Mystical Fuck By Mystical Men

Hello everyone. I hope you enjoy this story of mystical fuck by mystical men. I am writing this one from my brother’s perspective.

This story dates about 2 years back. I was 20 years old, and my elder brother was 22. We hail from a very middle-class family, with just enough money to make our ends meet.

Before we move ahead, let me tell you a bit about my elder brother. His name is Ravi. He is 5 feet 7. He was pursuing his MBBS at that time. He has very perky boobs, which make a small tent in his shirt over the chest. They flip up and down when he runs or shakes his body.

He has a very big ass that bulges out of his jeans. We often visited multiple stores while buying pants for him because his ass usually couldn’t fit in.

Coming back to my story, it was a turbulent time for me. I am not a very bright student. I couldn’t crack the government entrance exams. So the only option I had was the private colleges. But it was expensive for my family. Everyone was extremely distressed and was trying to accumulate money for my education.

Ravi was home for the holidays during this period. We had asked several people for help during this time. But not much came out of it. Until one fine morning, our destiny changed.

Ravi and I were standing by a small shop and sipping our tea. A man in a traditional kurta with a black mustache and a slim but muscular body walked up to Ravi. He had black sunglasses on. His age must have been around 40.

“I have heard you need money?” He asked in a very bulky voice.

Ravi nodded his head in response.

“How much do you need?” He asked.

“10 lakhs,” Ravi replied.

A smile came on the man’s face. He asked for tea and sat down on the bench near the shop. He then signaled Ravi and me to sit down as well. He then looked into Ravi’s eyes and said,

“I can give you that kind of money. But I will need something in return,” he said.

“What do you want?” Ravi asked.

“I want to perform a ritual. I need a very specific individual to fulfill it. He must fit a fixed zodiac sign, time, and place of birth. The only person I have found so far is you, Ravi. Just one night of worshipping and 10 lakhs are yours,” He said in a very convincing tone.

Ravi thought for a while.

“There must be more to the story. Will my life be at risk?” Ravi asked.

The man burst out into laughter. “No, re baba. It’s just a ritual, where you have to wear some traditional clothes, do some puja, and it will be over,” The man replied.

The confusion and helplessness were evident over Ravi’s face. I felt very ashamed that my brother was forced to consider such offers because of my incapability.

“When is this ritual?” Ravi asked

“Tonight,” the man replied.

Ravi agreed in consent, and both of them shook hands

“Money first,” Ravi said gravely.

“Of course, my dear,” saying this, the man walked over to his SUV. He opened the boot of the car and brought out a black duffel bag. He handed it over to Ravi.

“I will meet you here tonight at 10,” Ravi said. They exchanged numbers, and the man left.

There was a huge period of silence following this incident. Ravi finally broke it as we reached the gate of our house.

“Not a word to anyone.,” Ravi said sternly, looking at me.

I nodded in agreement. When Ravi took the 10 lakhs home, everyone was delighted. He convinced our parents that a friend had lent it to him and would return it later. That was a happy day for my parents, but fear had gripped my heart.

Ravi had to go for some ritual with an unknown man. There were a lot of chances his life was at risk. I couldn’t imagine how he had agreed to something so drastic.

Everyone at my home goes to sleep by 9. Nothing was new that night. My parents had gone off to bed. About half an hour later, I could hear some creaking in the hall. I knew it was Ravi getting ready to leave. I had decided I would not let him go alone.

As soon as Ravi left the house, I also slowly crept out of my bedroom. I went into the kitchen to grab the keys of my scooty. I slowly took the scooty out and drove to where Ravi and the man had agreed to meet.

By the time I reached, Ravi had already got into the SUV. The SUV then sped off into the night, and I started following it. It was following the main road for quite some time.

But suddenly, it veered off into a turn leading to the jungle close by. It was very dark with little visibility. I could barely see the SUV in front. After a long road in the cold and dark, they finally stopped near a small hut. Ravi, the man, a priest, and a few of his disciples came out of the car.

I parked my scooty a bit far away and slowly made my way near the hut. My brother and the other men had already gone inside. The hut had broken windows. Although they had closed them, one of them had a wide enough gap between seeing through. I peeked inside.

