And that’s how I became an old man’s slut! Part 2

Previous Part: And that’s how I became an old man’s slut!

I’m Shrey, 22, bisexual. This story is a sequel to my previous story. So if you have not checked it out, please read that first.

In my previous story, I was offered a lift by an old man, who later seduced me and fucked me openly in the woods. After that, he took me to his hotel room. As soon as we came to his room, he lowered my pants and gave me a small fuck in my ass.

He said, “Remove all of your clothes, you’ll wear the bathrobe only, till you are here. It’s in the bathroom.”

I went to the bathroom, and there were two bathrobes hung on the hook. I took one and came out. I removed all my clothes, became naked, and wore the bathrobe. Then I realized this piece of cloth was specifically designed for making fucking easy with clothes.

It was so loosely fitting that you can easily raise up the lower hanging edge and take an ass fuck. It had a string by which it’s tightened in the front. So just pull the string, and there you are exposed in the front.

Mr. Mittal also changed to a bathrobe. Then I realized I was there in that room with him for the rest of the day and night where he can catch me as he wants. He ordered lunch. He sat on the bed, took out his cock.

Mittal: Come and suck me

I came down on him and began sucking him. His cock slowly grew larger, filling my mouth. I wrapped my tongue around it, licked it from bottom to top, rolled my tongue over it. And slowly started taking it more into deepthroat. As it went deep, he held my head so I can’t remove it.

When it started to choke me, I released, and I took it out, coughing alongside. He made me stand along the bed and bend over to expose my ass. He spat on his fingers and rubbed them in my asshole. Spread my ass and started licking it. The licking sensation was amazing.

Feeling the tongue going in and out in my ass was making my cock erect. Then he took out his mouth and kept his cock at my hole, and shoved it inside. A sharp pain shot up. But by regular strokes later, it turned to the pleasure of fucking. He held my waist by both hands and kept giving thrusts.

A knock came on the door. It was the delivery boy.

Me: Let me first get the food, then continue.

He: No, go like this only, walk till door with keeping my cock in your ass and take the delivery

Now that was too much. But I had surrendered myself to him, so what could I do then. I stood up, but I couldn’t stand straight due to his cock’s insertion. So I walked in the bending position only. I opened the door a bit only and took my head only out of the door.

While taking the order, he began fucking. I started to bob up and down, seeing which delivery boy’s expression changed to some suspicion. When I was signing, he gave a very forceful and deep thrust which caused a jab of pain. “Aah,” escaped from my mouth, and the signature also deteriorated.

Delivery boy: Are you alright sir, you seem in trouble?

Me: I’m fine, it’s just…

I felt another big thrust and was about to shout out loud but controlled.

Me: I’m fine, thanks for the delivery.

I signed again and shut the door immediately.

Me: What are you doing? We could have been caught!

He: Well, it was fun for sure.

And he laughed. He pinned me against the door, stuck to me with his front completely in contact with my back and ass. He gave a few more strokes upwards and cummed in my ass. It was a huge relief, his cock out of my ass, my asshole becoming free.

We returned to bed for lunch. He opened the drawer and took out something from it. It was a butt-plug. It was conical, black, big, rubber butt-plug.

He: Turn around, show your ass. I’ve to put this in your ass.

Me: But why?

He: Till you are here, your asshole shall remain closed either by my cock or by this butt-plug. I don’t want it to remain open.

I showed my ass to him, he separated my ass cheeks and shoved the butt-plug in an already lubricated by cum asshole. A jab of pain shot up and then reduced.

He: Now sit in a cross-legged position and eat.

When I sat like that, it came directly in contact with a hard surface underneath (the bed). So I was pushed further in. I wasn’t able to sit peacefully. It was constantly poking me in my ass. I realized till the time I’ll leave this place, my asshole would have gotten too much sore.

We finished our really tasty lunch.

He: I’m going to sleep, you also take a rest.

I stood up, but I wasn’t able to stand straight due to the butt-plug. Whenever I straightened my back, it poked further in with a jab of pain. So I had to move while bending forward a little. I also slept beside him. I woke up at 5:30. He was already up by then.

He: So ready for the evening session?

Me: Yeah, sure.

He lay me on the bed and brought his ass over my face, and said, “Suck my cock, balls, and ass.” His ass was hairy and dark, but I had to do as he said. I sucked his cock, which became hard soon. I licked his balls and licked his ass. It was nasty for me but enjoyable for him.

He: Nice, now come in doggy style position.

I obliged, and he came behind me, removed the butt-plug, a second of relief. He shoved his cock again distressfully, but cock was better than a plug. He began fucking me.

Suddenly my phone rang, it was my dad! I got too afraid, why was he calling, did he know that I wasn’t in the hostel?

