Virginity Ventures- Part 1 (The Wait is Over)

Hello readers, I’m Prasanth, 24, from Chennai. The wait is over for the hot story to begin. Here I’m going to share a few of the experiences I had earlier in my life. Especially how I lost my virginity and became fuck buddy with one of my friends.

My native was Coimbatore, born and raised until my 18. The year was 2015, and I finally got admission to a college in Chennai. The stage was perfectly set for my future.

To say about myself, I am 6’2″ tall, with a lean and slightly muscular body type. I had a thing for basketball, and I joined the team as soon as I got admitted. Chennai wasn’t a new place for me as my cousin lives here. Along with her husband, I used to visit them during holidays, even during my school days.

Two days into my college life, I had made a few friends. Including my roommate Hari and a girl named Pooja, who was from Coimbatore too. We just used to travel together to home, and she wasn’t close with me sexually.

After a week, I had many female acquaintances who I didn’t have much to talk about. I wasn’t looking for a relationship or a girlfriend at that time and was looking for friends.

After a week into my college life, I came across a new face in my class. I hadn’t seen her in the past week. Her name was Varshini (changed for discretion). Later I came to know that she was admitted late due to some problems within her counseling procedure.

She was one hell of a pale girl, around the 34-26-36 marks, long-haired. She had a cute face, probably a thick lower body, and a good sense of fashion. The guys were very desperate to get her number, acting too needy and desperate.

She wasn’t showing any interest, and she said that she wasn’t interested in relationships. Somehow I soon befriended her, and she too knew that I wouldn’t fall in love with her. We became somewhat close friends and started to hang out in the canteen and library.

She was a nerdy girl, to be honest, introverted, and shy. But she was giving out a sexy good girl vibe around her, and her nerdy glasses were damn sexy. But I always doubted her good girl vibe. I speculated there must be a soft spot for her inner bad girl.

She was more open to me than anybody else. She was from Chennai, and she wasn’t attached to any of her hostel buddies. One fine weekend as we were texting each other and I complimented her.

M: Have you ever realized how sexy you look when you wear those glasses? I mean, wow!

To my surprise,

V: Aww, thank you! You are the first one to say that. Guys keep on telling me that I look cute and pretty.

M: You know that those glasses are sexy and provoking?

V: I mean, duh! I have 100s of selfies on my phone with those glasses. It makes me feel empowering and sexy.

M: Mmmm, right on! I think somebody has a crush on herself.

V: I mean, why not?

M: I haven’t seen you talk to anybody like this. Did something crawl up into your body?

V: No, I’m always like this, and nobody seems to care about it until you that too until now.

M: Baddie alert.

V: Haha yeah, somewhat.

Ever since then, our friendship has become more touchy, tingly, and flirty. We weren’t hesitating to touch each other’s hands, do gentle taps and some tingly nudges. We sometimes subtlely sexted each other and would share our fantasies.

One evening as we were in one of the library cabins, things got a little wild. We started studying. As time progressed, we could not keep our hands to ourselves. Especially me. She was wearing a black chudidhar with a white salwar sitting beside me.

Little drops of sweat dripping down her neck along with an awesome figure of her body. She caught me staring at her.

V: What the hell? Prasanth!

Rather than acting nice,

M: You are just damn sexy!

I grabbed her farther shoulder pulled her a little closer. Looking into her eye face to face, I placed my other hand on her neck and started stroking it. She couldn’t control her unexpected outburst of sexual buzz. She started closing her eyes and giving out hot and fast breaths.

After the tease, I had my hands on her thick thighs and stroking them. She was getting heated for good. To add fun to the mood, I stopped doing all these for a moment and waited for her reaction.

V: What the fuck! Please just do it. I want you right now.

I had her crave for me and reciprocated with a deep kiss. I leaned onto her holding her neck with one hand, pulling her hair with the other, and went in for a kiss. At first, I would just tease her for a kiss. But as time progressed, our make-out progressed to a tongue tangle.

Now I lifted her and placed them upon my lap and vigorously making out. As I went for her neck kiss, I whispered in her ears, “I am getting you no matter what and give you no one ever could give.”She moaned her out as I explored her wilderness with my lips and making her wet. Her scent of sweat turned me on.

I paused for a moment with her and asked.

M: Do you mind if I did some stuff with your breasts?

V: Just don’t be gentle with me.

She needed all the smoke. As I was playing with her boobs, I could feel her wetness in my crotch. She was leaking juices from her pussy over my crotch. I placed her on the table, and I lifted her dress for some third base fun. That was the time we realized we were in no place for some vaginal fun.

If she moans out loud, we are screwed. We quite it down. We were both disappointed as our first sex experience could have better. As it was time for her to leave and she was leaving,

M: Varsha, do me a favor? Just give me your wet panties for some late-night fun.

V: You know I deserve that treatment, not my damn panty.

M: I’m not leaving you apart either, we will sext and face time, and then you know the rest.

V: I can be way naughtier than you think. Don’t challenge me, Prasanth.

M: My roommate is not here, so he won’t be a nuisance, and I will text at 9.

V: Waiting!

She left to her home, leaving her wet soaked panty, which I kept sucking till it got dry. After a heavy dinner and tons of water, I set the stage for our grand lust fest. I locked my room turned on the fans and lights. I texted her to wear nice lingerie if she had one.

To my surprise, she had a nice black bra and a black thong panty. It was giving out all the sexiness from her pale white body. We started to facetime each other.

I couldn’t take my eyes off my sexy glasses and her goddess body. She started to tease me. She noticed my bulge in my shorts

V: Someone’s horny. As I warned, you shouldn’t have challenged me.

M: Let us see!

As she teased, she turned her back towards me a did a booty shake. With all her hair covering her chest, she slowly sensually removed her bra. And then she turned around with her hair blocking the sight of the price.

V: Make me horny, baby, or else no honey.

As I flaunted my athletic body to her, I said with a soft tone.

M: Sure, anything for the sex Queen.

I slid my shorts down to show her my semi-erect 6 ” junk. She gasped as she was surprised to see the thickness. She tied her hair back in a knot in a sexy way showing off her boobs. She pressed them hard towards each other and was shaking her ample bosom.

As she did all these, my buddy rose and stood erect as she teased her panty on her pussy. Then, I begin to make her horny by holding my dick along with her panty, which was wet and soaking. Nonetheless, she got horny and threw her panties off.

I was amazed to see her pinkish pussy with still intact hymen.

M: You are still intact?

V: I never even had my finger inserted. I always do the clit.

M: Soon, I will tear it.

V: Oh yeah! That’s what this baddie needs.

She stimulated her clit all over and achieved explosive orgasm, to be honest, and I too soiled her panties with my thick cum. Having reached cloud 9, we had ourselves fantasizing about each other cuddling and slept.

The second part about actually losing my virginity is on the way.

Eagerly waiting for your suggestions and comments. You can reach me at [email protected] (Email or Hangouts)

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