Loosing My Virginity – Part 1

Hello guys, Arya (name changed) here. I am a 22-year-old from Bangalore. I have a chubby figure (36-28-34).

This story is from my college days when it was my first time sex ever. In my first year degree, when I met a senior friend. His name was Manish. I had a crush on him from the very first time I saw him and wanted to get close to him.

Let me tell you that before losing my virginity, I had a casual make-out a few times. I have always been a horny and kinky bitch from the start.

So coming to the story, me and Manish had met a few times and got quite comfortable with each other. He had started holding my hand in public or would grab my waist. Once, he even kissed me while we were having coffee at CCD.

We both enjoyed teasing each other. It was getting difficult for us to control our urge to spend some really good time with each other.

One day, Manish asked me to come to his flat with him as his roommate was out of the city. We could spend some quality time. To this, I agreed, and I bunked college to spend the day with him. He picked me up from my college and took me to Pizza Hut to take away some food for later.

The store had another floor of the seating area on the top. It was empty as it was noon, so not many customers were there. Manish and I were waiting for the order when he suddenly asked the staff member to look at the top floor and see the ambiance. They agreed and asked us to go ahead.

We both went to the other floor, which was empty and there was no staff member there. This turned him on. He grabbed me by my waist and pulled me closer to himself, and began kissing my lips. I was a little shocked and excited, as this was unexpected.

But I asked him to stop as anyone could walk in and see us there. He soon spotted the washroom on the other end of the floor. He took me along and entered the washroom. He then pulled me closer and started kissing me wildly. I soon began moaning and breathing heavily.

He then lifted me without breaking the kiss and moved towards the basin area. He made me sit on the stone platform near the washbasin. There was a mirror behind me. He pushed my back to the mirror, and with one hand, he grabbed my neck.

He began kissing me again while his other hand found my left boob, and he went on fiddling with them. He pressed my boobs and squeezed them so hard that I almost screamed. But I had to keep it low with the fear of not getting caught by anyone.

I was wearing a kurti and legging as we had some program at college. He had asked me to get along a dress to change into. So I picked a nice dress that was sleeveless and was just about my knee-length.

After playing with my boobs for a while and kissing my lips and neck, he asked me to change my clothes there in front of him. I was shocked at first but was turned on to decline this offer. I told him that I would enter the toilet cubical to change. In case someone enters and ends up seeing me in a weird state.

He agreed but told me to keep the door of the cubical open. He will stand leaning on the door of the washroom. If anyone comes, they would not be able to crash in, and I would have enough time to shut the cubical door.  I agreed to it.

The cubicle door was wide open while I started stripping myself for him. He was staring at me like a hungry lion, ready to pounce on his meat. I first removed the legging and then the kurti. I was then about to put on my dress when he stopped me and asked me to remove my bra.

I was shocked and asked him why. He said that he would want me to be without the bra until we reach his room. I hesitated a little. I have huge boobs (36D), which would jiggle a lot without a bra, making it quite noticeable. But Manish was not going to take a no.

He requested me to remove it as it would be kinkier and would turn him in a lot. I don agreed and removed it. Now my huge 36D boobs were in full picture available to him. He did not wait for a second and just grabbed them hard. He bent down a little and took one of my boobs in his mouth.

He started sucking it. I pleaded with him to stop as my moans got louder, and I could not hold it any longer. But he wasn’t going to stop. He got into the cubicle and locked out from inside. He pushed me to the sidewall and began squeezing my boobs as if he was kneading dough.

He began pulling my nipples and squeezing them. I began moaning louder and was getting wet. He then took one hand down to my vagina, which was still covered with my panty. His other hand was busy with my boob. He used his index finger to rub my pussy without removing the panty.

He could sense how wet I was. This made him happy as I could see a smiling smirk on his face. I knew that I would have to stop him soon. I again insisted he stop and continue it later. But ignoring my words, he pulled my panty down and inserted a finger in my pussy.

That was the moment I lost it and moaned loudly. He kissed me to suppress the sound and began playing with my clit. He then put the panty in his pocket and began fingering me more. He slowly increased his speed. I was standing there all naked in a toilet cubicle, getting my pussy fingered.

My boobs were bouncing in slow motion, and my moans being suppressed with a kiss. He then inserted another finger in me, and it hurt, but the pleasure was amazing. I almost let out a scream, and he slowly went in and out, making my pussy even wetter.

We soon heard someone enter the washroom, and I signaled him to stop. He finally stopped saying he would fuck me for sure. He knew I was a virgin and had never been fucked before. I was not sure if I am ready for it, but I was turned on to say anything.

I told him to go out while I put on my clothes and join him. He agreed and was going to leave when I stopped him to ask my panty back. He smiled at me and said, “Just put on the dress. You don’t need anything inside. This look would suit you the most, my little slut.”

I was shocked but not in a state to react as he had already left. Now I was in the cubicle with just the dress with me. I put it on and walked out. I was embarrassed to see myself. My nipples were poking out and were visible from the dress. My boobs were slightly saggy and were jiggling a little as I walked.

I could feel the wetness between my legs. But I had no other option. When I came out, I saw him smiling at me. He quickly slid his hand in my dress to press my boobs again for a second, and a small moan escaped my mouth. That’s when a girl walked out from the other cubicle and was awkwardly looking at us.

We left quickly. We then came down to the takeaway counter to pick up the order. There a man of 25-26 was ready with our order to hand it over to us. The moment he saw me, I could feel his eyes roaming all over my body. For a few seconds, they stopped in my boobs.

Manish had noticed this and was enjoying the show and wanted to extend it a little longer. So he was purposely delaying the payment, pretending to get the exact amount from his wallet and cross-checking the bill.

All this while the store guy had his eyes on my body as if he would rip my clothes with his eyes and fuck me there. Then for a second, I had eye contact with him, and he smirked at me in a way to say that I was looking like a slut. It was very embarrassing.

We then took the parcel. Manish purposely brushed his elbow to my boobs and poked his elbow into my boob. The store guy saw this and just smirked. Manish then whispered in my ear that, “Looks like you are turning on this poor guy a lot. We should give him a small present.”

I did not understand what he meant by this. We turned around to leave. Manish tried to pull up the parcel bag from behind in such a way that the tip of my dress was lifted along with it from behind. And as I wasn’t wearing my panty, my ass was visible to the store guy for a few seconds.

But that was heaven for him and a hell of embarrassment for me. I immediately made sure that my dress was proper, and we walked out. We were about to leave. Then the store guy came behind us and stopped us, saying he forgot to add chili flakes and oregano with the parcel.

Manish took it from him, and both of them exchanged a look that I did not understand. And just before he was about to return, he squeezed my ass. As I was going to turn around to scold him, Manish stopped me and held me straight. We were in the parking area, so no one was around.

I just saw Manish nodding to the guy, after which I felt my dress being lifted from behind and my ass being squeezed hard. He was going rough and fast, maybe because he had to return soon. He then immediately put his finger in my clit and fingered me fast for a minute or two.

I wasn’t able to control it and was moaning very loud, and soon he stopped. He thanked Manish and told him that he had to go immediately else he will be in trouble. He then looked at me and said, “Had I met you in a different situation, I would have surely fucked you,” and left immediately.

I will continue the remaining part about how I was deflowered. Please send your comments and feedback on [email protected]. I would love to hear from you readers as this is my first story. Please let me know if you find any errors in my way of writing.

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