth. I caressed her ass when she bent and nicely rubbed my erect dick on her ass holding her dick.

She told someone she is already big. I replied that from the hug he started pumping up the size. She took a loose black t-shirt and I asked her to change the denim and wear something comfortable. She started searching and suggested she wear a floral skirt which came in between.

She took the dress and went to the washroom to change and came back to a black t-shirt and floral skirt. I also removed my track pants and stayed in t-shirt and boxer shorts. We settled again, switched off the lights and again she sat on my lap like before.

Again I started chewing her ear lobes, kissing her neck. My hands went straight inside her t-shirt and started pressing her boobs above her bra. She started moving her ass and brushing my long glorious dick sitting on my lap. I explored her boobs over her bra.

It was a cupped bra and found her tits impression coming on top of it. I mashed her boobs like anything. I took my hands from her boobs and kept it near her neck. I pulled the curtain covering the window and switched on the lights. I said that I want to see her bra straps.

I slowly pulled the t-shirt off her shoulder and slowly kissed her shoulder and her black bra straps. I made her stand up and sit on my opposite berth and asked her to put up her t-shirt so that I could see her bra fully. She was shy, but liked the way I proposed to her so that it would be safe.

She sat on her berth and slowly moved her t-shirt up and I could see her not so flat belly and her awesome boobs filled inside her black bra. Her boobs were like so tight inside her bra. Again I switched off the lights and asked her to sit on my lap. This time I asked her to sit facing me.

I asked her to spread her skirt and sit on my lap. Now it was like she was sitting on boxers above my dick and a skirt covering us. I could sense my dick rubbing over my thin boxer material on her panty. We hugged tightly and she moved hips in between.

It made me feel like my dick is going to tear the boxer and panty and fuck her pussy. We smooched and hugged and my hands started moving inside her t-shirt backside and playing with her bra straps. In some time, I unclasped her bra hook. I brought my hands towards the front.

I moved her bra cup upwards and started pressing her naked real boobs. Oh god, it was such big and hard boobs. I was kneading and squeezing it very wild and she was moaning it and enjoying it. It was not at all even a little bit sagging compared to its huge size.

I started circling her tits and pulling her tits slowly. As I progressed playing with her boobs, our smooch went more intense and juicy. She started moving her hips more and our genitals were brushing again each other. I moved my hands from her boobs.

I slid it inside her skirt from the backside and inside her panty and squeezed her ass. What a soft cheeky ass with little sweat because of the play. I pressed her more towards me pulling her by her ass and we smooched wildly. I broke the smooch and whispered in her ears, “Feed me milk.”

She sat beside me leaning against the berth wall. I put my legs across her hips, moved her t-shirt upwards and removed her bra without removing the t-shirt and started sucking her boobs. I was feeding on her wildly like seeing food after many days. I used teeth to bite and suck her boobs and tits.

She was moaning a lot. I moved to her side,made her comfortable and started sucking her boobs. Now slowly I put my fingers inside her skirt and slowly rubbed her pussy over her panty. Her panty was already freaking wet. Then I moved my fingers inside her panty and slowly started rubbing her wet pussy.

It was very slimy and slippery and I played with her clitoris. Meanwhile, I started rubbing my penis on her legs. She understood that my dick needs attention. She started pressing my dick over my boxers. I told her that I have a condom with me and asked her shall we start real play.

She said, “Yes yaar, I can’t control anymore.” As we were on train, we cant be fully naked. I made her stand removed her panty below her skirt and kept her bra and panty under the blanket. She sat on the berth. I took my backpack and took the condom packet. I took one condom and gave it to her.

I stood in front of her lowering my boxers. She stroked my penis saying that it’s too hot and big and massaged the precum along the shaft. Then she wore a condom on my dick. I made her lay on her back on the berth, moved her skirt upwards.

She spread her legs wide apart and started teasing her by brushing dick on her pussy entrance. Once I felt she is fully on again I gave a thrust and she let out a moan. I knelt down on my arms and started rocking her pussy and started increasing the price.

She started letting out moans and shuddered her shoulder showing her first full-on orgasm. She became more wild and I kept on rocking her. I started feeling of an orgasm approaching. I pulled out my penis to cool off and made foreplay and finger fucking to maintain her pace.

I made her stand on the floor, asked her to keep her right leg on the berth. I started fucking her in standing position. She was clinging on to my body and enjoying the position. I continued rocking her by pulling her through her hips and ass. And she had her next orgasm.

After some time, I felt she needed to ease the position. I asked her lets go back to berth. For better safety we replaced the condom I was wearing with a new one as we were in action for a long time. Then to surprise her, I lay on the berth with my flagpole dick all erect.

She understood that we are going for a horse ride woman on top position. She slowly climbed on top of me, cover my body with her spread skirt and started riding me. I gave slow thrust with my hips to have deeper penetrations and she started riding faster.

I started squeezing her boobs inside her t-shirt and even rolled her t-shirt little up above her boobs to see her boobs bouncing. I just switched on lights for 2 seconds taking her permission to see the horse ride and bouncing boobs and switched it off. She had her orgasm and was moaning a lot.

I was nearing my orgasm and I knew it was my limit and can’t control more. She told to cum on her hands and she want to feel it. She sat on the berth and I stood in front of her, she removed the condom and started milking my dick. In a minute my dick started vibrating.

She kept her one palm to collect the hot thick cum and was milking with the other hand. She milked my dick and squeezed the balls till the last part of cum came into her palms. She then mixed it on both her palms and played it on her fingers and palm enjoying the thick sticky cum.

We adjusted our dress, went to the washroom, cleaned ourselves, changed to new clothes. We gave goodnight kiss and had a good sleep in our respective berths like unknown strangers. We had further session till we reached Delhi and also in her flat once we reached Delhi.

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