The entire hut was decorated and prepared for a big ritual. There were red flowers strewn on the floors, three special seats arranged in a circle. I waited for quite some time. About half an hour later, the priest entered the room. His disciples followed him. They all took their respective positions in the room.

Then in came my brother and the other man. I was shocked beyond imagination. I couldn’t recognize my brother. He was only wearing a red saree that was just draped around his waist. The rest of his entire body, from his perky boobs to slim legs, were all in the open.

He had red lipstick on, with a beautiful mangalsutra around his neck. He had vermillion on his forehead and kajal below his eyes. A beautiful pair of earrings hung from his ears. As he walked, I could hear his payal ringing. I couldn’t imagine what I was looking at. I had never thought Ravi was so beautiful.

The man and Ravi then took their respective places. The priest then started the ritual. Nothing much happened next. Ravi sat there taking part in it. About an hour had passed by. It felt like the ritual had come to an end. I felt a sense of relief down in my heart.

Finally, the priest took a red-colored fluid and asked Ravi to drink it. He did it without hesitation. The moment he finished the drink, his eyes widened, and pupils dilated. I could feel something change in the air. Ravi’s boobs suddenly became very tight.

His nipples started pulsating, and suddenly a squirt of milk sprayed out of both of his boobs. Ravi moaned out loudly into the night. Then multiple squirts of milk started spraying out of his boobs into the room.

The priest looked at the man and said, “The spirit of your dead wife has entered him now.”

Ravi turned towards the man and bit his lips. He ran his finger from the man’s forehead to his crotch. He then slowly went and started shaking his hips. The mangalsutra was now vibrating over his chest. Milk had started flowing down from his nipples.

The man slowly started licking the milk off his waist, all the way to his nipples. Ravi then grabbed his left boob and offered it to him. He bit the nipple a bit. Soft moans escaped Ravi’s mouth. Then he wrapped his lips around the nipple and started sucking.

Milk flowed into his mouth, and he drank it till he was content. Ravi slowly caressed his hair as he was feeding on Ravi’s milk. After a few minutes, Ravi grabbed his right boob and offered it to the man. He was more than happy to oblige.

After the man had drunk to his content, Ravi asked the man to lie down and climb on top of him. He slowly started kissing his face along his cheeks, then his nose, ears, and eyelids. He then clenched his hair and started slowly biting his lower lips. The man grabbed Ravi by his waist and slapped him on his ass.

Ravi then slid his tongue into the man’s mouth and started kissing him. They were kissing so passionately that soft moans filled the entire room. Ravi then tore off his kurta to expose the man’s bare chest. He had beautifully shaped abbs and a hairy chest.

Ravi kissed him all over his body and slowly slid down to his pants. He slowly opened the man’s pants to reveal a huge bulge in his underwear. As Ravi slid down the underwear, a huge black cock about 8 inches in length and 4 inches in girth popped out.

Ravi held the man’s cock in his hands and slowly rubbed it all along the shaft. Then he touched the cock all over his place and bowed down to it as if it were his king. He slowly rolled his tongue along the shaft of the cock and wet it a bit. He kept licking the shaft until it was completely drenched in his saliva.

Then he kissed the tip of the man’s penis. The man screamed in pleasure. Ravi first spread his upper lip on the pink top of his cock and then rolled his tongue from bottom to top of the cock, finally placing his lower lip on it. He then released a lot of salivae all over the dick and swallowed in the top of the cock.

The man couldn’t handle the pleasure and held Ravi’s head. Ravi then slowly started taking more of his shaft in. Finally, the entire cock was inside his mouth. Then he started sucking it up and down, gradually increasing his speed. He occasionally took the cock out and slapped himself with it.

Again he got back to sucking it. He took the cock in and started licking it with his tongue inside his mouth. The man could handle Ravi’s blowjob for some time. After that, he pleaded with Ravi to let him go. Otherwise, he would cum very soon.

Ravi took the black cock out of his mouth and picked up some ghee from a container. He then coated the shaft of the cock with ghee. Then, he slid the skin of his dick with both hands till the ghee got evenly spread out. He lifted his saree.