He: Pick up the phone.

Me: Ok, but you leave fucking me. After the call, continue…

He: No, talk like this only with my cock in you.

Me: How? He’ll know.

He: Improvise

I picked up.

Me: Hi, dad.

Dad: Son, did you reach on time?

Me: Yeah, dad, I reached on time.

Suddenly he began thrusting forcefully, and my voice began to break.

Dad: Son, you alright, you don’t seem fine. Is something wrong?

The moment of tension. What to say now?

Me: Yeah, dad, I was just exercising, so that’s why I’m a bit tired and so my voice…

Dad: Ok, I guess.

Suddenly the old man shouted, “Arghh,” with a very deep thrust, my asshole almost tore down.

Dad: What was that? Son, what’s happening?

Me: Nothing, dad, it was my roommate. We both are exercising. He makes these weird sounds whenever he pushes in.

Dad: Ok.

I managed this call and ended it.

He: You improvised well.

He cummed in my ass, removed his cock, some cum flowed out. But he again put butt-plug in, so much of it remained inside my ass. He went to the bathroom, took a shower, and changed to formals. He said, “I’m going for some important work will be back by night,” and he left.

That was a relief for me. I went to the bathroom, took out the butt-plug, and my asshole breathed a sigh of relief. I took a shower and watched TV for timepass. He returned by 9 pm and knocked. I ran to the door, put the butt-plug in, and opened the door.

He came in, closed the door, turned me around to check for the butt-plug. Finding it still in my ass, he smiled, “Nice, you didn’t remove it while I was gone,” and gave a spank on my ass.

He ordered dinner, freshened up, changed again into a bathrobe, we ate. It was 10 by then.

He: Let’s start the night session

He dimmed the lights, removed his robe and mine, made me lie on the bed, and came over me. Spread my arms and kept his arms over me, entangling my fingers with his. He began kissing my neck. Kissed, licked, and came down to my nipples and sucked them.

This session was sensual more than rough. Came down further to my crotch and rubbed my cock and balls. Turned me over and kissed my back, came down to my ass. Kissed it, sucked it, licked it. Spread open my ass and licked between my ass crack.

We both started moaning. My cock began to get hard. He opened my asshole put his cock on it, and started fucking my ass while lying over my back, kissing the back of my neck. He turned me over and pushed in my ass again.

He started fucking, while facing me. He held my cock, raised my one leg above to get in the proper position, and fucked me. After fucking 15 minutes like that, he lay down on the bed and made me sit on his cock in a cowgirl position.

As I sat on his cock, it went in. But due to my weight, I came down even more till the whole length of the shaft was inside. It stretched my asshole to the maximum it could. I began bouncing up down.

While coming down, stretching my ass to the maximum, and going up relieving it. It felt so good that my cock became fully hard.

Then I turned to reverse cowgirl position, and he constantly spanked my ass as I bounced on him. After few minutes, he lifted me and opened the balcony gate. He took me to the balcony railing and fucked there. We were on the first floor, some people who were walking down saw us.

But only our heads were visible above the railing, which was bobbing up and down constantly. It was dark, so only a few people noticed. And only the smart ones could have understood what was really happening behind the railing.

We were moaning continuously with each thrust he gave. We then returned back to bed, where he pulled out of my ass. He positioned his cock in front of mine (cocks’ heads touching each other’s). He pushed his cock towards mine.

My cock retracted back to my foreskin while his cock also came inside my foreskin. My foreskin was covering my cock and his cock’s head. Then he started thrusting his cock in my foreskin.

This practice is called ‘dick docking’ (you can watch on video) for those who don’t know. So he was fucking my cock under my foreskin while holding both our cocks in his hand.

That felt so amazing and relieving. I came there only inside my foreskin with a huge orgasm, but he kept fucking for 5 more minutes. Then he pulled out, made me lie on the bed, and cummed all over my body in a huge amount with a big orgasm.

I took all the cum on my fingers that I could take and licked them. I took it in my mouth and swallowed. Then we slept like that only.

He woke me up in the middle of the night and fucked me in a missionary position on the bed. We had 2-3 more short fuck sessions, and we finally slept by 4 am. In the last fuck session, his cock remained in my ass only. When I woke up at 7 in the morning, its head was still inside.

We finally rose up at 8. I had to leave then.

Me: I really had fun with you, but now it’s time.

He: But I want to fuck you more.

Me: I know, but I have to go now.

He: Well, if you wait for one more day, I’ll give you a gift that you’ll really like.

Me: What?

He went and opened the door. I was stunned to see a hot girl in a hot black dress standing at the door!

Well, readers, the story of the mature gay and the young guy got a bit long, but it’s worth it. So please comment and write to me at [email protected]

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