Amazing Lockdown Sex With Bengali Neighbor

Hello readers, I’m back with another interesting escapade I had during the lockdown. It was one of my best experiences. The lockdown has been a bane for many, but it turned out to be a boon for me. I enjoyed lockdown sex with my married neighbor.

I’m Amit, 40, married, from Mumbai for those who haven’t read my stories earlier. I’m 5.10, having an athletic build and decent looks.

It was June 2020. I was alone at home as my family was at my wife’s home. I wanted them to be there for a few weeks, as it was safer. I spent my time working from home and doing other chores that would take up my time. In the evenings I used to go for a walk in our society premises.

I had a neighbor in the adjacent building. She was Sharmila, around 40 years of age, married but no kids. Sharmila was very attractive, 5’4” in height, well-maintained. She was neither very slim nor plump, just perfect, with great curves, long hair, and very fair – a pure Bengali beauty.

Sharmila and I always used to greet each other when we crossed or met on the premises. Our walk timings were similar, so often we smiled at each other and spoke general stuff. She also asked for my help a few times to know about a few things in the neighborhood.

One fine evening, while I was walking, I saw her arguing with someone. I closed in to see what’s the matter. She was arguing with one of her neighbors regarding her dog, who soiled the floor in front of Sharmila’s door.

I heard for some time and then tried to calm both of them. I was suggesting the neighbor keep her dog in check and avoid such instances. She agreed and left. Sharmila thanked me for understanding and supporting her. I said it’s ok. We continued strolling and talking.

Sharmila: She always does it. I’ve been telling her to stop. Thanks for supporting me. Nobody else here bothers.

Amit: It’s ok. I don’t think it’ll happen from now on. Cool down.

S: It becomes another task for me. As it is, I have to do everything alone as there is nobody else.

A: Where is your husband?

S: He’s stuck in Dubai. He can’t come here before August. I’ll have to manage another 2 months like this.

A: Oh, that’s bad. Don’t worry. If you need any help, I’m here. Just call me.

S: Thanks a lot, but I wouldn’t bother you. Your family would need you as well.

A: Well, I’m alone as well for the next couple of months.

S: Oh, is it? So we are in the same boat. Cool. But I still don’t want you to get troubled for me.

A: Why trouble? I keep going to the market to buy stuff I can get for you as well.

S: Thanks so much. I appreciate it.

Over the next few days, Sharmila and I got quite close. I used to do grocery shopping for her, and sometimes we used to cook for each other. I started getting fond of her, and she reciprocated in the same manner. I knew she liked me.

In our talks, we also passed non-veg jokes and talks and were very open with each other. After a few days, I offered Sharmila to have dinner at my place. She agreed. I set up my place well and cooked some pasta, not knowing where it would lead to. I was interested in her company, though I had the hots for her.

Sharmila came at 7 pm. I opened the door and was amazed to see her. She was wearing a deep-neck black top and a long white skirt and looked ravishing. I invited her in. We hugged lightly and sat. I offered her wine, and we sipped at talked. We spoke about our lives, spouses, past, etc.

During these talks, we both realized that we are quite similar in many ways. I sensed that she didn’t get along too well with her husband. She did not have a good sex life too. This thought got me aroused, and the wine, too, was working.

I had to adjust my position, and my bulge was getting bigger as she talked about her lack of love and intimacy in her life. She noticed me and asked whether I’m comfortable. I replied in the affirmative. I saw her noticing my bulge, and she smiled slightly.

While talking, we sat close to each other and in no time were holding hands. The wine was having its effect on both of us. Our proximity had built a sexual tension, and we both knew in our minds that we wanted it badly. I looked into her eyes. She didn’t blink.

I said, “Sharmila, I always imagined you and fantasized about you.” She replied, “Oh really, Amit? I’m so lucky. Well, I too had similar thoughts.”
I couldn’t wait and planted a kiss on her lips. She responded and held me in a tight hug.

We kissed each other deeply. I started feeling her body, kissing her neck and shoulders. “Oh, Amit, I’m yours. Make love to me like never before,” she said. “You’ve made me crazy. I will give you an experience you never had,” I replied.