A waist chain just over his ass had a small pearl that just fell over Ravi’s penis tip. He then placed the cock on his ass crack and slid it inside. Ravi cried out in pleasure and pain as blood spilled from his virgin ass. He placed his hands over the man’s chest.

He slowly started thumping his ass up and down over the huge dick. As he went up and down, the small pearl of his waist chain kept hitting his penis tip gently. Ravi soon forgot the pain and was moaning loudly in pleasure. The man had closed his eyes and let out soft moans.

Ravi increased his speed and started riding him. The mangalsutra kept hitting his boobs which were oozing out milk. At one point, the man held Ravi’s ass and fucked him hard from below.

After about 15 minutes of riding, the man asked Ravi to go down into the doggy position. He then placed his cock behind and thrust it into Ravi in one go. Ravi let out a loud moan, and cum dripped out of his limp penis. As he was getting fucked cum dripped off his penis like a stream and fell on the floor.

The man gradually increased his pace. Ravi’s payal was ringing even louder and louder. The man then grabbed Ravi’s hair and pulled him behind. He then pushed his cock even deeper. Now Ravi and the man’s body had become one. The speed at which he drilled Ravi after that was unimaginable.

Cum dripping from Ravi’s cock had formed a small puddle on the floor. Finally, after about half an hour, the man gave a gigantic thrust, hugged Ravi’s body tightly, and screamed out. Hot cum sprayed into his ass. He then pulled out his cock and lay back down in exhaustion.

Ravi sat back on the floor and whispered, “I want more !”

The priest smiled and replied, “She has satisfied you. Now it’s time for us to satisfy her.”

The priest then signaled his disciples, who brought over a liquid and a garland. He asked Ravi to lie down and placed the garland around his waist. He then asked him to lift his legs. The priest then lifted his saffron dhoti and put a few drops of the liquid on his cock.

His cock was small, about 5 inches. Slowly his cock started getting bigger. He pushed his dick into Ravi’s ass. As the cock entered, it grew to fill up Ravi’s complete asshole. Ravi started pulsating in pleasure. The priest then started slowly fucking him.

He slowly kissed him as he fucked while squeezing Ravi’s boobs. Milk from the boobs drooled out onto the priest’s palms. He gradually increased his pace. And Ravi was pulling the priest further into him. The deeper the cock went, the bigger it became. The priest started fucking him hard.

Sounds of his hips thumping onto Ravi’s ass were mixed with the mangalsutra and waist chain ringing out. Ravi was screaming in pleasure. He scratched the priest’s back in pleasure. After a steamy session of missionary fuck, the priest flipped Ravi.

Ravi was now head down with his boobs and penis getting squeezed against the ground. The priest, who now had a 9 inched dick, entered him from behind and thrust his head down. As he started to fuck Ravi again, milk spilled out of his boobs and cum from his penis.

The priest snapped his fingers, and the disciples bent down to lick the milk and cum from the floor. The priest kept fucking hard. Ravi was screaming in pleasure, and the disciples were savoring his juices.

After about half an hour, the priest bent down and whispered into Ravi’s ears,
“Let my cum satisfy you for eternity.”
Saying this, he started pounding Ravi’s ass very, very hard. Thup, thup, thup, thup. And suddenly, jets of cum sprayed out of the priest. Ravi let out a satisfying scream. And everything fell silent.

The priest slowly pulled out of Ravi. The disciples then lifted Ravi and cleaned his body with their tongues. They placed him on a comfortable bed and allowed him to rest. I couldn’t believe what I had seen. I sat there frozen for some time.

As I regained my senses, I ran for my scooty and drove home the fastest I could. Ravi returned home in the early hours of the morning. I was very ashamed just to face him. He had sacrificed everything for me.

The next day was spent in great silence between us. As we walked out to drink tea in the evening, he said with a grave voice, “I know you saw everything.” I was completely taken aback. I didn’t know what to say.

“Don’t worry. I think I liked it.” He said with a smile.

Thank you, everyone, for being patient with my story. I hope you guys enjoyed it a lot. Please feel free to send me your review at [email protected] Anyone in Mumbai can ping me. Dick pics are more than welcome.

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