Slowly I kissed her cleavage and squeezed her boobs. She let out a moan. I remove her top, and she removed my T. We were like hungry wolves out to devour each other. She had lovely boobs 34C and very shapely. I unhooked her bra and was amazed at the light brown nipples.

I couldn’t resist taking it in my mouth. I sucked her boobs, and she moaned a lot. She was feeling my cock over my pants. Quickly she opened my zipper and button and slid her hand in my undies. She gasped while she held my rod, saying, “It’s so thick, I want it in my mouth,” and swiftly removed my undies.

I was rock hard, and it sprung out, making her drool. She looked at it, “I love the way it is clean.” She pulled back the foreskin and shoved it in her mouth. The way she sucked was amazing. Aah, her warm mouth on my cock felt heavenly.

I was surprised when she took it all in, deep-throated me, playing with my balls. She kept sucking me crazy and also licked my balls. I couldn’t hold on longer. Bang! I released my cum in her mouth itself, and she swallowed all of it. I was taken aback. Wow, what a fucking hot woman this was. She just smiled at me.

It was my turn now. I placed her on the sofa, removed her skirt and panty to expose a clean, bright, and pinkish pussy, with the clit dangling out. It was so mouth-watering that I straight away put my mouth on it and licked her all the way. She moaned louder and started pushing my head into her pussy.

I went on eating her, darting my tongue in and out, digging it deep inside, and nibbling on her clit. She couldn’t control and came in a shudder on my face, clenching her fists in my hair. She lay spent, and I kissed her again. We hugged each other and stayed that way for a while.

Slowly I fondled her boobs which aroused her again. She held my cock and shagged it lightly. We kissed a lot, and she said, “Fuck me, Amit, please. I want it in me.” I got up, Lifted her in my arms, and we went to the bedroom. I placed her on the bed, and immediately she spread her legs.

I was hard already and without wasting any time and rubbed my cock over her pussy. “ Aahh,” she gasped. My cock slid into her smoothly and her expression at that time was priceless. As I started fucking her, Sharmila got wilder and wilder.

She started talking, “ Ah, yes, fuck me Amit, I’m your bitch, fuck me hard. What a big cock you have, that’s mine always, fuck my chut baby!” Hearing her say all this, I went crazy and started banging her faster and harder. “ Ya, baby, I’m fucking your chut. You have such a sexy one. It’s mine.”

She opened her mouth and asked me to spit in it. It made me hornier doing that, and I kissed her again. I flipped her to the side and fucked her sideways. She moaned louder and said that my cock was tearing her pussy. I kept kneading her boob while fucking. She lifted her leg and screamed.

“Ah, baby, fuck, do it harder…fuck me, baby…you’re my best fuck. I’m cumming,” and within a few seconds, she came again.

“Fuck, that was amazing, Amit!” she exclaimed. We hugged again and kissed. She gave me another awesome blow job, which made me hard again. This time I brought her on her fours and entered from behind.

“Oh yeah, my strong jock. fuck me wild, and I love this,” she said. I removed my cock, slapped it on her round ass, and entered again. Watching her ass wiggle with every stroke of mine was a treat. I kept spanking her at intervals. I held her by the hair and pulled it while pumping in her.

“Ah, baby, what are you doing? It feels so good. Nobody ever fucked me like this.” She said. “I’m there to fuck you always like this, my love will make you go crazy,” I replied. “I’m already crazy for you. Keep fucking me,” she replied.

The room was filled with noises of my crotch slapping on her ass and also of her moans. She moaned so well that I kept on going in and out of her. I fucked her almost 20 minutes in that position, and she was still flowing. What an amazing pussy that was.

I was about to cum. As I was going to withdraw, she told me not to and asked me to cum inside her. I asked if she was sure, she said, “I’m safe, baby, cum in my chut. I want that in me.” As soon as she said that, I shot all my load inside her and moaned loudly, huffing and puffing.

We fell on the bed and remained like that for 5 minutes, fully exhausted. We hugged, and I said, “ Sharmila, I never imagined you would be so hot. I’m so glad to have found you.”

“I’m luckier to find you. You’re an amazing lover.” We got up, cleaned ourselves, and had dinner. The coming days were much more fun.

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